10 Best Movies of Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Shrader Lawrence was born on August 15, 1990 in Kentucky, USA. She graduated from high school 2 years early and started her acting career. She starred in the film Winter’s Bone directed by Debra Granik and was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actress for this performance, and her performance in this film brought her 7 awards, including the NBR Award.

Jennifer Lawrence

In 2011, she portrayed the transformative character Mystique in X-Men: First Class. It was her role as Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games, which brought Lawrence over $600 million at the box office. After this movie, one of the film’s main characters, Tiffany Maxwell, appeared in Silver Linings Playbook directed by David O. Russell and was nominated for 8 Academy Awards.

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Don’t Look Up

dont look up

Don’t Look Up – The film Don’t Look Up is a drama, comedy and science fiction film produced in 2021. Kate is a graduate student in astronomy. Professor Dr. Together with Randall Mindy, they discovered an orbiting comet.

But this poses a serious problem. Because it is at the point of collision with the world. But no one cares about this. The comet is roughly the size of Mount Everest. Dr. With Oglethorpe’s help, Kate and Randall brought President Orlean and his son, Chief of Staff Jason, from his office. Then they go on a challenging excursion.



In 1929, George and Serena Pemberton were a young couple who left their home city of Boston to settle in North Carolina. In the new settlements, they not only built houses, but rebuilt their lives from scratch and made their way through the lumber business. Serena is young and beautiful, talented and cunning. Serena, who is always supportive of her husband’s success, also pleases anyone who wants to get in their way.

But an important truth about himself that he did not know will soon emerge. Serena can’t get pregnant, she’ll never be able to bear her dear husband a child. This news makes Serena even more ambitious and her jealousy escalates. Because before their marriage, George had an illegitimate child with another woman. Serena will use all the hatred of life to get rid of this boy.

House at The End of The Street

House at The End of The Street

Sarah and her daughter Elissa move to a new town to make a new life for themselves, but a horrific murder has recently occurred in the house next door; A young girl killed her parents. Elissa quickly becomes friends with Ryan, who survived her sister’s massacre, and the inside of the gruesome murder is slowly revealed…

The screenplay of the film, which is Mark Tonderai’s second feature film after the horror film Hush, who has entered cinema as an actor, writes the screenplay. David Loucka, who starred last year in the production of Horror House.
The film stars Jennifer Lawrence, Elisabeth Shue and Max Thieriot.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix

xmen Dark Phoenix

The X-Men must face their toughest and most powerful enemies yet; one of them, Jean Grey. During a space rescue mission, Jean is attacked by a mysterious cosmic force. When Jean returns home, she realizes that this power makes her stronger. But this power has also made him more unstable. Struggling with this inner self, Jean unleashes her power in a way she cannot understand and limit.

Out of control, Jean began harming her loved ones and causing the X-Men’s organization to fall apart. The broken team must find a way to reunite. It’s not just about saving Jean, but about saving the world from aliens who want to weaponize Jean’s inner power and rule the galaxy.

The Beaver

The Beaver

Walter, once a good family man and a successful businessman, is struggling with depression due to his difficult days. Walter, who tries by all means to get out of these troubled days, finds a last resort thanks to a puppet. Thanks to this puppet, Walter began to better communicate with people and regained his former success.

The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part-1

The Hunger Games Mockingjay

When Katniss Everdeen discovers that her home, District 12, has been completely destroyed, he goes back there to see what’s going on. The scene he encountered was truly horrifying. Everything is dilapidated except for the houses where the victors are staying, the people are now living underground and struggling to survive against the government’s death policy.

In an atmosphere where even nuclear weapons were questioned, Katniss really began to become the face of this protest movement and could not accept responsibility. The most important reason why he can’t join this rising tide of rebellion is that Peeta’s life is in danger.

The third installment of Susan Collins’s The Hunger Games series, which is of great interest, is directed by Francis Lawrence, who also directed the second; Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson take on the lead roles once again.



In this horror and mystery film by Jennifer Lawrence, we follow the beautiful days of a couple who lived peacefully, but now become fearful when an intruder breaks into their home. This mysterious person, initially a lone guest, will soon bring his wife to this house. The real intentions and thoughts between the couple will soon arise.

The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part-2

Katniss Everdeen confronts President Snow as she joins the people of Panem in an all-out war. To help the people of Panem win the war for freedom, Katniss’ close friends Gale, Finnick, Peeta and a bunch of them risk their lives to leave District 13. The purpose of this dangerous quest is to assassinate President Snow.

The only thing on President Snow’s mind was nothing but the destruction of Katniss. Enemies, dangerous traps and life’s choices will be harder than ever in this war. Katniss, who has been fighting for survival until now, realizes that she can now shape the future.

Red Sparrow



Dominika, who has no passion in life other than her mother and ballet, had to say goodbye to ballet due to an accident. With her future plans shattered, she joins the Sparrow School, a secret intelligence organization that teaches gifted young people like her to use their bodies and minds as weapons.

Through a harsh and brutal training, the young girl becomes the show’s most dangerous student ever. With the power she now has, Dominika must confront her past and face off against American CIA agent Nathaniel Nash, who says Dominika is the only person she can trust, with the lives of all of them. Even those she loves are in danger…



Joy is a girl with a very developed imagination from her childhood and is always looking for ways to create new inventions. He never lost his productivity in his life, despite the hardships he went through in his family; he can do all kinds of work related to practical problems in daily life.

