10 Best Movies of Lee Da In

The name Lee Da In has recently been talked about because it is said to be the future wife of actress Lee Seung Gi. Attention immediately focused on her and many people were curious about her acting career. If you are also curious, some of Lee Da In’s dramas in this article can be suggested!

Starting acting in 2014, Lee Da In has acted in a number of dramas. Although most of them are supporting roles, their acting is very promising.

Lee Da In

Lee Da In also has acting experience with senior actors such as Namgoong Min and Kim Hee Sun. What is his best TV series? Check out the following reviews!

Come and Hug Me

  • Release year 2018
  • Genres Psychological, Mystery, Romance, Horror
  • Director Choi Joon Bae
  • Cast Jang Ki Yong Jin Ki Joo Nam Da Reum Ryu Han Bi Heo Joon Ho

Lee Da In’s drama Come and Hug Me cast him as a female detective named Lee Yeon Ji. He is an old classmate of Do Jin, the main character, at the police academy.

Yeon Ji befriends and sympathizes with Do Jin even though she knows her father’s identity as a psychopath, a serial killer.

Chae Do Jin works just like Yeon Ji. As a rookie detective, he is kind and enthusiastic. Do Jin wants to atone for his father’s sins, including killing the parents of Gil Nak Won, his first love.

This incident left a wound in Nak Won’s heart, he changed his name to Han Jae Yi. Three years later they met again.

Doctor Prisoner

  • Release year 2019
  • Genres Drama, Mystery, Horror
  • Director Hwang In-hyuk
  • Cast Namkoong Min Kwon Na Ra Kim Byung Chul

Doctor Prisoner tells the story of Na Yi Je, a good doctor who is skilled in treating her patients conscientiously and without discrimination. Unfortunately, his medical license was suspended due to an incident of negligence where the hospital director caused a scene.

Yi Je then received a certificate as an internist and applied to work for a prison clinic. There, many tycoons and important figures were imprisoned for various cases. Yi Je gathers strength by allying with them.

In this drama, Lee Da In himself plays the role of Lee Jae In. She is the beautiful and intelligent youngest daughter of a conglomerate family.


  • Release year 2016
  • Genre Drama , History , Romance
  • Director Kim Yeong-jo , Yoon Sung-sik
  • Cast Park Seo Joon Go Ah Ra Park Hyung Shik

Lee Da In has starred in historical dramas with famous actors such as Park Seo Jun, Go Ara, and Park Hyung Sik. The movie in question is titled Hwaran g. She plays Kim Soo Yeon, the only friend of Ah Ro, the heroine in this drama.

Soo Yeon is the daughter of a family of knights and the younger sister of a character named Kim Soo Ho, a skilled swordsman and a famous player.

The film tells the story of a group of young people who are members of a secret group. Among them, there are secret descendants and future kings whose identities are hidden.

My Golden Life

  • Release year 2017
  • Genres Business , Comedy , Drama , Family , Mystery , Romance , Slice of Life , Workplace
  • Director Kim Hyung Seok
  • Cast Park Shi Hoo Shin Hye Sun Seo Eun Soo Lee Tae Hwan

Lee Da In’s next drama is titled My Golden Life. This drama is about a conglomerate family from Haesung Corporation who lost their granddaughter named Choi Eun Seok 25 years ago.

Eun Seok was found and raised by Seo Tae Soo as one of his twin daughters, Seo Ji Ahn and Seo Ji Soo. Seo Ji Ahn herself works at Haesung Group as a contract worker.

One day, Ji Ahn meets Haesung Group’s eldest grandson named Choi Do Kyung. Do Kyung meets Ji Ahn and is surprised to learn from his mother that Ji Ahn is his missing sister. Lee Da In herself plays Choi Do Kyung’s older sister named Choi Seo Hyun.

Between Friendship and Love Season 3

  • Release year 2018
  • Genre Drama, Romance
  • Director Han Soo Ji
  • Cast Kim Chae Eun Mu Jin Sung Kim Wook Han So Eun

Between Friendship and Love Part 3 is Lee Da In’s drama with 12 episodes with a duration of about 6 minutes each. This web series is played by Kim Chae Eun, Mu Jin Sung, Kim Wook, Han So Eun and Lee Da In.

The story revolves around the life of Han Sa Rang, a beautiful scriptwriter who works with PD Woo Jeong Woo.

Sa Rang still has feelings for her ex-boyfriend, Nam Woo Jung, with whom they are now friends. Unexpectedly, Jeong Woo actually expressed his feelings. Will Sarah accept?

Twenty Years Old

  • Release year 2014
  • Genre Drama , Music , Romance , Youth
  • Director Hwang Joon Hyuk
  • Cast Lee Gi Kwang Lee Da In

Twenty Years (2014) is Lee Da In’s TV drama debut. Interestingly, he was once trusted to play the lead role with Lee Gi Kwang.

The role that Lee Da In takes on in this movie is called Kim Hye Rim. He and Gi Kwang have known each other since they were teenagers because they attended the same school.

The two separated and then met again when they were students. Gi Kwang is currently a member of a famous idol group.

Meeting Hye Rim again planted the seed of love in his heart. Hye Rim, who has never dated before, must try to hide their relationship from others.

Make a Woman Cry

  • Release year 2015
  • Genre Drama , Psychological , Romance
  • Director Kim Keun Hong , Park Sang Hoon
  • Cast Kim Jung Eun Song Chang Eui Ha Hee Ra Oh Dae Gyu Lee Tae-Ran

Make a Woman Cry (2015) is Lee Da In’s second drama since her debut. Here Da In plays a supporting role named Park Hyo Jung.

The drama tells the story of Jung Deok In, a former detective who changes his job to become the manager of a small restaurant. Business stall opposite the school of the late son.

He purposely opened a restaurant there because he wanted to keep the memory of his son. In addition, Deok In also wants to protect other children from danger. While uncovering the truth about his son’s death, he undergoes a shocking healing process.


  • Release year 2020
  • Genre Romance, Science Fiction
  • Director Baek Soo Chan
  • Cast Kim Hee Sun Joo Won Kwak Shi Yang Lee Da In

You can also see Lee Da In’s beauty and acting as an actor in the drama Alice (2020). This beautiful actress plays Kim Do Yeon, a reporter working for Sekyung Ilbo News.

Do Yeon likes Jin Gyeom, a boy born without the ability to feel and express emotions.

Jin Gyeom himself is the main character in this drama. He is the son of Yoon Tae Yi, Alice’s agent, who travels to 1992 to find the Book of Prophecy in Seoul.

The book contains predictions about some people’s fortunes and time travel. Tae Yi had to lose his father because someone wanted the book.

Before his father passed away, Tae Yi got the last page of the fortune-telling book. Tae Yi later became pregnant with Min Hyuk but the man asked her to have an abortion because the passage of time could cause birth defects.

However, Tae Yi soon disappears taking with him his son: Jin Gyeom, who is unable to recognize his own emotions and those around him.

Lee Da In’s eight dramas in this article cover a variety of genres. You can see Da In in action in dramas ranging from historical to fantasy. Intrigued by his looks when acting? You can pick one of the TV series titles above and get ready to be hooked!

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