Happy Go Jenny (2022) Movie Review

Prilly Latuconsina and Jourdy Pranata return on the same screen through the Original Vidio Series ‘Happy Go Jenny’. Directed by Lakonder for 8 episodes, this series presents a unique love story set in today’s technology.

For those who love the romantic drama genre, ‘Happy Go Jenny’ is a sweet and lovely drama. Tells a lot about identities and how generations of sandwiches get stuck in their responsibilities as children. Not only that, but this series also tells a heartwarming story about family, friendship and respect for each partner.

Happy Go Jenny movie synopsis (2022)

‘Happy Go Jenny’ tells the story of Sastra (played by Jourdy Pranata), a podcaster who always hopes for a girlfriend and a perfect life. Through the podcast app, he tries to change his destiny as an influencer.

Often experiencing setbacks and a lack of listeners, Sastra tries new luck through a trial app called Luck. Along with his best friend, he tries to tell a new story with another woman named Jenny (Prilly Latuconsina).

Happy Go Jenny

Miraculously, Literature’s life changes after a woman appears and claims to be her dream girlfriend, Jenny. Of course, literature doesn’t believe in this foreign woman, but strange events are always strong evidence for Jenny’s claims.

Gradually, Sastra began to feel comfortable with Jenny’s existence until the two were dubbed the influential couple by netizens. To make Sastra happy, Jenny did all the things that Sastra liked even though it made her heart ache.

Happy Go Jenny movie review (2022)

Unique story

At first glance, ‘Happy Go Jenny’ looks like an ordinary series. Talk about love and the future of the young generation. But obviously, there are a lot of interesting elements that Lakonde shows in this series.

Starting from the Literary Ideal. It seems pretty rare for an influencer to start his or her career through a podcast. While it’s currently evolving, audio-only storytelling certainly isn’t easy in the all-visual age. From here we see a literary figure who persistently manifests his dreams and hopes as the Prince of Darkness.

Review Happy Go Jenny

The literary dream then materializes in a magical app called Luck. A beautiful female cyborg named Jenny enters his life and makes major changes, both in personality and in fate. Unfortunately, Literature’s luck did not last long. This could be an assumption or a fictional example, that things that happen quickly often don’t last long.

Although literature has strived hard to achieve fame, its name has not remained at the top for too long. He becomes arrogant, complacent, and forgets himself about the original purpose of why Literature works.

Family upheaval

In “Happy Go Jenny,” Sastra works because she wants to help pay off her father’s debt and become a proud child. He didn’t give up, but Sastra was so erratic that he kept changing jobs. Seeing these conditions, you are sure to get tired of the opaque nature of the literature – especially after learning about his goals as a podcaster.

Sastra continued to look for work until she left her family. On the other hand, Bara – the younger sister has to lie to her parents to make them proud. This is enough to have a lot of upheaval in the story. Bara wants to give the best to his family, Sastra wants to be a role model for a great brother, while Father doesn’t want his life to be pitied by his children.

Interesting pictures

In addition to a unique and refreshing story, ‘Happy Go Jenny’ also has quite interesting cinematography. There isn’t much of a dark impression, though the story appears quite complicated in some scenes. The warm love story and Jenny’s presence brought a new color to the literary life in particular and the series in general.

Movie Happy Go Jenny

Not to mention Prilly’s convincing performance as a living cyborg. Not smiling a lot, having to hold back laughter, being innocent is of course not an easy thing for an actress who usually looks happy and smiles a lot. Don’t forget Jourdy, who also impresses with her erratic personality and continues to keep her dreams achievable.

Conclusion of the movie Happy Go Jenny

‘Happy Go Jenny’ is one of Vidio’s new, original and funny shows. The decision to bring Jourdy and Prilly back to the same screen is not a mistake when you see the chemistry between them. As a partner and robot, Prilly is also able to conquer her new character without being too impressed.

This series not only carries the theme of love but also has friendship, dreams and identity search in each episode. From here, of course the audience can learn as well as feel entertained.

Don’t forget, check out the full ‘Happy Go Jenny’ and more titles from the Vidio Original Series only at Vidio!

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