Why should you buy an office printer?

Surely many people will think that, if the printing needs are small, then bring it outside to print, why do you need to buy an expensive office printer ? But really, printing at photocopier shops is really expensive and easy to reveal information of the company, customers ….

Instructions for choosing a printer

Currently, printer products are quite cheap, with only a few million dong, you can choose many different printer products depending on your needs and desired printing functions quite easily. If you are still wondering about which printer to choose, with the following article, Salenhanh will introduce you to the Top best office printers for your reference and selection.

Guide to choosing the best office printer

When you are looking for the best home printer for your needs, there are a few things you need to take into account. First of all, there’s the size. Unlike business printers, you don’t want a large, bulky printer that takes up a large amount of room. For example, there are multifunction printers aimed at home customers, and they are a good choice if you need a photo copier and scanner and printer in your home, without taking up a lot of space.

Top Printers

Here you will find the best home printers, whatever your household size and household needs. In this guide you’ll find the perfect one for you, and our price comparison tool ensures you’re also getting the best on the printer of your choice.

Top best office printers for you

Canon MAXIFY MB2750 . Printer

Type: 4-in-1 multifunction inkjet printer | Print speed: 23ppm | Paper capacity: 500 sheets | Paper Size: A4 | Weight: 12.1kg.

Canon MAXIFY MB2750 printer review

Canon Maxify MB2750 printer review


  • Can perform office multi-function
  • Fast print speed
  • Large paper tray up to 500 pages
  • Has an ADF tray that holds 50 pages
  • Good print quality


  • High ink cost
  • Quite bulky design
  • The machine is quite heavy, up to 12 Kg

The Canon Maxify MB2750 has a relatively large design compared to other conventional printers on the market, but the features that the product can bring will definitely make it personal. Families or small and medium-sized businesses feel satisfied with the quality and outstanding features of the product.

The machine can perform multi-function office such as: print, scan, copy, fax. Very convenient and economical for today’s small and medium offices. In addition, the print speed of the Canon Maxify MB2750 printer is also excellent, up to 23 pages per minute with a resolution of up to 600×1200 dpi.


Between its two paper trays, the MB2750 can hold an entire strip of 500-sheet A4 paper and produce duplex pages at outstanding speed, for an inkjet printer.

Monochrome and color documents look consistent, clean, and sharp. The 50-sheet automatic document feeder is great for large photocopying jobs, and we found it fairly easy to access many of the features via the touchscreen interface.

Printer Brother DCP-J774DW

Type: 3-in-1 inkjet printer | Print speed: 15ppm | Paper capacity: 100 sheets | Paper Size: A4 | Weight: 8kg.

Brother DCP J774DW Review

Pros and cons of the Brother DCP-J774DW . printer


  • Sharp print quality
  • Easy to install and use
  • The weight of the machine is quite good, easy to move
  • Compact, eye-catching design
  • Low cost, save cost


  • The print speed is quite limited, only 15 pages per minute
  • No Ethernet port connection
  • Paper tray is relatively small
  • The display screen is relatively small to operate

DCP-J774DW is a line of printers with a fairly compact, eye-catching design that many people love and choose for their offices, especially for small offices without too much space. blank for other bulky printer equipment.

Despite possessing an average print speed of only 15 pages per minute, but with a low price, an inkjet device as well as a relatively low cost per page, the DCP-J774DW is still a great name. great that you should think about to meet the job while minimizing costs from printing.

Brother DCP J774DW

This inkjet printer has a resolution of 6,000 x 1,200 dpi, the resolution of the Scan function is also up to 1200 x 1200 dpi, an impressive number for a low-cost printer device.

Assuming you don’t need fax functionality, this compact 3-in-1 strikes the perfect balance between performance and functionality within a budget. It feels well done, and although it printed quite slowly, our template produced crisp single pages and vivid color documents with reassuring consistency. The interface is intuitive and for mobile printing, the Brother iOS/Android app is particularly useful.

Canon PIXMA TR8550 . Printer

Type: 4-in-1 inkjet printer | Print speed: 15ppm | Paper capacity: 100 sheets | Paper Size: A4 | Weight: 8kg.

Canon PIXMA TR8550 . Review

Canon Pixma TR8550 printer review


  • Excellent photo printing capabilities
  • User-friendly design, easy to use
  • Superior 2-sided printing saves time
  • Diverse and convenient connection
  • Low printing cost


  • The design is a bit bulky, taking up space
  • Average print speed

Canon’s compact 4-in-1 printer is fine to put on a home desk, and offers all the features a small business could need. Additionally, the five-ink system produces excellent photo-quality prints and the large touchscreen makes it exceptionally easy to use.

Canon Pixma TR8550

Print speeds can be a bit slow, even for an inkjet, but it’s well featured with both Bluetooth and Wi-fi connectivity and there’s a handy SD card slot at the front.

Canon Pixma TR8550 scores quite a big score for users because the print quality is very good, sharp, even and the cost of pages is relatively low, so that TR8550 is in the Top 8 best printers and is loved by many people. today’s best

Printer Ricoh SP213w

Type: Monochrome laser printer | Print speed: 22ppm | Paper capacity: 150 sheets | Paper Size: A4 | Weight: 7.2kg

Printer Ricoh SP213w

Ricoh SP213W . Printer Review


  • The printer has a compact design
  • Weighs only 7.2 Kg, easy to move
  • Fast first page print
  • 2-sided printing saves time and costs
  • Pretty good print speed


  • Can only print in monochrome

If you need to produce pages of text from your home office, a monochrome laser printer is the practical and economical answer. This relatively small and affordable model from Ricoh doesn’t take up much space but can still do a lot of office work. It helps to save time and printing costs for users.

