He then returned to the first room where they had gathered. When he saw Gus’ body, he accidentally found a number on the nape of his neck.

Xavier eventually realized that the number of safe combinations was on the back of each person’s neck. Throughout the game, Xavier tries to kill others so he can survive alone.

He also grew increasingly out of control after finding clues that Daniel Matthews, being the son of Eric Matthews, the detective sent him to prison.

Many painful scenes

saw 2-2_

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In 90 minutes, Saw 2 feels more intense, scarier, and also far more unsettling than the first. The gripping atmosphere is still strong, and this sequel has quite a few gory murder scenes.

This film is once again able to present a suspense-worthy treatment in movies of the horror thriller genre .

Also, if there were only two victims in the first Saw, then there are up to eight people who have to survive Jigsaw’s deadly trap.

They also have to follow the death game that is spread throughout the house. However, not all of them made it through the game, as some of them eventually got stuck and died a horrible death.

With almost the same concept in the previous film, Saw 2 also continues to run with a scary storyline that can make viewers uncomfortable. There are a number of things that can preoccupy us, from violent, bloody murders, to extremely dangerous situations.

This film can also attract the audience to understand the pain that all the victims have to go through. Indirectly, we can also feel how painful it is when being burned by fire, being stabbed by dozens of needles, and how painful it is to be pinched by a sharp object.

All these traumatic images are successfully displayed clearly, and make us wince at the sight of it.

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Many victims died tragically

saw 2-3_

The dark style of this movie remains the same as the first. The main difference is that Saw 2 dies more tragically, and Jigsaw immediately finds himself confronting Detective Eric Matthews (Donnie Wahlberg).

The mystery of Jigsaw is all the less interesting because his figure is not hidden throughout the film.

Actor Tobin Bell plays very well the character John Kramer aka Jigsaw. In this movie, cancer makes him worse, and he also explains his murder motives to Eric.

Just the two of them talking, we can see how Jigsaw can control and play with the emotional character Eric.

Eric himself has a bad relationship with his son, Daniel Matthews (Erik Knudsen). When he saw Daniel in the death game, Eric also accidentally fell into a psychological trap planned by Jigsaw.

Moreover, we both feel pity and pity for Eric who was deceived and deceived by Jigsaw and then actually fell into a life-threatening situation.

There’s not much he can do about his colleague Detective Allison Kerry (Dina Meyer), and he can only try to assuage Eric’s feelings.

Meanwhile, one of the most prominent figures among Jigsaw’s victims is Xavier Chavez (Franky G). He is a true criminal because of his opportunistic, cruel nature and unwillingness to cooperate with others.

In the middle of the movie, this character becomes even more terrifying as he brutally tries to kill others.

There were many people in the house panicking, and the horror of the victims. Xavier eventually died, and Daniel and Amanda Young (Shawnee Smith) survived death.

In the ending In the series, Amanda turns out to be Jigsaw’s right-hand man, and he is tasked by her with trapping Eric in the death game.

More challenges

saw 2-4_

In terms of cinematography, Saw 2 has a much scarier aesthetic than its predecessor. The horror environment presented by this film feels intriguing and very promising.

Even a house used as a death game can create unfathomable horrors with all its chaotic bewilderment.

With a higher number of victims, and their backgrounds also being former prisoners, this film also plays out more strongly and very challenging. Like its predecessor, it must be admitted that Saw 2 still looks impressive given its horror projection capabilities.

Overall, Saw 2 can appear intimidating throughout the entire plot. This movie is also a solid sequel without losing the common thread of the first series.

For horror movie connoisseurs, this second Saw sequel can certainly be enjoyed once again as a flashback to Jigsaw’s dangerous deeds. Like watching!


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