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Another film adaptation of a Japanese manga, Netflix has launched its latest horror movie called Re/Member. Adapted from the manga ‘Karada Sagashi’ by Welzard and Katsutoshi Murase, the latter series was directed by Eiichiro Hasumi, who is known for his work directing other Japanese films such as ‘Assassination Classroom’ and ‘Assassination Classroom’. Assassination Classroom: Graduation’. He also directed the Netflix miniseries ‘Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness’.

Also, the script was written by Harumi Doki. He is known for co-writing the Netflix series ‘Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 – Sustainable War’.

The story of ‘Re/Member’ begins on July 5, when a high school student named Asuka meets a young girl in high school she has never met before. The young girl said to him, “My body, Sagashite.”

Near midnight, Asuka found herself at school again. He wasn’t the only one there, but with five of his classmates. Just then, a young girl covered in blood appeared and killed everyone there. Asuka then woke up and realized that the terrifying incident was just a dream. However, Asuka was surprised when he repeated the same day.

Six students find themselves in a time loop of murders. The only way to escape is to find the scattered remains of the students hidden in their school, with the ghost of the “Red Man” hunting them down. Can the students break out of the killing ring and see tomorrow?

Remember Member movie review

Deadly Time Loop

Horror movies with a time loop element are not new in the genre, such as Christopher Landon’s ‘Happy Death Day’ which was quite successful. On the same theme, Re/Member tells the story of six high school students trapped in a time loop.

re member

After some research they did, the six students realized that they were trapped in a paranormal phenomenon called “Body Search” – a kind of game where they had to find every part of the victim’s body. the victim is killed or always comes back the same night. where they are hunted and killed by the ghost of the “Red Man”.

Full of blood and scary characters

‘Re/Member’ begins the story with a brutal tragedy in which a child is killed and mutilated. According to the police investigation, only his severed head was found. After that, the audience will witness a brutal and bloody end chase throughout the film. The jumpscare scenes are also done smoothly.

Movie re member

Both the Monster and the “Indian” effect screens are absolutely terrifying in form and movement – ​​creating incredible levels of fear as the creatures return each night stronger and more sinister. The plot covers every aspect of a horror film, from the terrifying bloody ghosts to the brutal school massacre.

Many unsolved mysteries

The two parts of ‘Re/Member’ that make it worth watching are the way the characters work together and the violence shown in the film with effects and CGI. However, when it comes to the plot, there are many details and mysteries that have not been revealed, such as the connection between the well that gave birth to the bloody hand, what caused the girl to be killed, and the end. Together create a curse, and the following credits are given?

re member review

As for the dynamics of the characters, the sportsmanship and friendship are awakened too quickly and the background of the characters is not shown making it difficult for the audience to empathize and create a deeper relationship with the characters. object. The plot becomes inconsistent in the middle of the film, instead unraveling a murder mystery that leads to unhappiness for this group of students.

Conclusion of the movie Re/Member

Movie re-member

In addition to the plot holes and many unanswered questions, ‘Re/Member’ also offers an interesting story with teenage characters often stuck in the process of finding dead bodies, with bloody and promising effects. ‘Re/Member’ doesn’t bring anything new to the horror genre with its time loop theme, but if you like teen movies with brutal gore and terrifying entities, then ‘Re/ Member’ can be the perfect sight to pass the time.

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