I’m Not a Robot Movie Review

Korean drama I’m Not a Robot directed by Jung Dae Yoon belongs to the romantic comedy genre, including science fiction. From the movie poster, you can see Yoo Seung Ho hugging Chae Soo Bin. Well, who’s not a robot, huh?

The story goes that there was a handsome young man who looked healthy and confident. As if not perfect enough, he also has a wealth of wealth. But, he has a downside. That means he can’t come into contact with other people. Why is that, huh? Please watch the summary of I’m Not a Robot content below.

Synopsis of I’m Not a Robot

  • Release year 2017
  • Genre Comedy, Romance
  • Director Jung Da Yoon
  • Cast Yoo Seung Ho Chae Soo Bin

Kim Min Kyu (Yoo Seung Ho) wears gloves, a mask, a hat and carries injections. Then he sat in front of the three interviewers. Min Kyu demonstrated his illness by touching the hand of one of the interviewers, after which the red mark appeared and continued to spread to Min Kyu’s face.

It spooked the interviewer. Min Kyu immediately injected his body, the redness gradually disappeared. Because he did not meet the requirements, Min Kyu was exempted from military service, which Korean men between the ages of 18-35 should have done. Min Kyu returns home, where he has a housekeeper living with him.

Meanwhile, Jo Ji Ah (Chae Soo Bin) is lining up. Apparently he is a freelancer who opened a ‘jastip’ business. He is currently in line to receive a limited edition robot, Metal Gear Gurner. Ji Ah received a robot and kept it very carefully.

What he didn’t realize, however, was that the robot box was tainted with sauce from the snacks of children passing by. There was a car approaching Ji Ah. It turned out that the driver of the car was Min Kyu. Unfortunately, Ji Ah did not receive the promised bonus because the robot box was dirty.

Review I'm Not a Robot

Min Kyu then receives a watch that detects heart rate and body temperature from his personal doctor who has been treating him for 15 years, Doctor Oh (Um Hyo Sup). The watch serves as an alarm for allergies. Hong Baek Kyun (Um Ki Joon), a professor, secretly gives Min Kyu a flash drive.

He promotes his android robot project called Aji-3. Min Kyu met Baek Kyun because he wanted to directly train the robot Aji-3. Not only that, he also asked Baek Kyun and Santa Maria Team to move to his house to develop the project there.

However, due to a problem with the delivery of spare parts for the Aji-3, Baek Kyun had Ji Ah pretend to be the robot Aji-3. Because Baek Kyun makes Aji-3 look like Ji Ah, Baek Kyun’s ex-girlfriend. Min Kyu is able to touch Aji-3 alias Ji Ah without hesitation because for what he knows, Aji-3 is a robot.

Every day they interact with each other as master and subordinate, but sometimes Aji-3 is in ‘friend mode’. Ji Ah tries to act like a robot so it won’t be discovered that she’s actually human. Once, Min Kyu opened his heart. Turns out he lost his parents 15 years ago in a car accident.

He was also deceived by his father’s co-worker. Fortunately, before being cheated, Madam X told Min Kyu not to sign any papers. Since then, if Min Kyu accidentally comes into contact with someone else’s skin, a red rash will spread all over his body.

The rash will disappear after the injection. And for the past 15 years, Dr. Oh still can’t find a cure for Min Kyu’s allergy. Recalling a time, Professor Baek Kyun first met Ji Ah when the girl was looking for him to collaborate on making the love umbrella he had designed a long time ago.

The umbrella can be turned dark by pressing a button when the owner of the umbrella is about to kiss his girlfriend. Baek Kyun, who fell in love with Ji Ah at first sight, realized Ji Ah’s idea. Done thinking. Baek Kyun, who was jealous of Ji Ah’s closeness under the alias Aji-3, prevented Ji Ah from working as Aji-3.

Min Kyu tries to protect Aji-3 by giving lots of checks to the Santa Maria team, cooking dinner for them, but only succeeds in the third way, which is revealing Min Kyu’s allergy to humans.

Feeling better with her allergies, Min Kyu wants to propose to Yeriel. After kissing, they will register and will soon get married. This plan leaves Aji-3 aka Ji Ah shocked and upset. However, Ji Ah still helps Min Kyu by sending her friend Sun Hye, a kiss expert.

On that date, when Min Kyu found the right time to kiss Yeriel, he ended up with Aji-3 instead. Finally, Min Kyu’s first kiss was also performed by a ‘robot’. As time passed, Min Kyu forced himself to be engaged to Yeriel, even though his mind was constantly on Aji-3.

I'm Not a Robot movie

Until he finally admits that he loves Aji-3. Since the real Aji-3 is ready, Baek Kyun asks Min Kyu to reset Aji-3, who is actually Ji Ah. Before that, Min Kyu dated Aji-3/Ji Ah. They spend time together, walking hand in hand.

Not long before Min Kyu resets Aji-3/Ji Ah, Min Kyu confesses his feelings for Aji-3, even though he knows the robot will soon forget him. What he doesn’t know is that the human playing the robot, Ji Ah, will always remember him.

Not feeling the love in their relationship, Yeriel agrees with Min Kyu to cancel their engagement plans. Yeriel realizes that she prefers Hwang Yoo Chul (Kang Ki Young), Min Kyu’s business rival. As for Min Kyu, he fell in love with the robot Aji-3, but he still didn’t know that Ji Ah was pretending to be a robot.

Aji-3 really does her job well, while Ji Ah looks for a new atmosphere by visiting her aunt’s house in the village. Meanwhile, Min Kyu is finally able to work face-to-face at the office, as his human allergy has healed. Fate brings Ji Ah and Min Kyu back together.

