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FAIRY TAIL: Fierce Fight Codes (New)

FAIRY TAIL: Fierce Fight

The magical village of Fairy Tail, where talented and enthusiastic witches gather, continues to become the focus of a dramatic and eye-catching confrontation. FAIRY TAIL: Fierce Fight, an action role-playing game recently released by Kodansha and Gust, promises to bring players to fierce battles between witches with dramatic confrontations. This is the latest work developed … Read more

PERISH Codes New (Update)


PERISH is a survival game in the classic pixel art style, with a very unique story and gameplay mechanics. You will play a character surviving in a post-apocalyptic world full of threats. Unlike other survival games that often focus on gathering resources, making weapons and building facilities, PERISH emphasizes the element of survival by making … Read more

AC Sailing Codes New (Update)

AC Sailing

For those who love nature and life close to the sea, AC Sailing is a wonderful experience that they cannot miss. This game gives players a feeling of freedom, relaxation and closeness to nature like never before. Imagine a peaceful morning on the open sea, a gentle breeze blowing, sailboats gliding gently across the calm … Read more

Turbo Golf Racing Codes (New)

Turbo Golf Racing

Have you ever imagined a game that combines the most exciting elements of golf, racing and extreme action? If not, then Turbo Golf Racing will surprise and delight you like never before. This game is the perfect combination of the sophistication of golf and the passionate power of car racing, bringing an unprecedented experience to … Read more

Does hanging make you taller?


“Does hanging make you taller?” is an age-old question that balances myth and reality. The idea of suspending oneself to gain height is a whispered secret passed down through the generations. Scientific inquiry anchors us to the truth, and we will explore anatomy, physiology, and folklore to determine if hanging can do the job. Do … Read more

Shayda (2023) Movie Review


During the month of Ramadan, CGV released two films with Islamic nuances that are worth watching. Two films named Inshallah a Boy and Shayda were the best films representing their country at the recently held Oscars 2024. Inshallah a Boy is the official representative from Jordan and Shayda is the representative from Australia. These two … Read more

Legend of Mushroom New Working Redeem Codes

legend of mushroom

Legend of Mushroom welcomes you to a captivating adventure where valiant mushrooms embark on an extraordinary quest to save their world from the clutches of darkness. Step away from the mundane and immerse yourself in an enchanting realm hidden beneath the canopy of leaves, where mysteries and challenges await your exploration. Venture into a Bewitching … Read more

Argonauts Agency: Captive of Circe New Working Redeem Codes

Argonauts Agency: Captive of Circe

From the ancient Greek mythological tales, the story of the Argonauts crew and their challenging journey of exploration has always captivated audiences. In Argonauts Agency: Captive of Circe, the latest video game, players will reenact a portion of this legendary story, accompanying Jason and his comrades in their quest for the mysterious Golden Fleece. With … Read more