The Wandering Earth II (2023) Movie Review

The Wandering Earth II (2023) despite having the number 2 behind is not a sequel to the movie The Wandering Earth released in 2019. The Wandering Earth II is a prequel to his first film. , ‘Wandering Earth’ was released during the 2019 Lunar New Year holiday and became the highest-grossing film in China, and also became the highest-grossing film outside of China.

The prequel is still directed by Frant Gwo, who also took the helm of the first film, Wandering Earth, based on a 2000 short story by Liu Cixin with a similar title.

Synopsis for The Wandering Earth II (2023)

This film still tells the story of mankind’s struggle for survival after the sun no longer shines. People on earth began to find ways to get the earth out of its orbit and set sail in search of a new solar system.

After 2,500 years, young people are still fighting for the survival of humanity. However, due to gravity, Earth and Planet Jupiter will soon collide with each other. A group of heroes are trying to bring safety to all mankind from this crisis and keep them alive in this age of wandering Earth.

The Wandering Earth II

In the not too distant future, upon learning that the sun will quickly die out and will destroy the earth in the process, humans have quickly built giant propulsion engines to push this planet out of the solar system. heaven into a new solar system.

The Wandering Earth II movie review

Take the time to set up a decade before the first movie

Set about a decade after the first film, the nations of Earth work together to ensure humanity’s survival against a rapidly increasing solar threat that will destroy the planet. .

They then formed a United Earth Government to replace the United Nations and gathered the best scientists from each country in a project called ‘Moving Mountain Project’ before changing to ‘The Wandering Earth Project’.

Review The Wandering Earth II

Amid the many political conflicts involved between the countries, along with the limited time for immediate completion of the project. The intense intensity of the conflict has been exacerbated by vandalism and disputes with supporters of the ‘Digital Life Project’, whose supporters believe they will continue to live. after death and consider virtual reality as a new beginning for humanity.

The two plots are related to each other

In addition to focusing on the story of the Wandering Earth Project’s journey, completing its feud with the Digital Life Project, ‘The Wandering Earth II’ also features two sub-plots.

It first follows the early career of astronaut Liu Peiqiang while still in training, who later meets and falls in love with his intern, Han Duoduo (Wang Zhi). Second, is the story of a scientist named Tu Hengyu (Lou Duc Hoa), who is obsessed with giving virtual life to his deceased daughter, after his daughter and wife passed away in an accident. car accident.

Movie The Wandering Earth II

Using a non-linear story structure, it tells overlapping stories related to the impending destruction of the earth.

Apart from the sun, which had almost burned out, the moon was beginning to disintegrate. Many cities have also been destroyed and are no longer inhabited by humans, while humans have begun to build underground cities to inhabit when the terrestrial world becomes a carpet. disaster.

Contrast between action and reality

This prequel puts more emphasis on the emotional conflicts between the characters as they struggle with extinction. The story talks a lot about doom, gloom and death.

A rather deep emotional impression comes from the story when Tu Hengyu interacts with his daughter, who has been raised from the dead almost with the help of technology.

Hengyu, who is still grieving the deaths of his wife and daughter and harboring guilt, remains steadfast in saving the earth.

Movie The Wandering Earth II

But unfortunately, it is his actions to provide digital life that are sure to immediately cause problems that wreak havoc on the continuity of the Earth Wandering Project, creating situations where new dilemmas that eventually culminate in widespread conflict.

Frant Gwo, trying to strike a balance between the melodrama and the fighting narrative, ‘Wandering Earth II’ delivers outstanding visuals with CGI, setting design, action choreography and impressive cinematography.

Conclusion of the movie The Wandering Earth II

‘The Wandering Earth II’ is essentially a story about humanity’s resilient struggle in the face of an ecological disaster that’s completely overpowered with twists and turns of an emotional story that intersects with their humanity.

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