The 6th sequel not to be missed

saw 6-4_

Admittedly Saw 6 is not perfect and not as good as the first movie released in 2004. But screenwriter duo Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton worked on the script for this movie to make Saw 6 a sequel. very interesting to see.

The brutality and horror are shown in detail and the plot is presented more logically.

Full franchise It is impossible to separate the saw from the figure of the Jigsaw. So, Saw 6 can’t seem to stand alone despite having Mark Hoffman as his successor.

To strengthen the overall thread of the story, Jigsaw was re-appeared in several flashbacks. Even though he was dead, his figure was still influential in the entire chain of murders that happened.

Overall, the film does quite well, and also feels more satisfying than the previous part. The cinematography is fierce and the highlights of the camera are still evident while exploring the bloody brutal scenes.

Saw 6 has finally become a sight that is still enjoyable for lovers of gore and brutal horror movies. This movie will be very inappropriate for those of you who do not feel comfortable watching scenes of terrible body mutilation, as well as violent violent content.


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