Night Swim (2024) Movie Review

Many of James Wan’s films have appeared in the international film market and most of them have good reputations in all aspects and can be considered top films. In early 2024, James Wan will produce a new horror film that he hopes will please his fans.

The story revolves around a happy little family who has just moved into a big house with a super fun swimming pool in the backyard. Unfortunately, the presence of the swimming pool turned out to be a huge disaster for this family. What really happened? Check out the review later, okay?

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Summary of the movie Night Swim

The film opens with a mysterious and bizarre story about a little girl who suddenly falls into the swimming pool behind her house. The scene of the little girl trying to cling to the edge of the swimming pool but then being turned away by something invisible. This is a haunting beginning that creates a strong curiosity in the viewer, and it establishes the mystery of the house and swimming pool from the beginning.

The scene then shifts to the present, where a happy family is looking for a new home. The family includes father Ray, a former professional baseball player, wife Eve, and their two children, Izzy and Elliott. Ray had a glorious career but suddenly suffered from a neurological disease, forcing him to leave the field.

Coincidence brings them to their new house, a big house with a swimming pool in the back. An opportunity for Ray to begin his recovery with light therapy and Eve to return to work at her children’s school. Life seemed to be better.

However, strange things begin to happen when the family moves to a new house. Ray is recovering, but people seem to start seeing a strange presence in the swimming pool. This strangeness raises doubt and anxiety in Eve’s mind.

The family decided to invite friends and acquaintances to a pool party, to reduce stress and fear. But the night of the party revealed scarier things. Elliott senses danger from the pool and records eerie happenings in the room, while Ray begins to exhibit terrifying changes.

night swim

Ray tries to drag the neighbor children into the depths of the swimming pool. Brutality and obsession begin to emerge, and Eve becomes increasingly worried. She discovers a strange story about a girl named Rebecca who disappeared long before they moved into this house.

Eve decided to find out more and reached out to Rebecca’s remaining family. But instead of helping her husband, she discovers that the house’s swimming pool is a place of hope and nightmares. Whoever gets what he wants will have to pay with his life.

Eve felt scared for her children and decided to return, but it was too late. Atrocities took place, and Ray lost control. Ultimately, Eve must face the hauntings of the house and the swimming pool, to protect her children and their safety.

From here, the film develops a series of haunting and tense events, with a confrontation between brutality and the family’s sacrifices to protect each other. The final story is about a mother’s love and sacrifice to protect her children from the evil of this strange house and swimming pool.

Night Swim movie review review

Boring movie

As soon as you watch the trailer, you will hear the scary story of the movie Night Swim, so many people hope that this movie can be a good horror movie at the beginning of the year. Furthermore, this movie is produced by James Wan, who collaborates with director Bryce McGuire.

However, when watching the first 10 minutes, we will not help but wonder what the meaning of this movie is. The only thing that can be guessed is that the swimming pool at Ray and Eve’s family home is haunted. The rest is a cliché, as an initially happy family becomes chaotic because they move into a mysterious house.

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Compulsive obsession

For me personally, this movie felt like forced fear. The presence of ghosts in the movie is not scary at all, even the jump scares didn’t surprise me. Then, the color grading used is always blurred to create a creepy feeling. Unfortunately, despite being made like that, this movie only gets a “B” grade.

night swim movie

Just 20 minutes into the film, the plot begins to be considered intriguing; when Ray chased Izzy and Eve was the one who saved Elliot who was being chased by the victims from the wishing pool. But that’s all, even the ending of this movie was not done smoothly so it seemed like it was just cut out. Of course.

James Wan’s big PR

This movie can be said to be a big PR move for James Wan as a producer or director in the future. Don’t let James Wan’s reputation for good work start to be questioned by fans. To be honest, this movie can be said to be a high school movie that James Wan produced.

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