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Frequently asked questions

Welcome to the salenhanh FAQ , in the past time, many of you have contacted us to ask questions about reviews and products. For your convenience, salenhanh has compiled some of the questions we receive the most, hoping to help you quickly answer your questions.

How does Salenhanh choose review products?

Of course, we are not the creators of all the products on the website that we review, so the products that we choose are often based on these criteria:

  • Hot trending products in the market
  • Products are interested and questioned by many customers
  • Our products are sent to us by our partners for trial use
  • Products customers want to introduce to everyone, ensuring the quality and safety of the product

Does Salenhanh sell reviewed products on the website?

The answer is no, we only review products and in some articles, we will send links or advise on some shopping addresses that we feel have good prices, reputation, and objectivity. . We do not sell products and do not say good for bad products for commercial purposes.

Can you contact Salenhanh to review the product?

Yes, this is one of the ways many brands contact us. You can contact us via Mail: salenhanh.com@gmail.com to discuss with us when there is a product you want to write a review about.

However, we have the right to refuse if we feel the product is not suitable, in addition, if the product is of bad quality or there are too many bad reviews about the product, we will also refuse to review.

Is there a fee to review products on Salenhanh?

Yes, if you have products that you want to sell quickly, we will charge a small fee in the form of a PR post on the website to keep the website running. However, if your product is good and for the community or has a meaningful purpose, bringing good things to life, we will consider reviewing it at no cost.
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Salenhanh is not responsible for the quality of the product salenhanh review?

No, we advise products based on our own experience with the product, however it is a personal opinion so we are not responsible for the quality and your feelings when using the product.

However, if anyone complains about the product or gives negative reviews, we will check it again and if the product is really faulty, the seller lacks credibility, immediately post. Suggestions will be taken down or removed at least until the seller or product supplier can prove that the customer feedback is not true.

Who is behind the articles on salenhanh.com?

Salenhanh has a team that specializes in product reviews, but the person who is ultimately responsible for and reviews all articles before being posted is admin Tran Nguyen Minh Phong. The head of website Salenhanh.
View details about admin Tran Nguyen Minh Phong

Does Salenhanh receive money before evaluating and reviewing products?

No, our side will receive products, use, review and post for customers first after completing to receive payment if it is small units or small quantity of products. If it is a large unit that needs to review and evaluate many products, we will contact you to discuss details about the form of partial payment.

Salenhanh does not ask customers to provide money up front at all, so be careful if someone contacts you as salenhanh and wants you to deposit money first as it is very likely a scam.

Is it possible to put a link to a sales website on Salenhanh’s review article?

Yes, if you are reputable, do not stick to the seal and ensure that the delivery of your product is fast, convenient and has a good price in the market with a small fee (for reviewers). However, as mentioned above, if we receive any bad customer feedback about your service or product, we will immediately re-check it and remove it if we can check that information is correct. real.

And of course we will contact you to inform you about this situation.