Those who like to watch horror movies will surely be more excited when the movies they see are based on real phenomena because they create a sense of curiosity, suspense and fear like we are putting ourselves. in the place of the characters in the movie.

If you are also looking for horror movies based on true stories , here are the movies that has compiled.

Amityville: Demon Awakens

Demon awakens

George and Kathy Lutz move into the house where the horrific murder took place with their three children. When they learn about the disasters in the house they moved into, they don’t want to leave the house, but rather leave this atrocity in the past. Things start to get complicated when George starts behaving strangely, and Chelsea reveals that he also sees strange people. This family has a 28-day horror session in front of them. How they will handle this situation is hidden in these brutal and terrifying scenes of the film. The fact that the events in the movie actually happened is much more terrifying.

The Haunting in Connecticut

Haunted house

The film stars Amanda Crew as Wendy and Kyle Galer as the Witch of Poessessed. In the film, which tells about the “real” struggle of the Campbell family against dark and supernatural forces, the horror story begins and impresses the audience when they learn that the Victorian-style house of They have a disturbing past.

Death of Texas

Death of Texas

A group of teenagers in their twenties, on a trip to New Mexico to buy drugs, come across a young girl who survived a massacre. The group of young people, who change their ways to leave the girl in the nearest town, don’t even know that they will be partners in the massacre. Leatherface, the man responsible for the massacre, plans to use his youth for his own ends. The uneasy feeling of what will happen in this lively story, where the audience is young people, does not take long to affect the audience.

The Mothman Prophecies

Scary curse

Journalist John Klein bought a new home with his wife, Mary, and they were on their way back. His wife, who was driving the car, saw a person in front of him that he couldn’t understand and lost control of. Severely wounded, Mary died in the hospital. Before he died, he painted pictures of what he saw and could not understand. Two years later, still depressed by his wife’s death, Jhon left town for work. There, he meets Connie Parker, a policewoman, and learns that people around him hear strange noises and see things they can’t understand. So, thinking these events have something to do with his wife’s death, he sets out to investigate.



Jaws tells the story of a team trying to hunt down a great white shark that is threatening a seaside town. The small resort town of Amity Island is visited by a great white shark. Although there are very few deaths, those involved try to hide the problem and avoid talking about it. The president banned the closure of the beach. Then, when one died, the public began to rush into the hunt and find this shark.

Curse of Emily Rose

The Curse of Emily-Rose

A young girl named Emily dies, and everyone feels guilty during an exorcism performed by Father Moore before his death. The young girl asked the church for help because she believed that the devil had possessed her. Father was arrested as a murder suspect. No one believed what Father Moore said, and the struggle began. The lawyer, on the other hand, is caught between his own logic, emotions, and religious beliefs in this struggle.

An American Haunting

Haunted house movie

Rachel Hurd-Wood, Donald Sutherland and Sissy Spacek star in the film, which tells the terrifying story of the spirit that haunts the rich and respectable Bell family and causes the death of one of them. Many books have been written in the name of these stories, which are true events. The last part of the movie is full of horror quite creepy.

Spooky entity

Spooky entity

Waking up after being beaten and then raped by the anomaly, Carla Moran is ostracized by family and friends. His relatives, who thought he was losing his mind, wanted to help Moran with a paraclinical approach. After some time, the researchers realized that an evil spiritual force was haunting him. Now all they want to do is figure out how to get rid of this invisible demon.

Black WaterDeath crocodile

Black Water is a 2007 horror film based on a true story starring Diana Glenn, Maeve Dermody, Andy Rodoreda. This scary thriller follows a couple vacationing in Northern Australia on a tour of Blackwater Barry and their tragedies.



This is a drama, thriller and horror film based on a true story starring the famous Oscar-winning actor Anthony Hopkins. Focusing on the story of Michael Kovak, a Divinity student sent to the Vatican with Father Lucas, the young Kovak student questions his life and faith when he encounters inexplicable events while researching. exorcism rites.


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