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    Phim Lee Jung Shin

    Lee Jung Shin is all too familiar with K-Pop and K-Drama fans. The actor born in 1991 is indeed better known as a member of the rock group CNBLUE. Debuting in 2010, Lee Jung Shin has completed his mandatory military service and is currently focusing more on his acting career.

    No kidding, Lee Jung Shin often appears in popular dramas such as Cinderella with Four Knights (2016) to Voice (2018).

    Although rarely the main character, the appearance of Lee Jung Shin always attracts the attention of many people. Even in 2016, Lee Jung Shin took home a trophy from the Asia Artist Awards for this category New Actor Award.

    For those of you who are big fans of Lee Jung Shin, do you know which popular dramas he has starred in? If not, you really must read the information below of Review Salenhanh.

    Sh**ting Stars

    Release year2022
    CategoryComedy, Drama, Romance
    ManagerLee Soo Hyun
    CastLee Seung Hyub

    Kim Young Dae

    Yoon Jong Hoon

    Kim Yoon Hye

    Sh**ting Stars (2022) became one of the most talked about dramas of 2022. Starring Lee Sung Kyung and Kim Young Dae, this drama has a complicated love story. feelings of an artist and his company employees. In addition, the film also explores life in the entertainment industry more clearly.

    In this film directed by Lee Soo Hyun, Lee Jung Shin plays a character named Do Sook Hyuk. The man is believed to be an attorney from a law firm employed by Star Force Entertainment.

    Cinderella with Four Knights

    Release year2016
    CategoryComedy, Romance, Romantic Comedy
    ManufacturingHB Entertainment
    ManagerKwon Hyuk Chan, Lee Min Woo
    CastPark So Dam

    Jung Il Woo

    Ahn Jae Hyun

    Lee Jung Shin

    Choi Min

    Still in the romcom genre, this time Lee Jung Shin starred in the popular drama Cinderella with Four Knights (2016). This movie is really the real hit in 2016, because this movie brings together the ranks of famous figures in the Korean entertainment industry. Lee Jung Shin will compete in acting with Jung Il Woo, Ahn Jae Hyun to Park So Dam and Son Na Eun.

    Cinderella with Four Knights (2016) tells the story of a high school student named Eun Ha Won who is asked to gather three siblings. But instead, this job leaves Eun Ha Won entangled in a complicated and emotionally draining love affair. In this drama, Lee Jung Shin plays Kang Seo Woo, a singer and grandson of Kang Group.

    My Sassy Girl

    • Release year: 2017
    • Genre: History, Romance, Comedy
    • Produce: Huayi Brothers, Shincine Communication, RaemongRaein Co. Ltd.
    • Director: Oh Jin-seok
    • Players: Joo Won, Oh Yeon-seo, Lee Jung-shin, Kim Yoon-hye
    • Episodes: 32 episodes

    The next popular drama starring Lee Jung Shin is My Sassy Gir (2017). The film directed by Oh Jin Seok also features famous names such as Joo Won, Oh Yeon Seo and Ki Yoon Hye.

    The drama tells the story of a young and talented scholar who helps princess Hye Myung, who is known to be a dissident.

    They try to find information and solve the mystery behind the mysterious disappearance of Princess Hye Myung’s mother. In this drama, Lee Jung Shin plays Kang Joon Young, a police inspector who always protects Princess Hye Myung.


    • Release year: 2014
    • Genre: Romance, Melodrama
    • Produce: Winning Content
    • Director: Park Young-soo
    • Players: Kwon Sang-woo, Choi Ji-woo, Lee Jung-jin, Park Ha-sun
    • Episodes: 20 episodes

    Unlike other dramas, Temptation (2014) is a drama that will make you really upset. The reason is, this drama tells the love story that happened to Na Hong Joo.

    To pay off the debt, the husband gave up his household registration to ask Yoo Se Young for help. Until the end, these two women compete for each other’s love and lives.

    In this drama produced by Victory Contents, Lee Jung Shin is ranked among the supporting actors. He plays a character named Na Hong Gyu, the younger brother of the character played by Kwong Sang Woo. Although short, Lee Jung Shin’s appearance in this drama has garnered positive re-tests from the audience.

    The Blade and Petal

    • Release year: 2013
    • Genre: History, Romance, Drama, Action
    • Produce: Love Letter, KBS Media, Blade and Petal SPC
    • Director: Kim Yong-soo, Park Jin-seok
    • Players: Kim Ok-bin, Uhm Tae-woong, Choi Min-soo, Kim Yeong-cheol
    • Episodes: 20 episodes

    As one of the most popular dramas of 2013, The Blade and Petal (2013) is really fun to watch. The film, directed by Kim Yong-soo and Park Jin-seok, shows the fierce political rivalry in the Goguryeo Dynasty.

    In this drama, Lee Jung Shin appears very charismatic as a character named Shi Woo. This man was said to be the youngest sword master of that era and was assigned to be the bodyguard for the Princess.

    Seoyoung, My Daughter

    • Release year: 2012
    • Genre: Romance, Family
    • Manufacturing: –
    • Director: Yoo Hyun-ki
    • Players: Lee Bo-young, Chun Ho-jin, Lee Sang-yoon, Park Hae-jin
    • Episodes: 50 episodes

    Having a very long time, Seoyoung, My Daughter (2012) is a very popular drama in 2012. Starring Lee Bo Young and Lee Sang Yoon, this drama tells the story of a woman. Poor women have the ambition to change their lives. This woman is trying her best to enrich herself.

    In director Yoon Hyun Ki’s film, Lee Jung Shin is just one of the supporting actors. He plays a character named Kang Seung Jae, a young man who has charisma and is liked by many girls.

    A Girl Who Sees Smells

    • Release year: 2015
    • Genre: Romance, Fantasy
    • Produce: SBS Plus
    • Director: Baek Soo-chan, Oh Choong-hwan
    • Players: Park Yoo-chun, Shin Se-kyung, Namgoong Min, Yoon Jin-seo
    • Episodes: 16 episodes

    A Girl Who Sees Smells (2015) is a popular drama starring the couple Park Yoo Chun and Shin Se Kyung. Baek Soo-chan and Oh Choong-hwan’s movie has a very interesting premise You know . The story is about a girl named Eun Sol, who undergoes strange changes in herself after she has an accident.

    This girl’s eyes turned green, from that moment Eun Seol began to see the shape of the smell. Eun Seol, who changed her name to Cho Rim, cooperates with a policeman.

    They try to solve various mysterious cases using Cho Rim’s skills. In this drama, Lee Jung Shin only appeared as a guest in episode 6.


    Release year2017
    CategoryMystery, Psychological, Horror
    ManufacturingContent K, Story & Pictures Media
    ManagerKim Hong Sun
    CastJang Hyuk

    Lee Ha Na

    The popular drama that Lee Jung Shin has participated in is Voice Season 2 (2018). In this drama, Lee Jung Shin only appeared as a guest named Lee Jae Il. This man is an assassin who uses the name Cricket as his alias.

    Meanwhile, The Voice 2 (2018) continues the story in the first season, about an employee at the 112 emergency station.

    Kang Kwon Joo, who has very sharp hearing, is still trying to catch serial criminals. He cooperates with Dong Kang Woo, to investigate various cases.

    These are some of the popular dramas that Lee Jung Shin has starred in throughout his career. Looking very serious in his acting career, Lee Jung Shin looks very careful in choosing roles.

    He always takes on different roles and different genres of dramas. Out of the movies above, which one do you think is the most interesting?


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