The best blockbusters in the history of the series with lots of action and excitement is definitely the detective series. Salenhanh has listed memorable detective stories with epic casts and unforgettable scenarios for you.

Let’s review the movie Salenhanh through the best detective dramas that you should definitely watch if you are a fan of this series.

Movie Good Morning, Veronica

Good morning veronica

In Good Morning, Veronica, one of the most mysterious detective movies of recent years, we are following the story of young police officer Veronika, who is chasing a pervert on the internet. When he learns of the perverted young Veronika, who has become obsessed with dating sites and finds his victim there, he immediately wants to track her down. The first clues lead Veronika to a couple who are hiding a terrible secret .

Arsène Lupine


Lupine, one of the best crime-themed crime series, follows the revenge adventures of Assane Diop, whose bitter past and admiration for Arsen Lupen. Assane, who raised herself like Arsen Lupen, acts to get revenge on a powerful and rich man who slandered her father years ago. Meanwhile, the police are tracking this mysterious man.


Film freud

This film tells a mysterious historical story, the story of Sigmund Freud, who lived in the 19th century, is told. Attempting to become one of the most famous and well-known figures of the period, Freud works to find out who is behind a bloody disaster. Meanwhile, he will be accompanied by a psychic and a detective.


Phim Unbelievable

The series is inspired by a true story. In the Netflix production, a young girl complains to the relevant authorities, saying she has been raped. Complaint is invalid on the grounds that it is a baseless claim. Marie was almost devastated by this condition. Two female detectives are assigned to investigate this case. It won’t be easy for them to crack this secret case.

The Flight Attendant

The Flight Attendant

One day, Cassandra Bowden, working as a flight attendant, found herself in a hotel room in Dubai. When she woke up, Cassandra Bowden found a dead body beside her and couldn’t understand a thing. The plan of the beautiful woman, who tries to continue the life she left unfinished, falls into the water. Bowden, who finds himself in such a plot even though he has not committed any crime, begins to think that he is the killer day in and day out.

Your Honor

Your Honor

In the film, Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston plays a judge whose son is involved in crime. Faced with the most difficult decisions of a father, Bryan Cranston will choose justice or his son. The father, who is trying to save his son’s life, does not want to betray his work.


Movie Manhunt

For our readers who are interested in the detective horror genre, the highly successful and engaging Manhunt series will be a good choice. FBI agents go after a terrorist named Ted Kaczynski, who attacked with a bomb he sent in the mail. As a criminal, Fitz joins the FBI team and plays an important role in the process of catching criminals.

Peaky Blinders

phim Peaky Blinders

The film, which deals with the life story of a family with a betting gang in the UK, is one of the best Netflix series. Thomas Shelby, whose eyes were always glued to the sky, turned England into a mess. Dangerous adventures await the Shelby family, who will rise in their careers with the lost gun chest.



The series is an adaptation of the FBI book Mind Hunter: Inside the Elite Serial Crime Unit. Set in 1979, the series deals with crimes committed by criminals and the investigation of these crimes.

La Mante

Movie la Mante

La Mante, one of the best detective series on Netflix, first aired in 2017. In the series, a serial killer nicknamed La Mante decides to cooperate with the police when he collides with the police. encounter another killer who imitates his own style. These exciting and stressful events can be confusing at first.

The Undoing

Phim the undoing

Grace Fraser, who leads a very normal and quiet life, is a therapist at a private school in New York. When everything is normal, in the blink of an eye, he is left alone with a corpse, a disappearing wife, and action-packed events. Grace Fraser now needs to change, she’s after a new life with her baby.


Movie Fargo

Lorne Malvo, a brilliant and mysterious man, is hospitalized after an accident at work. She meets Nygaard in her hospital bed and her life changes completely. In the American state of Minnesota, events such as murder, crime, robbery and conspiracy happen on the streets. But there’s a problem. All these crimes turned around and found Fargo again.

Tin star

News star

In the series, the life of the family named Worth, who left their life in England and settled in Canada, is discussed as a theme. The head of the family, Jim, took a job as the sheriff of the town where they settled. His sole purpose is to protect his family from the existing government. But this will not be easy.

