10 Best Movies of Park Ho San

Park Ho San is one of the most famous senior actors in Korea. He is considered a prolific actor throughout the year with an admirable love of the arts. Although he rarely gets the lead role in a TV series or movie, his appearances always complete the story.

It’s like Park Ho San is a piece of a complete picture of a story. His acting debut was made in 1993 when he graduated from Chung Ang University majoring in Theater.

Since its debut, there have been many movie and drama titles starring Park Ho San. Check out the list of TV series below!

Prison Playbook

Movie Prison Playbook

  • Release year 2017
  • Genre Comedy, Drama, Life
  • Production tvN
  • Director Shin Won Ho
  • Cast of Park Hae -soo Jung Kyung Ho

In the drama Prison Playbook, Kim Je Hyuk (Park Hae Soo) is a baseball player who is entangled in a sexual abuse case. He chases the perpetrator of his sister’s sexual abuse.

Hae Soo also spent a year in prison. At the prison, Hae Soo meets her friend, Lee Joon Ho (Jung Kyung Ho), who gave up baseball due to an injury. He is currently working as a warden.

In this prison, Je Hyuk discovers many unexpected things. He meets his big fans, experiences interesting events and other things. Park Ho San here appears as Kang Chul Doo, Je Hyuk’s roommate.

The Penthouse 3: War in Life

Movie The Penthouse 3: War in Life

  • Release year: 2021
  • Episodes: 14
  • Genre: Horror, Crime, Drama, Family
  • Directed by: Joo Dong Min
  • Actors: Lee Ji Ah, Eugene, Kim So Yeon
  • Producer: Chorokbaem Media, Studio W

The story in the drama sequel The Penthouse 3: War In Life revolves around how Su Ryeon (Lee Jin Ah) can finally take revenge on the residents of Hera Palace. They lost their investment in Cheonsoo District.

What’s worse, they face the law because of Seol A’s (Jo Soo Min) death case. they got stuck in their own greed and lost their wealth, fame and all.

Su Ryeon also takes revenge on Dan Tae (Uhm Kim Joon) who tried to kill him. He thought his fate was over.

However, instead, he witnesses the tragic death of Logan (Park Eun Seok). In this drama, Park Ho San plays Jeni’s father, Yoo Dong Pil.

Would You Like a Cup of Coffee?

Movie Would You Like a Cup of Coffee?

  • Release year 2021
  • Genres Drama , Food , Life
  • Producing Daum Kakao TV , Tencent Video
  • Director Without Jung Wook
  • Cast Ong Seong Wu Park Ho San

Park Seok (Park Ho San) is a successful 2DAe cafe owner. Although the cafe is a small business, it has a loyal customer base.

Park Seok runs the store alone. Although store operations are a burden, he has no intention of hiring staff.

One day, Kang Go Bin (Ong Seung Woo), a customer of the restaurant, falls in love with Park Seok’s coffee. Coffee nurtures the aspiration to become a bartender.

He also begged the owner to take him on a part-time job to learn about coffee.

Go Bin was able to convince Park Seok that he was serious about the world of coffee. Soon they became a solid barista duo and added to the fun at 2Dae Kafe.

True Beauty

Movie True Beauty

  • Release year 2020
  • Genre Comedy, Romance, Romantic Comedy
  • Production Bon Factory Worldwide , Studio WOMEN
  • Director Kim Sang Hyeop
  • Actors Moon Ga Young Cha Eun Woo, Hwang In Yeop Park Yoo Na

True Beauty is one of the highest-grossing dramas of 2020. The story in this drama focuses on high school Lim Ju Kyung (Moon Ga Young), who is famous for her makeup skills. She can turn into a goddess with makeup.

Ju Kyung doesn’t dare to go out without heavy makeup. She feels naked without makeup on her face. One day, Ju Kyung meets Su Ho (Cha Eun Woo), the most popular student in the school.

They often experience events that bring them closer together. However, Ju Kyung did not dare to tell Su Ho about her face.

He thought Su Ho wouldn’t accept with that face. Park Ho San appeared dashing in this drama. He plays the role of Im Jae Pil, Ju Kyung’s father.


Movie Hush

  • Release year 2016
  • Genres Crime , Horror , Mystery , Psychological , Murder , Horror
  • Produce Blumhouse Productions , Intrepid Pictures
  • Director Mike Flanagan
  • Cast of Kate Siegel Emma Graves Michael Trucco

Set in the office world, Hush tells the story of a newspaper reporter determined to pursue justice. However, he finds himself stuck in a dilemma that makes it difficult for him to choose.

Han Jun Hyeok (Hwang Jung Min), a veteran reporter is known to be sure and never give up on the news. Because of his idealism, he often contradicts those in the office and espouses their pragmatism. Then he has to deal with his father and wife.

On the other hand, there is Lee Ji Su (Im Yoona), a brave intern reporter who shares the same vision as Jun Hyeok. The similarity of ideals makes Jisu and Jun Hyeok solid partners in upholding justice.

Jun Hyeok becomes Jisu’s mentor, guiding him to become a real reporter. In this drama, you will see Park Ho San playing the role of Uhm Sung Han, Ji Su’s boss.

Son: The Guest

Movie Son: The Guest

  • Release year: 2018
  • Episodes: 16
  • Genre: Horror, Horror, Supernatural
  • Directed by: Kim Hong Sun
  • Actors: Kim Dong Wook, Kim Jae Wook, Jung Eun Chae
  • Produce: Studio Dragon

Yoon Hwa Pyung (Kim Dong Wook) is a young psychic with thick shamanic blood. He grew up in a family of magicians and learned a lot about the devil from an early age.

