Jeon Yeo-bin is an actress born in 1989 who won the hearts of fans thanks to her skillful acting. Several awards have been won by women who studied at Dongduk Women’s University, Korea. Since her appearance, Yeo-bin has often been dubbed as a promising new artist.

Want to know what movies the actress played in this Vincenzo TV series? Now, let’s see the article that Bacaterus has compiled below. Here is the list!

Movie Secret Zoo

10 Beautiful Jeon Yeo Bin Movies That Are Interesting to Watch 3

  • Release year : 2020
  • Genre: Drama, Comedy
  • Produce : AboutFilm, DCG Plus
  • Directed by: Son Jae-Gon
  • Actors: Ahn Jae-hong, Kang So-ra, Park Yeong-gyu, Kim Sung-oh, Jeon Yeo-bin

Secret Zoo is a movie adapted from the web comic of the same name. The film follows the life of a young lawyer named Tae-soo with the dream of becoming a full-time employee at a law firm. Tae-soo’s life then changes when he is appointed the head of Dongsan Zoo.

The fate of Dongsan Zoo is known to face bankruptcy due to heavy debt. That’s why some animals were sold. With a crazy idea, he and his colleagues such as Han So Won (Kang Sora), director Seo (Park Young Gyu), Kim Gun Wook (Kim Sung Oh) and Kim Hae Kyung (Jeon Yeo Bin) later that disguised as animals to attract tourists.

It also gives good results. However, Tae-soo eventually realizes that the law firm he works for has other plans for Dongsan Zoo. So how will Tae-soo handle the situation? Witness the fun of this comedy for yourself.

Phim Forbidden Dream

10 Beautiful Jeon Yeo Bin Movies That Are Interesting to Watch 5

  • Release year : 2019
  • Genre : Drama, Saeguk
  • Produce : Hive Media Corp.
  • Directed by: Heo Jin-ho
  • Actors: Choi Min-sik, Han Suk-kyu, Shin Goo, Jeon Yeo-bin, Kim Hong-fa, Heo Joon-ho

The drama is set in the Joseon Dynasty, is an adaptation of the history that takes place in Korea. The drama is about Jang Yeong Sil (Choi Min-sik)’s relationship with a king named King Sejong (Han Suk-kyu). The story begins when King Sejong and Jang Yeong Sil create various instruments for astronomical observations.

Just because of an incident, Jang Yeong Sil had to leave the project and disappear. If you are a lover of Korean historical dramas, Forbidden Dream can be an alternative entertainment option. In the movie Jeon Yeo-bin plays a supporting role named Sa-im.

Phim The Age of Shadows

10 movies about beautiful Jeon Yeo Bin worth watching

  • Release year : 2016
  • Genre: Horror, Action
  • Sản xuất : Grimm Pictures, Warner Bros. Korea, Harbin Films
  • Directed by: Kim Jee-woon
  • Actors: Song Kang-ho, Gong Yoo, Han Ji-min, Shin Sung-rok, Um Tae-goo, Jeon Yeo-bin

The Age of Shadows is a movie directed by Kim Jee Woon. The film is set in the 1920s, about Lee Jung Chool (Song Kang Ho), a member of the Korean independence movement, who later works as a police officer for the Japanese government. He himself was tasked with eradicating the revolutionary rebel group of South Korea.

One day, Lee Jung Chool then meets artist and photographer Kim Woo Jin (Gong Yoo), who is known as the regional leader of the revolutionary group. Both seem to be hiding their identities. In this scheming drama, Jeon Yeo bin will make a cameo appearance and play the role of gisaeng 4.

Phim Beaten Black and Blue

10 Beautiful Jeon Yeo Bin Movies That Are Interesting to Watch 9

  • Release year : 2016
  • Genre: Drama, Comedy
  • Produce : Plug Indie
  • Directed by: Kim Soo Hyun
  • Actors: Koo Gyo-Hwan, Dong Bang-Woo, Kim Sang-Hyeon, Jeon Yeo-bin, Park Myung-Shin

This black comedy tells the friendship story of two people of different ages named Gyo-Hwan (Koo Gyo-Hwan), an unemployed man who often spends his time on the internet, and Jung-Soo (Koo Gyo-Hwan). Myung Gye-Nam), a veteran in his 70s who claims to have dedicated his entire life to fighting against the left.

Their love for their homeland makes them as close to each other as grandparents. Their friendship gives a rather interesting story. Want to know the actions of these two friends with an age difference? Come on, watch the movie yourself.

Phim Write or Dance

10 Beautiful Jeon Yeo Bin Movies That Are Interesting to Watch 11

  • Release year : 2016
  • Genre: Drama
  • Produce : Mustache Film
  • Directed by: Lee Sang-deok
  • Actors: Choi Si-hyung, Jeon Yeo-bin, Chae Seo-jin, Yozoh

Write or Dance is a South Korean television series directed by Lee Sang-deok that was released in 2016. The film tells the story of a writer who dreams of becoming a novelist named Si Hyung. Despite his great desire to become a novelist, he never fulfilled his wish.

He himself promised to write an essay every month for his cousin ‘Jong-pil’ husband when he was drunk. However, he did not have a source to write about. Until he finally saw another dentist every day of the month. He then wrote a story about these people in 7 months for 7 encounters. Jeon Yeo bin plays the role of Yeo bin himself.

