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Terms of use

Accept the terms of use of Salenhanh.com

When you use any information or services provided by Salenhanh.com, you agree to accept the obligations and strictly abide by all of Salenhanh.com’s terms of use.

If you do not accept any of Salenhanh.com’s terms of use or policies, or do not have appropriate civil capacity, please immediately discontinue accessing and using Salenhanh.com .

Respect intellectual property law

You are allowed to use information and services from Salenhanh.com for your own personal or non-profit purposes. It is strictly forbidden to copy, modify, distribute, republish, store or transmit any material content on the Salenhanh.com website, except that this is automatically done by computer, electronic smartphone, tablet or browser you are using.

You may not use the Salenhanh.com trademark without the prior permission of Salenhanh.com.

Salenhanh.com and third parties

The trademarks, logos, products or services, designs, banners or slogans, sounds, images, etc… of third parties appearing on Salenhanh.com absolutely do not represent any any link between Salenhanh.com and such third party.

Acts that violate the law

You may only use the information and services of Salenhanh.com for the purposes consistent with the laws of Vietnam, as well as in accordance with all terms of use. You absolutely must not use information and services from Salenhanh.com for any violations of the law.

Copyright issue

Salenhanh.com always takes copyright infringement issues seriously and will certainly respond to notices of copyright infringement in accordance with the order and provisions of the law. If you find that any information on Salenhanh.com is within the scope of your copyright, you may contact Salenhanh.com for removal.

Disclaimer of legal liability

Salenhanh.com always tries its best to provide useful information and services to users, but the information is for reference only. Salenhanh.com makes no warranties because the information may be changed by third parties without notice. In no event shall Salenhanh.com be liable for any direct or indirect loss from your use of this website.

Salenhanh.com has no control over content, images, sounds, etc. from third party websites. When you access third-party websites from Salenhanh.com, you assume all risks and are solely responsible for any loss, if any. When notified that one or more links on Salenhanh.com may be dangerous to users, these links will certainly be removed immediately, and that is what Salenhanh.com can do.

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