No wonder he knows a lot about “Son”, an extremely powerful demon. The Devil has powers that allow him to control demons and possess weak humans.

The possessed person will go mad and harm other family members. Hwa Pyung then meets Choi Yoon (Kim Jae Yook) and Kang Gil Young (Jung Eun Chae), whose family was killed by demons.

Decades after that incident, Hwang Pyung, who works as a daily taxi driver, goes looking for the devil to prevent more victims. He meets Gil Young, Choi Yoon, and Go Bong Sang (Park Ho San), who work together to defeat “Kid”.


Movie Defendant

  • Release year 2017
  • Genres Drama , Law , Mystery , Horror
  • Produce Signal Entertainment Group , The Story Works
  • Director Jo Young Kwang, Jung Dong Yoon
  • Cast Ji Sung Uhm Ki Joon Kwon Yu Ri Oh Chang Seok Uhm Hyun Kyung

Defendant tells the story of Park Jung Woo (Ji Sung), a famous prosecutor who is wise and good at handling cases. One day, Jung Woo joins a case involving a wealthy businessman from Changmyung Group.

The suspect in the case is Cha Min Ho (Uhm Ki Joon), Cha Sun Ho’s twin brother. Min Ho killed Sun Ho and acted as if he had committed suicide. He currently lives under the name Sun Ho.

Once, Jung Woo was arrested by the police and sentenced to death for murdering his wife and children. However, Jung Woo did not remember the incident.

In prison, Jung Woo tries to expose the death of his wife and child. After being investigated, the death of the closest person is related to the deaths of Cha Sun Ho and Cha Min Ho. Park Ho San in this drama has a supporting role as Choi Tae Hong.

Extracurricular movies

Extracurricular movies

  • Release year: 2020
  • Episodes: 10
  • Genre: Psychological, Crime, Drama
  • Directed by: Kim Jin Min
  • Actors: Kim Dong Hee, Park Ju Hyun, Jung Da Bin, Nam Yoon Su
  • Produce: Studio 329

After appearing in the comedy-drama, Park Ho San appeared to bring a role that stirred the audience’s emotions even more. In the extra-curricular drama, he plays Oh Jung Jin, the father of Ji Soo (Kim Dong Hee), one of the main characters of this drama.

The plot of the story follows four students who commit crimes to earn money. Behind the work they do, there is danger lurking as a consequence that they must accept.

Oh Ji Soo, a model student of the school, turns into a criminal who leads the working students.

This movie is about the lives of high school students that they never thought they would make. In addition to the work these students do, we are exposed to harsh and dangerous school life.

Movie My Mister

Movie My Mister

  • Release year 2018
  • Genre Drama
  • Production of Chorokbaem Media
  • Director Kim Won Seok
  • Cast Lee Sun Kyun Lee Ji Eun

Park Ho San’s chemistry as Park Sang Hoo, is one of his best roles. In this drama, he plays the eldest son in the Park family, who is facing economic difficulties and is facing complicated problems in the family.

The four boys of the Park family are very friendly and approachable. This is one of the highlights of My Mister, alongside the story of Park Dong Hoon (Lee Sun Kyun) and Lee Ji Ahn (IU), of course, as the two main characters.

My Mister is about an unfortunate Park Dong Hoon who marries a famous lawyer, Kang Yoon Hee (Lee Jin Ah). Office life is no less stressful.

He is often the subject of gossip among colleagues in the office because his career is worse than his juniors. His unhappiness in his life increased because his wife was caught having an affair with his junior.

Junior, Do Joon Young (Kim Young Min) tries to get rid of Dong Hoon by bribing a lowly employee in the office, Lee Ji Ahn.

Ji Ahn has to track down Dong Hoon and find his fault so Joon Young kicks him out of the office.

However, in the process, Ji Ahn fell in love with a gentleman ahjussi. He turned to Dong Hoon and made Joon Young fall.

Movie Less Than Evil

Movie Less Than Evil

  • Release year 2018
  • Genres Drama , Mystery , Psychological , Horror
  • Produce iHQ, MBC
  • Director Kim Dae Jin , Lee Dong Hyun
  • Cast Shin Ha Kyun Lee Seol Park Ho San Kim Gun Woo

Woo Tae Seok (Shin Ha Kyun) is a lonely veteran detective. He devotes his attention and life to solving cases without caring about the people around him.

One day, he comes across a rapist caught without formalities. The arrest of the criminal caused the police to be fiercely criticized by the public and Tae Seok to be reprimanded by his superiors.

The bad luck turned to bad luck when his wife handed him the divorce papers. The wife can’t stand Tae Seok neglecting her anymore.

Tae Seok then meets a psychopath, Eun Sun Jae (Lee Seol), who is as slippery as an eel. In particular, the woman really helps Tae Seok solve cases and gather evidence of other crimes.

Ah, this Park Ho San is Tae Seok’s teammate in the police. He plays the role of Jeon Choon Man. Thus, 10 famous dramas with the participation of senior actor Park Ho San.

This actor has tried many different types of roles, from good to evil, making the audience excited to see him.

In addition to the above dramas, Park Ho San has also appeared in several films, including Night In Paradise, The Call, Jukdo Fairy Diary, Ghost Ship, and many more.


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