Violent scenes are detailed

In this third sequel, Jigsaw’s character looks helpless and can only lie in bed. Even so, he managed to control the tense atmosphere.

Saw 3

His aura as a killer is still terrifying. He also tries to influence Amanda Young (Shawnee Smith) to do what he commands.

Towards the end of the film, the intensity feels quite complicated as Amanda and Lynn clash with each other. Right at that moment, the atmosphere turned chaotic because Jeff came to shoot and kill Amanda.

The horror did not stop there, Saw 3 ended in a brutal, brutal, bloody way when Jeff made a reckless decision that left his wife tragically dead.

Overall, Saw 3 presents a cinematic image full of details about wild violence and brutal murders. The gore scene is quite uncomfortable to watch because it shows a severed body part. Even so, this movie becomes a trilogy that completes the story of the previous two films.