Phim The Running Actress

10 Beautiful Jeon Yeo Bin Movies That Are Interesting to Watch 13

  • Release year : 2017
  • Genre: Drama, Comedy
  • Produce : Moon Sori
  • Directed by: Moon So-ri
  • Actors: Moon So-ri, Lee Jung-hyun, Jang Joon-hwan, Jeon Yeo-bin, Lee Seung-yeon

The Running Actress is a movie released in 2017. The film tells about the life of Moon So-Ri as an actress. In this drama, the main character Moon So-ri is described as an actress with various activities to do. In addition to securing loan bills, So-ri also has to go through a very busy schedule as an actress.

Outside of work, she has to live the life of a family woman. Broadly speaking, this film from director Moon So-ri wants to show that being an actress is not easy and fraught with struggles. In this drama, Jeon Yeo bin plays the role of Lee Seo Yeong.

Movie Merry Christmas Mr. Mo

10 Beautiful Jeon Yeo Bin Movies That Are Interesting to Watch 15

  • Release year : 2017
  • Genre: Drama, Comedy
  • Produce : Park Doo-hee
  • Directed by: Dae Hyung Lim
  • Actors: Gi Ju-bong, Oh Jung-hwan, Go Won-hee, Jeon Yeo-bin

The next movie that Jeon Yeo-bin acted in was Merry Christmas Mr. Mo. The film revolves around the journey of Mo Geum-San (Gi Ju-Bong). One day, he was diagnosed with cancer. Knowing that his life will no longer be a long song. He also has a desire to make a movie.

He then recruited Seudeban (Oh Jung-Hwan) and his girlfriend, Ye-Won (Go Won-Hee) to direct the film. While the movie script was written by himself with the title “Man Who Swallowed A Homemade Bomb”. Meanwhile, Jeon Yeo bin plays a character named Ja-Yeong.

Interesting stories in the movie Merry Christmas Mr. Mo? You should take some time to be able to watch the movie.

Phim Illang: The Wolf Brigade

10 Beautiful Jeon Yeo Bin Movies That Are Interesting to Watch 17

  • Release year : 2018
  • Genre: Action, Science Fiction
  • Produce : Lewis Pictures
  • Directed by: Kim Jee-woon
  • Actors: Gang Dong-won, Han Hyo-joo, Jung Woo-sung, Kim Mu-yeol

Illang: The Wolf Brigade is one of those must-see movies. The film is set in the future of Korea, where South and North Korea agree to form a joint government. That has made the protesters against and in favor of reunification tense.

In the heat of the moment, suddenly a unified protest organization acts like a terrorist. The government then set up a special police team to investigate the matter. Illang: The Wolf Brigade is played by several famous Korean actors such as Gang Dong-won, Han Hyo-joo, Jung Woo-sung, and Kim Mu-yeol.

In this 138-minute drama, Jeon Yeo bin plays a high school student at Gym Gwacheon.

Phim After My Death

10 Beautiful Jeon Yeo Bin Movies That Are Interesting to Watch 19

  • Release year : 2017
  • Genre: Mystery, Drana
  • Produce : Kim Ui-seok
  • Directed by: Kim Euiseok, Ui-seok Kim
  • Actors: Jeon Yeo-bin, Seo Young-hwa, Go Won-hee

After My Death is a mystery-themed movie that will deliver a rather intense suspense. The film tells the story of a student named Kyung Min who mysteriously goes missing. Kyung Min’s death sparked rumors that Kyung Min had committed suicide by jumping into a river.

On the day Kyung Min died, Young Hee (Jeon Yeo bin), his best friend, was called the last one with him. That’s what led Kyung Min’s mother and the public to accuse Young Hee of being part of Kyung Min’s suicide attempt. A detective and a search team are then sent out to find Kyung Min’s body.

Meanwhile, an innocent Young Hee tries to prove that she is not the cause of Kyung Min’s death.

Phim Night in Paradise

10 Beautiful Jeon Yeo Bin Movies That Are Interesting to Watch 21

  • Release year : 2020
  • Genre: Drama, Crime
  • Produce : Goldmoon Peppermint & Company
  • Directed by: Park Hoon-jung
  • Actors: Uhm Tae-goo, Jeon Yeo-bin, Cha Seung-won

Night in Paradise tells the story of Tae Gu (Um Tae Goo), a mafia man who is well respected by his colleagues. His job skills, he is trusted by the criminal gang leaders to complete various dangerous missions. Tae Gu is known to have a nephew and sick sister. Due to his brother’s condition worsening, Tae Gu decided to leave the criminal gang.

Until one day, a group of people attacked Tae Gu’s family. It killed his brother and nephew. Tae Gu, who is angry at this, tries to take revenge. Then he met Jae Yeon (Jeon Yeo Bin). The two then worked together to launch the action.

Thus, 10 films of beautiful Jeon Yeo-bin worth watching have been successfully compiled. Jeon Yeo-bin’s popularity in the movie world is indeed something to be proud of. Thanks to his great acting. She has become one of the highest rated actresses. So in your opinion, which movie is the most memorable of this actress? Comment below, yes!


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