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Saw 6 Movie Review

A year later, after the showing of Saw 5 in 2008, the sixth sequel was immediately released. This time, the movie Saw 6 was made by a debut director named Kevin Greutert while the screenplay for this movie was written by Patrick Melton with Marcus Dunstan.

The story itself still exploits violent, murderous content, and at the same time features Mark Hoffman as the successor to Jigsaw.

In addition, the movie Saw 6 also follows the journey of William Easton, a health insurance company executive who must complete a series of deadly trials to save his employees.

On the other hand, the FBI reopened the closed Jigsaw case. Hoffman did everything to protect his secret identity. So will his identity be revealed? Read more reviews of below!

Saw 6 . movie synopsis

saw 6-1_

Release year 2009
Category Action, Adventure, Horror
Manufacturing Twisted image
Manager Kevin Greutert
Cast Bell Tobin 

Costas Mandylor

Mark Rolston

Betsy Russell

Shawnee Smith

FBI agent Peter Strahm died after falling into Mark Hoffman’s trap with his scraped body hitting a wall. Hoffman then used Strahm’s hand to save his fingerprints in a location used as a lethality test.

Two FBI agents Dan Erickson and even Lindsey Perez are still alive to the place to investigate Strahm’s tragic death.

They initially suspected Strahm to be a student of Jigsaw’s because many of his fingerprints were found at that location. Their guess was wrong. Erickson and Perez also reopened the closed Jigsaw case. They suspect that the real culprit is from within the police.

Perez and Erickson then reviewed the videotape found at the crime scene (TKP) and ordered his team to analyze the audio on the recording. Elsewhere, Hoffman meets Jill Tuck, ex-wife of John Kramer aka Jigsaw, at the clinic where he works.

He asked him to hand over five envelopes from Jigsaw containing photos of potential victims of abduction to test for lethality. One such victim was William Easton, the chief executive officer of a health insurance company, who refused to help with John Kramer’s medical treatment.

Not only William, Hoffman also kidnapped some of his employees to run a series of tests that could threaten their lives. In the first test, William managed to survive. But he had to sacrifice the janitor at his company, Hank, who died a horrible death.

During the second trial, William found his secretary, Addy, and the archivist, Allen, both hanged with barbed wire. During the test, he must choose to save Addy and Allen’s lives. In the next test, William must battle his lawyer, Debbie, who is tasked with killing him.

William was still able to survive the series of tests, but he felt sad that he had to sacrifice his staff so he could live. During the final test, he later found six of his subordinates chained.

He had to save two of them. With a heavy heart and being raped, William shot and killed four people he thought were not enough to live on.

Meanwhile, Hoffman keeps an eye on William on the screen in his hideout. Erickson then called him and asked him to go to the audio lab at the police station to examine the tape of Jigsaw.

When he met Perez, Hoffman was surprised that he was still alive after being presumed dead a few years ago.

They listened to the tape recording to identify the killer as a student of Jigsaw. Hoffman begins to be cornered because his identity will be exposed.

When Erickson, Perez, and a policeman realized it was his voice, Hoffman was quick to brutally kill all three of them.

On the other hand, Jill seems to have kept the sixth envelope from her ex-husband, which contains a picture of Hoffman as the next victim. Jill then prepares a trap device to test Hoffman into the trap that Jigsaw prepared before his death.

Review of the movie Saw 6

Much more suspenseful

saw 6-2_

Unlike most Saw sequels, this one actually looks interesting in a number of ways and is much more thrilling than its predecessors. Saw 6 has an increasingly solid storyline. For about 90 minutes, the tension in the atmosphere did not decrease one bit.

The characteristics of the Saw movie such as the exploitation of brutal murderous content are still the main attraction shown in Saw 6. In addition, the acting of the main actors feels quite good. All the death traps set up are more thrilling and also more dangerous.

However, it must be admitted that Saw 6 is still far from becoming a bright movie in the horror horror genre. This sixth sequel deserves to be called one of the best features in the franchise Having seen it become an iconic gore movie from 2004 to present.

In fact, the movie still repeats the same formula, and it feels monotonous. However, the plot of Saw 6 offers a more promising and interesting story idea. Here, the moral element is deepened and it is quite heartbreaking to witness the victims who have just died.

The main victim, William Easton (Peter Outerbridge) must be in an extremely difficult situation in life.

Throughout the film, we are also saddened to see him sacrifice some of his employees just to complete a series of tests that Jigsaw designed for him. Jigsaw student Mark Hoffman (Costas Mandylor) then tried to hurt him during the test.

The characters appear mature enough and the pitfalls are getting more and more dangerous

saw 6-3_

John Kramer aka Jigsaw (Tobin Bell) appears in some flashbacks in this movie. Now Flash is back In this case, we can research his connection to William, who became his victim.

John wants to vent his anger by getting revenge on William for refusing to help him heal.

In addition, William was also very unfair to some of his clients. He also refused to offer them health insurance. Before his death, John came up with a plan of revenge that would be continued by Hoffman, who is now plunged into the shadows as a brutal killer.

Also, the acting of the main characters looks pretty good. William Easton’s (Peter Outerbridge) character looks miserable because he’s caught in a Jigsaw trap.

During the test, he realized that he had made a mistake at work. As a result, he got some of his employees caught up in the net for the injustices he had committed.

Peter Outerbridge plays the role skillfully and confidently. Then, Betsy Russell, who plays Jill Tuck, John Kramer’s ex-wife, appeared much more prominent than her role in the previous Saw film.

Mark Hoffman’s character, played by Costas Mandylor, looks too stiff, but he can still pose a dangerous threat.

Meanwhile, all the traps in this movie are designed in such a way that it feels more varied. Some of them don’t look too terrible, but all traps can yield more health, body parts, and a potentially thrilling atmosphere.

The 6th sequel not to be missed

saw 6-4_

Admittedly Saw 6 is not perfect and not as good as the first movie released in 2004. But screenwriter duo Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton worked on the script for this movie to make Saw 6 a sequel. very interesting to see.

The brutality and horror are shown in detail and the plot is presented more logically.

Full franchise It is impossible to separate the saw from the figure of the Jigsaw. So, Saw 6 can’t seem to stand alone despite having Mark Hoffman as his successor.

To strengthen the overall thread of the story, Jigsaw was re-appeared in several flashbacks. Even though he was dead, his figure was still influential in the entire chain of murders that happened.

Overall, the film does quite well, and also feels more satisfying than the previous part. The cinematography is fierce and the highlights of the camera are still evident while exploring the bloody brutal scenes.

Saw 6 has finally become a sight that is still enjoyable for lovers of gore and brutal horror movies. This movie will be very inappropriate for those of you who do not feel comfortable watching scenes of terrible body mutilation, as well as violent violent content.


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