How to get away with muder

How to get away with muder

A group of law students and crime prevention professors come to an agreement in the TV series Murder to Get Out, one of the best detective movies ever. Promising to change their lives, the group becomes involved in a murder plot and embarks on a grand and dangerous path.

Brooklyn Nine

phim Brooklyn Nine Nine

The cop named Jake is very good at his job. Jake, who has a high crime rate, is also frivolous and extremely undisciplined. The newly appointed station chief thinks that everyone should do their responsibilities properly. With the arrival of the new department head, Jake’s humorous episodes are told .

The Honourable Woman

phim The Honourable Woman

A young woman named Nessa Stein believes that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict should end and reconciliation is needed. One day, he is forced to take over the business of his father, the arms dealer. Nessa finds herself in an international spiral.


Phim Justified

Federal Police Chief Raylan Givens is stationed in Miami. One day, while on a mission, he hunts down a criminal and kills him in front of everyone in self-defense. After the incident, the life of Federal Police Chief Raylan Givens changed.


Phim Broadchurch

A child murder occurs in a town. Locals try to prevent the incident from happening again. Meanwhile, detective Alec Hardy and his assistant Ellie Miller arrive in town to solve the case, but the detective’s job is not easy.


Movie CSI-NY

The detective series, called “Crime Scene Investigation” in Turkish, is about police trying to unravel murders on the streets of New York. The team of detectives, led by Mac Taylor, carefully collect evidence after each murder and attempt to unravel the events. The series is directed by Anthony E. Zuiker and Carol Mendelsohn and stars Gary Sinise, Sela Ward, and Anna Belknap.


Movie Limitless

The production, a serial adaptation of Bradley Cooper’s unforgettable film No Limit, brought a man named Brian Finch, whose life changed after he discovered NZT drugs, to the center. its main center. This action and detective series, which you will enjoy while watching, was only shown on screens for 1 season, and then it was removed from the broadcast. Jake McDorman, Jennifer Carpenter and Hill Harper join the cast of the film, which is also on Netflix’s list of fantasy series.

Law & Order

Law Order movie

Successfully produced, 20 years on screen and with a stellar audience, Law & Order is a series based on crime and cases. In the main heart of the series, a team of prosecutors and police officers working in New York is told. The series attracted attention with its 457-episode script, the longest series on NBC. “Dick Wolf” directed the unforgettable detective series.


Movie monk

The film The Monk stands out with an impressive and strange script, telling the life of a successful detective named Adrian Monk, the main character. Monk, who lived a decent life until not long ago, contracted obsessive-compulsive disorder after losing his wife in a bombing. But the San Francisco police department needs Adrian Monk. Starting his work again, Monk now has an even more chaotic personality than before. Tony Shalhoub, Ted Levine and Traylor Howard star in the Andy Breckman detective series.

The blacklist

Phim the blacklist

Wanted worldwide by police and FBI, Raymond Reddington realizes he can no longer get away with all this crime and heads to the FBI building with a plan. Raymond, who said he wanted to surrender, said that if he was released, he would have listed all the information about all the wanted criminals and that he could catch them. He also asked the FBI for successful agent Elizabeth Keen to work with. Elizabeth, who thinks why are they working together in this business, continues to hunt down criminals, even though she cannot have an answer to this question. The series with a rich history of 8 seasons is still going on. The Blacklist detective series stars James Spader, Megan Boone, and Diego Klattenhoff.

Criminal Minds

Phim Criminal-Minds

The successful detective series “Criminal Minds” by famous director Jeff Davis has been on the screen for 15 years, and has a total of 209 episodes published. Attempting to catch the criminals in the series, the team acts by unraveling the thinking patterns of criminals and the environment they live in with an unprecedented style. In this way, the team caught the criminals in a short time and unraveled the mysterious legendary events. The plot of the series is inspired by some fictional events and some real events. The successful performances of Joe Mantegna, Matthew Gray Gubler and AJ Cook, who joined the cast are also outstanding.

