10 Best Offline Games July 2022 for Android

Best Offline Games July 2022 Android – Android devices are practical devices that are easy to take anywhere. So PC and console gaming habits of gamers are now starting to change a bit when choosing to play games from Android devices.

This is also supported by the presence of many good games that can be played on the Android platform. Some of them are the 10 best offline Android games coming in the following July.

10. Dad 3

Opening the list of the best offline games July 2022 for Android is the game Dadish 3. With cute and adorable characters, this game is a classic platformer game. The 2D graphics are also deliberately rendered in a nostalgic style to add an old-school feel to this game.

Many innovations make this game different from other classic hard disks. For example, supporting characters, such as dolphins, can be ridden to overcome some obstacles. Speaking of obstacles, this game is also full of obstacles combined with puzzle elements that make it even more interesting.

In addition, there is a kind of boss fight that you have to face. The environment you will pass through is also different, so you don’t get bored easily.

  • Mode: Offline
  • Genre: Action
  • Size: 60MB
  • Download Dadish 3

9. Merge Ragdoll Fighting

Next is the game Merge Ragdoll Fighting. It is basically a fighting game with very simple controls. But the attraction is not only that, but from the somewhat eccentric concepts.

Before competing, you will create your own fighter. Well, the design of this fighter is quite unique, you can combine various elements that often contradict each other, such as the head of a doll that you combine with a chainsaw or with hands of the Hulk and others. You can attach weapons to both the arms and legs of the gladiator.

The character movements are quite chaotic and ridiculous, as is the way you die. It is true that the match can be done with a few simple taps, but the chaotic and ridiculous concept makes Merge Ragdoll Fighting quite fun to play.

  • Mode: Offline
  • Genre: Action, Casual
  • Size: 47MB
  • Download Merge Ragdoll Fighting

8. Gun & Dungeon

Next is the best offline game of July 2022 presented with a top-down perspective, which is Gun & Dungeons. This game requires you to keep going into dungeons and conquering them. There are two modes that you can play in story mode and survival mode.

Games that use this block art style allow you to shoot at enemies or defeat them with the skills you acquire. In addition, you can also strengthen yourself with various equipment that you can collect from several places in the game.

If you don’t like fighting alone, you can also use pets to help you deal with enemies. To relax, this game is suitable to go along.

  • Mode: Offline
  • Genre: Action
  • Size: 144MB
  • Download Guns & Dungeons
  • 7. Monoposto

So for those of you who like racing games, Monoposto is the best game for you this July. Here you can take part in a Formula 1 racing competition with other drivers to test your car racing skills on the track.

Just like in real competitions, there are qualifications that you must pass in order to enter the main competition. In addition, there is a stop in the middle of the race that also makes this game feel real, plus there are 5 different camera views that you can choose as you like.

Track matters, you can try racing on 25 different tracks. In addition, you can also customize by customizing the vehicle used.

  • Mode: Offline
  • Category: Racing
  • Size: 266MB
  • Download Monoposto

6. Tiny Cook

Next is a game that is very suitable for those of you who like casual games about cooking, which is Tiny Cook. In this Android game you will become a chef and have to cook the orders of your customers and satisfy them. Customers will give money for the food you serve.

Well, but not an ordinary chef, here your character is made very small. So you have to cook with ingredients that are 10 times your body size. This is what makes this simple game quite unique.

It was previously explained that you will receive money from the client. Well, the money can be used to expand your business, by hiring a chef who will help you in the cooking process.

  • Mode: Offline
  • Genre: Simulation, Casual
  • Size: 52MB
  • Download Tiny Cook

5. Maximus 2

Next up is the Maximus 2 game that you can play on Android in July 2022. This presents a beat ’em up brawler type game with a 2D display. Medieval European style background with fantasy elements.

For offline play, you can try the story mode that takes you from level to level in a linear fashion. You can also play against some other players online. Like other beat em up games, you will be surrounded with a lot of enemies on each wave.

Each hero that you can use has its own abilities and roles, from tank, wrestler, mage, thug, healer to ninja. When playing as a team, the composition of the heroes is also quite important.

  • Mode: Offline
  • Genre: Action
  • Size: 117MB
  • Download Maximus 2

4. Project Drift 2.0

Presented in a retro style, Project Drift 2.0 is a racing game that emphasizes drift technique in every race. You will drive classic cars to race on many different tracks.

There are quite a few car choices that you can unlock. You can also tailor each of these cars to your taste by changing different parts from the bumpers, lights, glass, wheels, neon and of course the car’s paint color. There is a photo studio feature to take pictures of vehicles that can be shared with your friends.

There are also several variations of game modes that you can choose from, ranging from racing, arcade, drift and others. Although it can be played offline, you can also play this game online.

  • Mode: Offline
  • Category: Racing
  • Size: 129MB
  • Download Project Drift 2.0

3. Last hope 3

As usual, the theme of zombie survival was never abandoned by the developers. In July, you can play Last Hope 3 to enjoy the survival game among the vicious undead.

You can play Story mode to explore the conveyed story. In addition, this game also offers other game modes that are equally interesting.

As the successor of the previous series, Last Hope 3 is presented with slick 3D graphics. This visual aids in conveying different details that make it also worthy of being called a horror genre game.

  • Mode: Offline
  • Genre: Action
  • Size: 157MB
  • Download Last Hope 3

2. Truck of Europe 3

For the lovers of driving simulation games, Truckers of Europe 3 is the best offline game for Android July 2022 for you to try this July. Here you can test your ingenuity in controlling a truck using a control system built to resemble the original.

There are 7 trucks with different classifications and a wide selection of trailers and cargo. The real impression is also supported by the sound of the engine, the interior and even the dynamic weather system. Especially in terms of graphics this game is quite good for the scale of a mobile game.

There are Achievements and leaderboards to motivate you throughout the game. In addition, you can also earn money from transporting goods to their destination, then use the money to buy a new truck or trailer.

  • Mode: Offline
  • Genre: Simulation
  • Size: 187MB
  • Download Truckers of Europe 3

1. Hello Neighbor: Diary

Hello Neighbor is a PC game that has been quite popular since it was first released. In 2022, this one horror game introduces a new series to its mobile version.

So you can keep playing this thrilling game from your phone. Why is it so tense, because this game tells the story of a small child who breaks into a neighbor’s house who is rumored to be a child killer.

The two are trying to discover whether the rumors about their neighbors are true. The puzzles presented in this game will make you think and feel at home to play it for a long time.

  • Mode: Offline
  • Genre: Action
  • Size: 1.06GB
  • Download Hello Neighbor: Diaries

So those are ten recommendations for the best offline Android games you can play in July. We have intentionally created a diverse list of genres and gameplay, please choose the one that suits your taste.

For more details, you can watch the video of the 10 best offline games of July 2022 for Android:

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