Ricoh SP213w . Printer Review

Possessing a pretty good print speed of up to 22 pages per minute with a resolution of up to 600 × 600 dpi, it produces good quality, sharp prints that are suitable for printing in today’s offices.

The machine’s monthly print capacity is up to 20000 pages per minute. The same low printing cost is the reason why this printer is considered to have no disadvantages in the current low-cost printer segment.

HP LASERJET PRO M15w . Printer

Type: Monochrome laser printer | Print speed: 19ppm | Paper capacity: 100 sheets | Paper Size: A4 | Weight: 3.8kg.


HP Laserjet Pro M15W printer review


  • Extremely compact and space saving
  • Fast printing: 19 ppm
  • Low price, low printing cost
  • Super compact weight, easy to move


  • No 2-sided printing capability
  • Print resolution is a bit low
  • There is no LCD screen to show printing operations

This is the smallest laser printer for your office, with it you don’t have to worry about finding a place to put the printer because you can put them on your desk without worrying about taking up too much space. .


As small and inexpensive as an inkjet, but with all the speed, economy, and consistency of laser printers, the LaserJet Pro M15w is in many ways the ideal home printer. It manages a hundred sheets of paper and prints on them at a respectable speed of 19 ppm. Unfortunately, it does not have automatic 2-sided printing and does not have a control panel. However, with such a low price, we cannot ask for more.

In addition, the machine does not have an LCD display, so they will make it a bit difficult for you to manage operations when customizing printing, but if you have ever used a printer, there is no need to worry because the M15W is quite easy to use. .

Printer Brother MFC-J5945DW

Type: 4-in-1 color laser multifunction printer | Print speed: 22ppm | Paper capacity: 500 sheets | Paper Size: A3 | Weight: 21kg.

Brother MFC J5945DW

Brother MFC-J5945DW Printer Review


  • Affordable price
  • Low operating costs
  • Pretty good print speed
  • Large paper tray can hold up to 500 sheets
  • Perform office multi-function


  • The machine is quite big and bulky
  • The huge weight makes it quite difficult to move them
  • Print quality is moderate, not really perfect

This Brother printer blurs the line between home and office printers by combining the fast print speed and high power of a laser with the superior image finishing of an inkjet. We would recommend it for both applications because although it is smaller than the laser equivalent MFC-L8690CDW, the MFC-J5945DW inkjet printer can handle A3 paper

Brother MFC J5945DW . Review

In addition, the machine can also perform many different office functions such as: Print, Scan, Copy, Fax very conveniently, which is selected by many offices that need to print A3 documents today.

However, with the weight of the printer up to 21 Kg, it is very difficult for the institute to move the machine, in addition, their appearance is also relatively bulky. Print speed of 22ppm is quite good for a multifunction printer capable of printing A3.

HP ENVY 5055 . Printer

Type: 3-in-1 inkjet printer | Print speed: 10ppm | Paper capacity: 100 sheets | Paper Size: A4 | Weight: 5.4kg.

HP ENVY 5055 . Review

HP ENVY 5055 . printer review


  • Automatic 2-sided printing capability
  • Multi-function: Print, Copy, Scan
  • High resolution up to 1200×1200 dpi
  • The print quality is very good and sharp
  • Compact and convenient design


  • The print speed is relatively slow even compared to other sub-printers on the market
  • No Ethernet and USB ports

This modest multifunction printer can scan and copy, but its real strength is printing photos. It’s annoying that there’s no Ethernet port, no USB port for printing from a flash drive, and it’s slow, but the print results are very good for such an affordable inkjet. The starter cartridges offered are fairly light on ink, but if you replace them with high-capacity cartridges, running costs are competitive as well.

HP ENVY 5055 . Printer

The machine owns a relatively slow print speed, only 10 pages per minute and relatively limited connectivity ports, these are probably the two biggest and only disadvantages of this HP Envy 5055 printer line. is highly appreciated for the print quality thanks to the resolution up to 1200×1200 dpi, the prints of the machine have high sharpness and uniformity, very suitable for printing photos, albums… So if you are A unit that needs sharp print quality but does not require a large amount of printing, do not hesitate to choose this product. I am sure you will not be disappointed when choosing the HP ENVY 5055 printer


Type: Inkjet Printer | Print speed: 18ppm | Paper capacity: 500 sheets | Paper Size: A3 | Weight: 15.5kg.


Pros and cons of Epson WORKFORCE WF-7210DTW printer


  • The price is quite soft
  • Pretty good print speed
  • Large paper tray
  • Can print A3 . paper size documents
  • Low running costs


  • Slightly bulky design and relatively large weight

Printers that can handle A3 paper and can do 2-sided printing are quite a few. The WorkForce WF-7210DTW has these great features. That alone is enough to make this printer one of the best. The printer line is loved and chosen by many businesses next to the Epson Workforce WF-7610 brother product line . Not only that, the print quality is impressive, be it monochrome text or glossy photos. The long list of features includes both Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity and two paper trays that can hold a combined 500 sheets.


With a print speed of 18 pages per minute with an inkjet device, although not too fast, it is not slow, so the WorkForce WF-7210DTW can still meet the printing needs of today’s small and medium offices. now,

In addition, the machine can be equipped with large ink cartridges to save time and printing costs.

Above are the Top 8 best printers today according to the survey and evaluation of Salenhanh . Hopefully with this article you can choose for yourself a suitable and best printer product for your office.