Love Tactics Movie Review (2022)

Love Tactics (Love Tactics 2022) tells the story of Demet zdemir and ükrü zyıldız trying to melt each other. It’s not feelings, but both love their teacher which shows that they know everything about love.

In addition, they also want to show that both men and women can easily defeat each other.

Love Tactics (2022) is a very good Turkish movie that is worth your reference in your Netflix movie list. For one thing, director Emre Kabakuşak’s film is indeed fascinating, despite the familiar story adaptation.

Although the humorous elements are a bit less universal, this movie will blow your mind with this complicated love story.

Want to know what tactics Demet zdemir and ükrü zyıldız use to attract each other? For the sake of curiosity, it looks like you really have to read the synopsis and re-check Love Tactics (2022) only in Salenhanh Movies .

Trailer of the movie Love Tactics 2022

Love Tactics movie summary (Love Tactics 2022)

Release year2022
ManufacturingLanistar Media
ManagerEmre Kabakusak
CastDemet zdemir

Sukru Ozyildiz

Say elic

Dogukan Polet

Asli and Kerem never thought they would fall into a game of their own making. All of this starts with the two’s confidence that they can easily play the opposite sex.

They have friends who are all victims of their respective lovers’ bad actions. At first Asli and Kerem didn’t want to care about romance, but because of the gentleness and pride they did.

Kerem is a young executive, he has created many successful campaigns to attract women. While Asli, this woman is an independent woman who works as a fashion designer and blogger .

Asli has a personal blog that she calls Ak Tactics or Tactics of Love , the content is a message to women not to easily fall into the arms of an asshole.

Asli often gives her thoughts on how women can take control of their love relationships. Asli wants to show that she is the best love teacher for her friends and blog followers.

He will – parcel every step of the way, from how to attract attention to how to bring men to their knees.

While Kerem did all this to get a campaign that could make his career explode.

He just told his friends the steps he usually took to approach women. During a party, Asli and Kerem accidentally meet and their game begins.

They try to attract attention, find information about each other’s personalities through social networks and start dating tactics.

There are various unique events happening between them, so the two are often seen together until they end up in Cappadocia.

In Cappadocia, they kept working on each other’s tactics until they didn’t realize that love had grown in their hearts. The longer the two know each other, the more Asli and Kerem know each other’s fears.

When they returned to Istanbul, Kerem had a very beautiful and memorable night in real life. Both felt that this time it was not a game but a burning love in each other’s hearts.

When Asli thinks about stopping her game, she learns that Kerem is the man who made her best friend’s life miserable.

Asli finally made a revenge attack on Kerem, she went directly to embarrass the man. Since that night, Asli and Kerem have been experiencing a pain in their hearts.

Especially for Kerem, this man never expected that he would feel so down after being dumped by Asli. So, is all of this the end of Asli and Kerem’s love strategy?

Interesting enough despite the many downsides

Interesting enough despite the many downsides

For fans of the romantic and light-hearted genre, I am sure that Tactics of Love (2022) will be an interesting sight.

Because director Emre Kabakuşak’s film is really about how to get love.

The tactics shown by Asli and Kerem are really simple and fun because it is adapted to today’s realities.

As Kerem said, most women are immediately attracted to a man just by his looks. For the original, men will see a woman from the way she acts and whether she intrigues them.

I think these two things really fit in with today’s reality, where people always want to be mentioned a few goals because of their cool looks.

This story is indeed presented in a plot that can be said to be quite coherent, but strangely still feels bland. It turned out that the spontaneous comedy they inserted was not an easy-to-understand foreign comedy.

Also, in the second half, for me Emre Kabakuşak was too hasty in telling Kerem’s past and closing the story. Then, remake a scene from a certain famous movie, it will become a romantic scene.

But for me, this remake ends up being the stage that feels cheesy and doesn’t make this couple’s feelings blossom.

Also, I also regret that the character of Asli’s friend who is a victim of Kerem was not explored further.

Great acting by Demet zdemir and ükrü zyıldız

Great acting by Demet zdemir and ükrü zyıldız

Although the story can be said to be quite classic, at least I was satisfied when I watched Demet zdemir and ükrü zyıldız’s acting.

Both really give the audience the perfect character Asli and Kerem. Demet zdemir not only looks very fashionable but her thoughts and manners look like a real independent woman.

As he walked with confident steps, his sharp gaze was indeed quite intimidating. While ükrü zyıldız who needs Kerem’s personality, for me this man is really suitable to be a woman’s dream man.

Possessing a muscular body, a handsome face and always being able to make women feel secure are indeed the advantages that make women fall in love.

Succeeding in providing the right properties, their chemistry is also very well blended. I can feel Asli and Kerem slowly losing faith in each other.

Everything they feel seems to flow to the audience, especially when the ending scene makes you laugh and laugh at the same time.

Cinematography and production are quite magnificent

Cinematography and production are quite magnificent

Honestly, I can’t help but argue how beautiful the filming in Love Tactics (2022) was. First, describing the workspaces of Asli and Kerem, I can clearly see that both work in certain areas.

Originally as a fashion designer he lived more than just a flexible workspace filled with clothing prototypes .

But the original figure also complements her by sharing unique designer outfits. She always looks very fashionable, with various accessories, hairstyles and makeup that make her beautiful.

While the company where Kerem works, it clearly seems more serious. These young executives are working to create a campaign, for a new product to be launched in Turkey.

The atmosphere of the men’s workspace is actually simpler, with a bit of monochrome nuance, of course. As for the fashion of Kerem and his friends, after relaxing, the young executive style is really appealing.

Then, in terms of cinematography, this film shows other places in Cappadocia that people may rarely get to know.

Of course they also took pictures when Asli and Kerem got on the balloon there. In addition, the photography looks very stable with the selection of bright color shades.

The sound system and scoring it is also quite good, even the rain scene is done quite well. So it’s clear that this movie seems to have a pretty big budget .

After watching Love Tactics (2022), it made us realize that love can change anyone. Demet zdemir and ükrü zyıldız, who at first just wanted to show off their abilities, are eventually bound in a complicated love.

But back together, if you start your love in the wrong way, the result will also be miserable.


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