The Mentalist

Phim The Mentalist

Patrick Jane, who assists the California Bureau of Investigation in solving cases, is initially disliked for her high ego and attitude, but her talent in the field will help the team work. office easier. Setting himself apart with his laid-back demeanor as well as his brilliant memory and rational mind, Patrick soon became the man the team trusted. Patrick Jane played by famous actor Simon Baker with legendary acting has also succeeded in creating a throne in the hearts of the audience who love dramas. The Mentalist series remained on screen for 7 seasons and consisted of 129 episodes.


Movie luther

The detective series starring Idris Elba, Dermot Crowley and Ruth Wilson began airing in 2010 and is still ongoing. In the “Luther” series that attracts attention with its action and adventure scenes, the main character John Luther is an extremely intelligent detective with transcendent abilities and cannot live by the rules. Dealing with events in his own way, John even sometimes resorted to violence. The Luther series is notable for its successful script and cast by the famous director Neil Cross.


Movie hannibal

The character Hannibal Lecter, which we know from the movies and novels, comes to us this time with a series script. Adapted from the famous Hannibal series by Thomas Harris, the series’ script has the Red Dragon as its main center. While FBI agents Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter, who helped him with his job, became the main protagonists of the series, the events they dealt with together created moments of action and excitement . Bryan Fuller sat in the director’s chair of the film.

Line of Duty

Movie Line of duty

The movie “Line of Duty” is successfully produced, continues to air on Netflix screens, about some corruptions in the police force. According to the BBC, the story told in Line of Duty, the most critically acclaimed detective series of the past 10 years, is the subject of Deputy Commissioner Steve Arnott and successful detective Kate Fleming not closing the anti-corruption case a police officer. despite all the pressure. Starring Martin Compston, Lennie James and Vicky McClure.


Movie dexter

Recently passed the best foreign seriesThe “Dexter” series, also on the list, tells the story of Dexter Morgan, a murderer, a good man, and a forensic scientist who specializes in investigating living murders. in Miami. Dexter Morgan, who was prone to murder from an early age, grew up under his father’s supervision and became a forensic scientist under his father’s direction. Preferring to hurt bad people rather than hurt good people, Dexter is one of the strangest characters in television history. The Emmy and Golden Globe-winning Dexter series spanned eight seasons.


Movie narcos

The Netflix series Narcos series, almost a masterpiece among films, has made a name for itself in the action detective genre over the years. In the final installment of the series about the rise and capture of Pablo Escobar, the world’s largest and most dangerous drug trafficker, he described organized police operations against the Cali gang. While the attempt by Mexican spy Javier Pena and his crew to capture Pablo Escobar attracted attention, the character of Pablo Escobar, skillfully brought to life by Wagner Moura, also increased in popularity. of the series.

True Detective

Phim True Detective

In the True Detective series, about a long-running adventure, Louisiana’s death detectives Rush Cohle and Martin Hart spend 17 years hunting down a serial killer. Due to this surveillance and investigation, the duo, who also have problems in their private lives, breathed a sigh of relief in the interrogation room with an unexpected turn of events.


Film sherlock

The legendary Sherlock series, starring Benedict Cumberbatch, is one of the detective masterpieces. The production, adapted from present day Sherlock Holmes, was also by Dr. We are following Sherlock Holmes, who goes on an adventure with Watson. Sherlock, who frequently uses technology devices, also reflects his traditional style when dealing with events.

Sons Of Anarchy

Phim Sons Of Anarchy

The anarchist’s motor club, executing its own orders and decisions, administers its districts. Anarchists’ Motorcycle Club, also defends its territory against other gangs, against many gangs, especially the police. For more information on the series, you can visit Sons Of Anarchy content.

Movie the wire

Movie the wire

The “The Wire” series, written and produced by David Simon, a former police reporter, introduced a successful five-season detective adventure to audiences. The series, which is the subject of a different story in each season, has also reflected the setting that resembles a chronological documentary with dramatic scenes. Dominic West, John Doman and Reg E. Cathey take on the lead roles in the detective series directed by David Simon.

Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Phim Alfred Hitchcock Presents

It is a series of stories that tell different stories of people who kill, commit suicide, steal and all other crimes. It also tells about the struggle of the police with criminals.

Above are the top best detective dramas that you should definitely not miss, each series brings different colors and emotions, so take it slow and gradually plow them.

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