Meanwhile, he tries to live a “normal” life with his divorced wife, troubled mother, two young children in need of care, and a disabled father. But one day things upset him and Joy rolls up her sleeves again to record her unfinished dreams…

Like Crazy


Originally a British university student, Anna fell in love with Jacob, a student like herself in the United States, where she went to study. While living to the fullest with their love, they get through the legal process for Anna to stay in America, and Anna is deported as a fugitive with an expired visa.

The borders or laws of the nations will not be able to separate the madly in love couple. Anna and Jacob, who don’t pursue their love from afar, miss, want and love each other ‘like crazy’…

The Burning Plain

The Burning Plain

Written and directed by master screenwriter Guillermo Arriga, who has made outstanding works such as Shattered Love and Dogs, 21 Grams, Babylon, this series has also been ported to the screen in a multi-episode fashion. class like other movies. In the two-part film about mother and daughter, the relationship that Sylvia tries to establish with the young woman, whose childhood did not pass easily, is narrated.

Guillermo Arriga said that he wrote the film for himself and not for Alejandro González Iñárritu, who has directed previous films. Guillermo Arriga, who became a director after 11 years at the helm, is once again making a name for herself in festivals with this new melodrama.

X-Men: Apocalypse (2016)

X-Men Apocalypse

Since the dawn of civilization, Apocalypse has been regarded as a god. Apocalypse, the first and most powerful mutant of Marvel’s X-Men universe, has become immortal and invincible by combining many of the traits of mutants. When he awoke from a thousand-year slumber, the world he found disappointed him. He created himself a powerful team of mutants.

The goal of the group, which includes Magneto (Michael Fassbender), is to eliminate the planet of humanity and prepare a world where Apocalypse can reign. The fate of the world hangs in the balance. With the help of Professor X (James McAcoy), Raven (Jennifer Lawrence) must help a group of young X-Men and save humanity from total extinction. (Review Salenhanh.com)



A spaceship embarks on a journey to a remote colony to receive over 5000 people. The colonists were put to sleep in sleeping pods designed so they could arrive safely. However, due to a technical problem on board, Jim and Aurora’s hold was opened long ago. These two love each other. But they don’t hesitate to investigate what caused them to be awakened 100 years ago. This breakup will cause tension between Jim and Aurora.

Winter’s Bone


17-year-old Ree Dolly (Jennifer Lawrence), who has to take care of her two younger siblings and ailing mother, struggles with life in a small, conservative Alabama town. In addition to taking care of her mentally unstable mother, she also tracks down a missing drug addict father.

A young girl clings to life despite her youth and life’s burdens as she searches for her father, whom she’s not even sure, and tries to show her siblings the right path. right.

American Hustle

American Hustle

Based on a true story set in the 1970s, master con man Irving Rosenfeld and his partner Sydney Prosser are captured by Richie DiMaso, a young and talented FBI agent. There was only one way they could not be convicted: to work for the FBI… They accepted this offer from the heads of the FBI; Their job is to identify some people as good as them and catch them

According to the plan devised by Agent DiMaso and his gang, they will hold a large-scale game with famous gamblers in Atlantic City, a gambling paradise run by the Sheikh Arab. This plan, which at first seems very naive and clever, begins to change over time.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

The Hunger Games Catching Fire

The story of Katniss Everdeen’s survival in a chaotic and equally tyrannical world continues in the second film of the series. Katniss and her teammate Peeta manage to return home without a hitch after winning the 74th Hunger Games. However, this victory first and foremost requires a Tutu Victory.

During this journey, where they visit each region separately, Katniss witnesses the first signs of a major uprising. President Snow, who saw the first clues of the uprising, began to find a way to stop the resistance. Designing unexpected ‘surprises’ about the new Hunger Games, Snow will announce that Quell Third Quarter, held every 25 years, will be held at the Hunger Games, on its 75th anniversary.

Silver Linings Playbook

Silver Linings Playbook

After suffering severe psychological trauma after his wife left him for another man, Pat was treated at a rehabilitation center for 8 months. After Pat gets out of there, he tries to get his life back and win his wife back. Moving in with his family, Pat wants to be the man his wife wants, but it’s hard. One day, Pat meets a young woman and offers to help her in return for a favor. A beautiful young woman named Tiffany will be Pat’s ray of hope.

X-Men: First Class

X-Men First Class

While mutants are still underground, before deciphering themselves and their powers before the eyes of ordinary people, Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr, aka Professor X and Magneto, are two boys. Baby begins to discover his supernatural powers.

Before they become enemies, it opens up a difference of opinion between two best friends who are trying to avert the dangers that threaten the world by teaming up with other mutants just like them. Since then, the eternal rivalry between the Magneto Brotherhood and Professor X’s X-Men has been passed down from generation to generation…

X-Men: Days of Future Past

X-Men Days of Future Past

The mutants must travel through time to avoid extinction as they are imprisoned in future camps. They are on the verge of extinction because they are hunted by the Sentinels. To save the mutant lineage, arch-enemies Magneto and Charles Xavier team up.

Their plan is to stop the atrocities committed by the Sentinels. Since Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) can heal himself, the side effects of time travel will disappear. So they send Wolverine back to the past with the help of Kitty Pryde. They will stop the production of Sentinel produced by Trask Industries as a result of the experiments. Can they succeed in this?

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