10 Best Movies of Yeonwoo

Not only succeeding in her career as a singer, Yeonwoo also began to actively try her hand at acting. Under the umbrella of 9ato Entertainment, Yeonwoo has starred in several popular dramas.

Called Golden Spoon (2022), this fantasy drama is one of the dramas that K-Drama fans are very much looking forward to. Amazingly, Yeon-woo was in this drama as one of the main characters, you know. In addition, Yeonwoo is also one of the main actors of another popular drama, Dali and Cocky Prince (2021).


Young and very talented, you know, there are still some popular dramas starring Yeonwoo. For those of you who want to know what dramas this beautiful actress and idol has starred in. Do not forget to read the full information, only on Bacaterus.

Golden Spoon

  • Release year 2022
  • Genre Drama, Fantasy
  • Director Song Hyun Wook
  • Cast Yook Sung Jae Lee Jong Won Jung Chae Yeon Yeonwoo

The Golden Spoon (2022) is one of the most popular Korean dramas on social media. The reason is, this movie will have the participation of a series of famous idols, you know.

Starting from Yook Sung Jae, Lee Jong Woon, Jung Chae Yeon to Yeonwoo. Not to mention, this movie by director Song Hyun Wook is adapted from HD3’s famous webtoon comic.

In this drama, Yeonwoo will play the role of Oh Yeo Jin, a girl from a rich family. Her beautiful face attracts many people. But her very bold personality sometimes makes people angry.

In this drama, Oh yeo Jin will also show what the daily lives of rich children are like.

Dali and Cocky Prince

  • Release year 2021
  • Genre Comedy, Romance
  • Director Lee Jung Sub
  • Cast Park Gyu Young Kim Min Jae

Turning to other dramas, Yeonwoo will also appear in a drama called Dali and Cocky Prince (2021).

The film, directed by Lee Jung Seob, also stars Kim Min Jae, Park Gyu Young, Kwon Yul and Hwang Hee. Yeonwoo has been selected as one of the main actors who will play the character named Ah Chak Hee.

This girl is a beautiful curator who has a special relationship with Moo Hak (Kim Min Jae). She is also known as the daughter of a powerful member of the National Assembly.

But because the family is not rich enough, Chak Hee tries her best to become a member of a conglomerate family. In the end, Chak Hee was able to establish and open her own museum.

Cheat on Me If You Can

  • Release year 2020
  • Genres Comedy , Drama , Mystery , Psychological , Romance , Horror
  • Director Kim Min Tae
  • Cast Cho Yeo Jung Go Jun Yeonwoo Kim Young Dae

Switching to the horror movie genre, Yeonwoo will also be cast as one of the actors in the drama called Cheat on Me If You Can (2020).

This film by director Kim Hyung Seok also has the participation of Cho yeo Jeong, Gu Jun and handsome actor Kim Young Dae. Yeonwoo is also cast as one of the main actors playing a character named Go Mi Rae.

She is an art major, looks very innocent and sweet. However, in reality, Gi Mi Rae has a rather complicated personality.

Mi Rae is the daughter of a famous mall businessman, but she and her mother are victims of domestic violence. Annoyed, Mi Rae decides to hire assassins to kill her own father.

Live On

Moving on to dramas starring young Korean actors and actresses, Yeonwoo will play in a drama called Live On (2020).

This movie is directed by Kim Sang Woo with the participation of Jung Da Bin, Hwang Min Hyun, Noh Jong Hyun, Yang Hye Ji and Choi Byung Chan. In this drama, Yeonwoo will also be one of the main actors, playing the character Kang Jae Yi.

This girl is a 2 to 1 student at Seoyeon High School and the girlfriend of Woo Jae (Noh Jong Hyun). One of the characteristics of Kang Jae Yi, this girl likes to be honest with what she thinks.

He also has a simple mindset and tends to be open-minded. He is very open with his lover, unfortunately Woo Jae is even more closed and difficult to be frank with him.


  • Release year 2020
  • Genre Romance, Science Fiction
  • Director Baek Soo Chan
  • Cast Kim Hee Sun Joo Won Kwak Shi Yang Lee Da In

Alice (2020) is a science fiction, romantic drama series starring Yeonwoo. This drama starring Joo Won and Kim Hee Sun is well worth your watch.

Because, the time travel story shown in this movie by Baek Soo Chan will make the audience curious about the ending of the story.

In this drama, Yeonwoo will play the role of one of the supporting actors. This girl is Tae Yi’s younger sister named Yoon Tae Yeon.

The character of a cute but somewhat cold girl that she played successfully made the audience satisfied with her acting ability. Even thanks to this movie, Yeonwoo also received a lot of praise from Korean netizens.


Still in the romantic and humorous genre, who doesn’t know that Yeonwoo also appeared in the drama Touch (2020)?

This movie is made by director Min Yeon Hong with the participation of Joo Sang Wook and Kim Bo Ra in the lead roles. Meanwhile for Yeonwoo, once again the actress-singer was only classified as a supporting actress.

The character played by Yeonwoo this time is named Jung Young Ah. He works as a DJ and is a good friend of Han Soo Yeon.

Although only appearing for a short time, Yeonwoo actually made a good impression on the audience. His performance in this film has been praised by many, although he is still far from perfect.

Pegasus Market

Moving on to the movie called Pegasus Market (2019), this can be said to be the film marking Yeonwoo’s official debut as an actor in Korea.

Pegasus Market itself (2019) is a drama adapted from the famous webtoon of Kim Gyu Sam. In the film directed by Baek Seung Ryon, Yeonwoo is cast as one of the supporting actors.

Meanwhile, Kim Byung Chul and Lee Dong Hwi were cast as the main actors. In this drama, Yeonwoo will play the role of Kwon Ji Na, the daughter of Kwon Young Goo and a trainee at Pegasus Market.

This girl is very competitive and makes fun of Moon Seok Goo. Although still very new, Yeonwoo’s acting in this movie is quite appreciated.

Yeonwoo is indeed ranked among the idols with a successful and promising acting career. His acting talent looks more natural and makes the audience fall in love with him.

No wonder recently, Yeonwoo has often received invitations to star in some famous Korean dramas.

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