Min Kyu, who was amazed at the similarity in the faces of Aji-3 and Ji Ah, began to become obsessed with Ji Ah. While Min Kyu was trying to win Ji Ah’s heart, Team Santa Maria’s computer was broken into by hackers who delivered the hacked flash drive to Yoo Chul. Then Yoo Chul gave the flashdisk to his father.

They think they have found Min Kyu’s weakness, and can fire Min Kyu from his position. Min Kyu breaks down when he learns that Ji Ah lied to him when he was Aji-3. However, managed to recover with intensive care from Dr. Oh.

Baek Kyun and Team Santa Maria were forced to sign the transfer of the Aji-3 project to Yoo Chul’s father, so that the secret of Min Kyu’s illness would not be spread to the public. Even though Min Kyu knew about it, he still sued Baek Kyun and Team Santa Maria, although he eventually dropped the lawsuit.

After that, Secretary Jo Jin Bae (Seo Dong Won) sent a letter of resignation to Min Kyu. The boss is even more annoyed when he learns that his secretary is Ji Ah’s older sister. Min Kyu once promised to take Aji-3/Ji Ah to Mount Hwangmae during a meteor shower. That’s where Min Kyu’s father proposed to his mother.

And, fate brought them to Hwangmae Mountain. Min Kyu and Ji Ah are honest with each other about their feelings. They kissed as soon as the meteorite fell. At the same time, robot Aji-3 is in the process of transferring ownership.

Min Kyu gives a flash drive of Jang Do Sam to his middleman and Mrs. X, which contains the confession of Martin, a potential buyer of Aji-3. He admits that he is the mastermind behind the murder of President Park, Min Kyu’s father. After solving all the problems, Min Kyu revealed his illness to the press.

Yoo Chul realized that was the cause of Min Kyu’s allergies. Yoo Chul apologizes to Min Kyu and they become friends again. Two years have passed, Ji Ah has succeeded in her business. The Santa Maria team also succeeded in creating a new robot.

Movie I'm Not a Robot

Minister Jo was appointed Managing Director. Min Kyu finally completed his mandatory military service which was delayed due to a human allergic disease. Then, will Min Kyu and Ji Ah be together happily or will they go their separate ways?

I’m Not a Robot movie review

The interesting love story of Yoo Seung Ho and Chae Soo Bin

In the movie I’m Not a Robot, Yoo Seung Ho and Chae Soo Bin together appeared in many scenes that were sometimes funny and humorous, but there were also sad scenes that could not help but make viewers drift along. The chemistry between the two of them was really ‘snap’.

There was one ridiculous scene that really struck me. That was when Aji-3/Ji Ah had a stomach ache and had to go to the bathroom at Min Kyu’s house. The smell in the bathroom was faint and was known to Min Kyu. However, Aji-3/Ji Ah pretends to clean the bathroom by using perfume to cover up the bad smell.

There are also the saddest scenes! That’s when Min Kyu will reset Aji -3/Ji Ah. Although she is really Ji Ah, she cannot forget her memories and love for Min Kyu, because she is not a robot. The most prominent romantic scene is when Min Kyu and Ji Ah kiss in the kitchen.

Fun fact: during filming, the scene in the kitchen had to be replayed several times because of the awkwardness between Seung Ho and Soo Bin. However, in the end, the kiss was successful, making the audience extremely excited.

I'm Not a Robot review

A play with many main characters

The plot and flow of this movie is quite interesting to watch over and over again. All events are connected, such as Min Kyu’s onset of allergies, the start of Ji Ah’s date with Baek Kyun, and Yeriel-Min Kyu-Yoo Chul’s friendship.

Not only is each character there, but it’s really important to build a story. Even the love story in this movie is not just focused on the main character. The supporting actors also have their own stories. Like Yeriel and Yoo Chul, Hoktal and Sung Hye, Baek Kyun and Pie.

Robots in TV series

The main robot in this movie is of course the android robot Aji-3, but Team Santa Maria has created a cute assistant robot! The top box is like the old tube computer. Legs are sprockets. The little robot called Beetle has facial expressions on the front screen.

The form is truly archaic, but he is a friendly cyborg who will always greet guests with an on-screen smile. He can also express sadness, surprise, and laughter. Team Santa Maria gave their favorite robot to Min Kyu as a token of gratitude.

Beetle becomes a partner of Min Kyu’s robot vacuum cleaner. The robot, named Pretty Three, will be upgraded by the Santa Maria Team and have more Beetle-like facial expressions. Robot Pretty Three is Min Kyu’s birthday celebrated in the first episode.

Pretty Three is not the only vacuum cleaner that Min Kyu has. There’s Pretty Two, an old-fashioned robot vacuum. The funny thing is, there’s Pretty One. He’s not a robot, but Min Kyu’s favorite back scratcher.

It is said that Min Kyu has many sophisticated and expensive robots. Although it’s just for show, he really cares for his robot collection. That’s why at that time he refused to pay Ji Ah a fee when jastip bought a limited edition robot because the box was covered with sauce.

This movie is not without flaws. There is a scene that I think is ‘not enough’, it is the scene where Min Kyu, Yoo Chul and Yeriel’s friendship returns. Perhaps it would have been more interesting if it was depicted when they were children playing together, then moved to a scene when they were grown up and the three of them gathered together.

Also in the final scene of drakor, it would have been more interesting if Min Kyu, who had just returned from the army, met Ji Ah, along with Team Santa Maria, Yeriel, and Yoo Chul. Why didn’t the writer and director hold a party to welcome Min Kyu in a warm relationship?

Oh, yes, until the end of the episode, the audience still doesn’t get to know who Madam X really is! Makes you very curious, doesn’t it? That’s all to judge I’m not a robot from Bacaterus. Hopefully entertaining, yes. If you have also seen this movie, please share your opinion in the comment column, come on!

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