Relic movie review (2020)

A movie about a haunted house will probably make many people think that they will have a boring plot with ghosts popping up and down in the house and the origin of these ghosts. death has happened in the house.

Review movie haunted ruins

However, with Demonic Remnants (Relic 2020) is not, the film is rated as one of the best horror films in 2020 and received a lot of praise from the very first days of its release in the United States. Sundance Film Festival. With a good movie set, tight film layout and scary scary episodes, the film promises to end the series of horror movies that are too poor quality to be released in theaters during the past time.

Without wasting any more time, let ‘s review the movie Haunted Remnants with Salenhanh , which will be released on July 17 to better understand this movie.

Review the content of the movie Haunted Ruins (Relic 2020)

The film’s content revolves around the story of 3 women from 3 different generations who fall into the vortex of supernatural forces that exist inside their house.

Upon learning of the unexplained disappearance of her mother Edna (Robyn Nevin), Kay (Emily Mortimer), along with her eldest daughter, Sam (Bella Heathcote), drive from Melbourne back to the house. The family’s nest is located in a remote wilderness out in the countryside with the intention of finding out what happened to his mother.

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However, here they see strange, ghostly images as if to signal about the scary things that await them. The house was empty but filled with ominous signals: There were creepy-carved candles hanging from shelves that looked like slabs of meat sliced ​​with fat. Not only that, the inside of the house is also filled with scattered notes everywhere that a person with memory loss often writes himself to remind him of work.

It seemed that all the clues would go to a dead end, but suddenly, the next morning Kay woke up one morning and found her mother Edna making tea as if nothing had happened, however the soullessness on The face and gestures of the mother who had just returned made Kay and Sam feel nervous.

Relic 2020

On her body gradually appeared black ulcers on her chest and also often acted strangely unlike a normal human with expressions such as using her hands to pry open sores on her body, crawling on the floor. …Things come from strange things like Edna giving her own grandson Sam a ring only to then forget about it herself and think that Sam stole her ring. and then more and more scary things appear that make Kay and Sam believe that there is something unusual in the house, a dark force is gradually devouring their souls. So what happened during the time that Edna was missing? Is Edna still human or has become a body for the devil? Go to theaters now and experience the best emotions when watching this movie.

Different from horror films that frighten viewers with sudden scare scenes, the movie Haunted Ruins gives viewers fear through the gloomy, heavy atmosphere that always surrounds the house. house and characters throughout the movie. The images of escapes and escapes are full of mysteries, shady actions slowly appear and crept, leading the viewer to go from doubt, speculation to speculation, and then finally cry at a scene. Smart ending that the movie Demonic Ruins brings.

Movie haunted ruins

It can be said that the film is divided into 2 distinct parts, the first part may not cause too much fear for viewers, but gradually things are getting more and more scary. And once Haunted Ruins 2020 has drawn you into its world you won’t be able to escape, director Natalie Erika James – who co-wrote the film with Christian White – delivers a tense ending and scary when the house becomes the main character.

In general, Demon Haunted Ruins is one of the very good movies, not only in the image and acting of the actors but also in the plot structure of the film. Well control the viewer’s psychology and make the viewer completely immersed in the story of 3 characters: Edna, Kay and Sam.

However, the film is more psychological and uses a lot of metaphors, so you have to stay focused throughout the movie.

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