Cek Toko Sebelah 2 Movie Review

Six years have passed since Cek Toko Secepat was released, and it seems that there are still a lot of passionate fans waiting for Ernest Prakasa’s second film. After the series aired in 2018, now ‘Cek Toko Sejual 2’ is ready to be seen in cinemas.

Offering a denser story with conflicting representations of family affection, ‘Cek Toko Next 2’ stars some veteran actors such as Chew Kin Wah as Koh Afuk, Ernest Prakasa in as Erwin, Dion Wiyoko as Yohan and Adinia Wirasti as Ayu.

In addition, there are new players, namely Laura Basuki as Natalie, Widuri Puteri as Amanda and Maya Hasan as Mrs. Agnes. Intrigued by the story in ‘Cek Toko Next 2’? Come on, see the reviews below!

Cek Toko Sebelah 2 movie synopsis

‘Cek Toko Sejual 2’ highlights the increasingly complex story of the Koh Afuk family (Chew Kin Wah) and their two children, Erwin (Ernest Prakasa) and Yohan (Dion Wiyoko). The story begins when Erwin wants to propose to Natalie but encounters many requests from his wife’s parents, which are quite complicated.

Not only that, the conflict that arises also highlights Koh Afuk, who urges Yohan (Dion Wiyoko) and Ayu (Adinia Wirasti) to have children soon.

Erwin and Natalie hit a roadblock when their boyfriend’s mother, Agnes (Maya Hasan), manages everything about Natalie’s life. The moment Erwin begged for his blessing was faced with many difficult questions. Once approved, the marriage process of the two still encounters awkward situations.

Cek Toko Sebelah 2

Natalie’s mother couldn’t believe Erwin. Her tough personality makes Erwin face many different demands to please her future father-in-law. On the other hand, Koh Afuk continues to urge Yohan and his wife, Ayu, to have children soon.

Hoping for a grandchild leads him to order Amanda (Widuri Puteri), Yohan’s niece, to lure them both back. Unfortunately, Yohan and Ayu feel that deciding to have children requires serious commitment and neither of them are ready for it.

So what will their future decisions be after taking care of Amanda? Will Erwin win the heart of his future mother-in-law?

Cek Toko Sebelah 2 movie review

About the father-son role

‘Cek Toko Sejual 2’ this time has a deep emotional aspect related to the roles of parents and children. As children grow into adults, of course parents are also involved in this growing process. However, many parents believe that their children are still young, so big decisions must be approved by their children.

Review Cek Toko Sebelah 2

Bringing complicated family conflicts, of course everything is shown to create a feeling of closeness to the audience. In this second movie, not only Koh Afuk’s family appears, but also the family of Agnes’ mother, Erwin’s future wife.

Agnes’ mother gives Natalie a strong sense of protection, in fact, all the wedding preparations are done by her mother. This gives rise to a bit of controversy, leaving the bride herself feeling constrained by all of Agnes’ mother’s wishes.

Maya Hasan, who plays Agnes’ mother, did an excellent job. He lives his character seriously, thus showing a good soul. Mother does not need to be angry and beg, through her gentle but firm words, she can radiate an undeniably powerful aura.

The impact of the trauma of a broken family

Conflict in the family also greatly affects the growth of children. Moreover, every child has a good memory and always loves his parents with complete affection. No wonder if bad things happen, then continue to affect the child’s psyche.

A broken family can make children feel like they’ve lost an important role in their lives, feel stressed, depressed, and feel like they’re the cause of separation. They often have deep-seated fears about starting a family. Certainly many of them choose not to marry or have children.

Movie Cek Toko Sebelah 2

This was felt by Ayu who revealed her background in ‘Cek Toko Sejual 2’. The struggle over having children always haunts him and Yohan. Not to mention the pressure from Koh Afuk to want to have grandchildren soon.

Here we will see that not only are you afraid of marriage, but the impact of a broken family and children can make you feel fearful about having children. Fear of not being a good parent, worry about whether the presence of children will become a problem in the family, or even a feeling of being unprepared to deal with their adulthood.

The presence of Amanda played by Widuri Puteri was not enough to shake Ayu’s desire not to have children. He was really close to Amanda, but the thought of having a child was definitely far from what Ayu expected.

A much more solid story

Compared to the first movie, ‘Cek Toko Sejual 2’ comes out with strong story power. The downplaying of the comedy seems right, especially since the setting is now different from the first movie. At the press conference, Meira Anastasia said that in this film, they bring a friendly comedy to watch, not tied to the field of sex or discrimination against women, everything is well thought out. dual.

The presence of Laura Basuki as Natalie, as well as Maya Hasan as Mrs. Agnes, really helps the story in ‘Cek Toko Sejual 2’. Together, the two put on performances and emotions that were clearly conveyed to the audience.

Cek Toko Sebelah 2 Movie

The feelings of a mother who turned out to be traumatized from a previous marriage have turned her into a steadfast and undeniable figure about the future of her only child.

Then Laura Basuki, through the role of Natalie, sent a hidden message that each child only needs the trust of their parents, not directly involved in managing things. Well, believe me, if this time Natalie can live her life to the fullest.

Although there is quite a bit of conflict, the main focus is split a bit. However, the given ending can end it all with a warm, engaging and full of memories that are kept tightly in the audience’s heart.

Conclusion of the movie Cek Toko Sepuh 2

Cek Toko Sepuh 2 has a much stronger and denser story script than the first part. Although there were many conflicts associated with it, everything was resolved through a warm resolution.

The comedy offered isn’t really as much as it was in the first film, but its presence is still an entertainer amid the ongoing problems. The players also gave each other their best performances, especially Laura Basuki and Maya Hasan.

Airing to coincide with the holidays, ‘Cek Toko Sejual 2’ is perfect for watching in crowds with friends at school, college, work or those closest to you. What are you waiting for? Let’s watch ‘Cek Toko Sejual 2’ in theaters!

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