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HP LaserJet Pro M454dw Printer Review

The HP M454DW printer is a single-function color laser printer that is highly appreciated not only for its outstanding color printing capabilities, extremely sharp print quality, but also for its outstanding print speed of up to 27 ppm. A pretty great speed for the current color laser printers on the market.

Today, review Salenhanh will go with you to find out in detail about this single-function color printer, to see if the HP LaserJet Pro M454dw printer printer is really commensurate with the price of the product.

HP LaserJet Pro M454dw

Detailed review of the HP LaserJet Pro M454dw single-function color laser printer series

HP M454DW chính Key Specifications

  • Single-function color laser printer series
  • Print speeds of up to 27 ppm with both black and white and color prints
  • Extremely high print quality thanks to HP ImageREt 3600 technology, PANTONE® calibrated
  • Print the first page in just 9.7 seconds
  • Monthly print capacity up to : 50,000 pages
  • Automatic paper feeder: 200 sheets
  • Use 4 high-quality HP LaserJet toner cartridges
  • Convenient automatic 2-sided printing
  • Connect to print wirelessly via Wifi and many other Mobile applications

HP LaserJet Pro M454dw Paper Tray

Evaluate the pros and cons of the HP M454dw printer product

Product design

Talking about the design of the HP LaserJet Pro M454dw printer, it refers to a line of printers that possesses a classic, solid design with a dominant white tone that brings elegance to the product. With a moderate design and not taking up too much space in the office, you can even leave them on your own desk without fear of taking up too much space.

With 2.7 inch modern LCD screen with adjustable viewing angle. HP LaserJet Pro M454dw makes it easy for users to use and manage print jobs

HP LaserJet Pro M454dw Printer

Exceptional print speed

As mentioned above, the LaserJet Pro M454dw is highly appreciated for its print speed of up to 27 pages per minute for both monochrome documents or color documents, which is quite amazing. With this device, every office will get a more comprehensive printing solution for corporate documents, albums, catalogs, promotions for customers….

Sharp print quality

Still have the great print quality of HP LaserJet Pro printers. HP M454DW has quickly surpassed hundreds of competitors in the same price segment in terms of print quality. Prints from the M454DW are extremely sharp, even with highly slanted fonts, often blurred for conventional printers thanks to the extremely high resolution combined with the excellent inks that come with the printer. this printer device.

Genuine HP M454dw

However, their minus point also comes from the price of ink. The cost of the black ink cartridge used for the Hp M454DW printer is relatively cheaper than other single-function printers on the market, but in terms of color inks, it is higher, making the average page cost of the line. This HP LaserJet Pro printer has a slight edge over conventional laser printers.

Convenient wireless printing

The HP M454DW printer series has the ability to connect and print via wifi, which is extremely convenient for use in today’s small and medium offices. Not only that, this device can also perform other smart wireless printing operations via mobile devices using applications such as: Apple AirPrint™; Google Cloud Print™; HP ePrint; HP Smart App….

Learn about HP M454DW

Extra large paper tray

As a printing device with a fairly fast speed, having a large paper tray is a very important factor. Surely you won’t want to have to stand up often to load paper for your printer device, right? If so, then HP M454DW will be the perfect choice for you.

With automatic paper tray up to 200 sheets and manual paper feeder up to 50 sheets. HP LaserJet Pro M454DW saves your printing time. The first page printing time is also very good, less than 10 seconds for the machine to produce the first printed pages.

In addition, the device also helps save power consumption by automatically switching to Sleep mode when the device is inactive. Both help save power consumption and do not reduce the life of the printer. Too perfect, isn’t it?

Detailed review of HP M454DW

Own modern security features

A suite of embedded security features, such as instant threat notification and PIN / Pull Printing, help protect your color laser printer from intrusion and help keep your sensitive data safe. you from hacker attacks. To remind you of the sad news, documents on printers have been one of the targets targeted by high-tech criminals in the past few years. Therefore, improve the security of your printing equipment and important documents.

Modern, high-quality ink cartridges

Ink is a highly appreciated element of this printer. The print quality from the HP M454DW is not inferior to any product in the same segment or even more advanced products are not necessarily superior to him.

HP M454DW . Design

With exclusive ink technology from HP, you can rest assured and enjoy high-quality, sharp, and smudge-free prints. However, as mentioned above, ink costs are a bit high compared to other common printer products.

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