Synopsis Romantik Problematik (2022)

To summarize, ‘Romantik Problematic’ tells the love story of Ricky (Bisma Karisma) and Alisha (Lania Fira) falling apart due to many misunderstandings. On the other hand, Alisha also got into a lot of trouble after her mother went to jail and she was evicted from her home, making her life chaotic. Ricky then tries to mend their relationship by getting him out of trouble.

Ricky’s good intentions, planning, and efforts to prepare wedding plans with Alisha actually bring problems that make their relationship more complicated, and the situation forces them to redefine their love for each other. until they understand each other better.

The story is very problematic

There is no beautiful introduction to start the movie ‘Problematic Romance’. Right from the start, the film opens with Ricky and Alisha fighting over a misunderstanding. Angry that he has never been told about his girlfriend’s life, Ricky feels that Alisha is hiding something from him. In fact, Alisha just felt the need to deal with all her problems on her own.

According to the director, this movie shows that love relationships don’t always go smoothly. There are problems from many different angles, both internal and external. In particular, the movie ‘Romantik Problematic’ seems to allow the audience to guess the messages contained in it.

Romance matters

Alisha and Ricky’s fight seems endless. The problems they get are smashing. Like a couple who no longer feel love, stuck in depression, both try to understand each other’s situation again. Finally, Ricky and Alisha return to tell about their dreams, thoughts, and past.

‘Emotional problems’ can be emotionally draining. On the other hand, it must be admitted that the director has the ability to make the audience empathize with these two problematic people. Doesn’t support the characters, but seems to understand their feelings.

Alisha, never knew her father’s form. Growing up in the void and used to dealing with problems alone. Meanwhile, Ricky was also abandoned by his father until his family fell into disrepair. This absence, inevitably caused the two to often hug each other out of fear and frustration.

Monologue without flight time

In the film, both Bhishma and Lania unfortunately cannot lull the audience to sleep through words. Usually in monologues, the two main stars of ‘Problematic Romance’ still lack vibrancy in every dialogue they speak. Not bad, but it seems that Bisma and Lania don’t have enough time to fly to deliver a beautiful monologue and make the listener feel like they are drifting away.

Romance matters

In fact, this movie really has a lot of potential, both in terms of storytelling and story concept. As for chemistry The relationship between the couple doesn’t feel as convincing as it should either. There was a gap in the blank stares, as Ricky and Alisha poured out their hearts to each other. Each player alone shines without any attachment as a couple.

Interesting cinematography

‘Problematic Romance’ is made as interesting as possible through the appearance and novelty of the story. The story may be relevant to some, it is filled with warm and beautiful visualizations. Ricky’s room, full of musician’s stuff. Crowded, messy, but comfortable looking like a place to go home.

Romance matters-5

While Alisha’s rent is done with a human-like aesthetic that understands the style/trend so that residents feel at home while living in it. However, Alisha often acts because she wants to go to prison with her mother.

Not only in the room, the two end up going for a walk and the audience is then admiring the beauty of Yogyakarta and its surroundings. With their old motorbike, Alisha and Ricky explore the city and hills for reassurance and get to know each other again.

Conclusion Romantik Problematik (2022)

‘Problematic Romance’ actually has many elements that could be better developed. Both in terms of story and players. However, the polished cinematography and boldness of this monologue seem to be commendable. Watching the movie ‘Romantik Problematic’ certainly won’t let you down, although you have to pay at Online Cinemas.

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