Scary but easy to understand movie

This movie is actually easier to follow when compared to the fourth installment of Saw, which feels rather confusing.

It can also be said that Saw 5 is a new chapter and doesn’t always rely on John Kramer as the main villain. The image of Mark Hoffman then became a qualified substitute in spreading nightmares to his victims.

Review movie saw 5

Additionally, through several flashbacks in Saw 5, we can see how Hoffman learns from John Kramer until he is finally established to continue Jigsaw’s legacy. On the other hand, director David Hackl made this film as his directorial debut, which is pretty solid.

The first feature of this feature film is that the plot is neater and less messy than the previous one. David also still brings the eerie atmosphere that was built by director Darren Lynn Bousman and also James Wan in the previous four films.

Saw 5 does not lose its gripping horror content nor an uncontrollable bloody brutal murder. All those gory aspects are still going strong in this movie and perhaps even more thrilling and obvious.

The uncomfortable feeling every time I see the pieces of corpses and corpses reappears throughout this movie.

Through good cinematography in exploiting violent content, Saw 5 was also able to produce some gruesome but equally impressive death scenes. This movie seems like a more “fun” sequel to enjoy the plot as it never gets verbose in everything.

Never lose the scary tense atmosphere

Saw 5 isn’t all about Jigsaw, but rather the character’s journey between detective Mark Hoffman and FBI agent Peter Strahm.

The two people who play Costas Mandylor and Scott Patterson aren’t really top-notch actors. However, they appear promising as two people hunting each other.

Saw 5

In addition, as long as this movie lasts from the first minute to the end, Saw 5 tries to show the dark and dark colors that were brought in the first two movies.

It also seems to be quite successful. Some of the locations are shown to be scary like the FBI office and the basement where the death game takes place.

In addition to the plot of this movie that highlights Hoffman and Strahm, the death trials victims are unfortunately unrelated to their scheming. All victims are shown only as a forced routine to be performed by Hoffman, who is now Jigsaw’s successor.

All in all, Saw 5 certainly brings a new direction to the franchise by introducing an alternative villain to Jigsaw. However, actor Tobin Bell (Jigsaw) still appears in some flashback scenes.

Overall, Saw 5 still has a common thread with the previous Saw movies. This sequel runs more likely, and is definitely not to be missed every minute.


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