Today we are going to list the movies starring Johnny Depp , the actor who is famous worldwide for his role as Pirates of the Caribbean. However, this is not his only successful role because so far he has appeared in more than 85 films during his life, leaving many imprints in the hearts of the audience.

Review Johnny Depp

Recently, Jonny Depp had a legal battle with his ex-wife, Amber Heard, and his career was interrupted in the past time as well as many noises surrounding his private life, but it cannot be denied that Jonny Depp is still is one of the leading actors today with a natural, charismatic acting, a handsome face full of charm.


Here are the must-see Johnny Depp movies that you should see that movie Review wants to send to you.

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003)

Elizabeth, the 12-year-old daughter of local governor Weatherby Swann, encounters a shipwreck on her journey to Jamaica. The only survivor in this wreckage is the boy Will. Elizabeth realized from the golden locket around the boy’s neck that he was a pirate, so she took the locket and hid it.


Years later, Elizabeth is kidnapped by the infamous pirate Barbossa. Jack Sparrow, a crazy and kind pirate, joins Elizabeth’s childhood friend Will Turner and they try to save the girl. However, this mysterious locket will set the ghost ship in motion, reviving the curse of the mysterious pearl.

Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Death’s Chest (2006)

Once again, we are guests in the world of pirates. He is reminded that Captain Jack Sparrow is in a blood debt to Davy Jones, the captain of the Flying Dutchman. Davy Jones is the captain of a ghost ship with his crew out of hell.


If Jack doesn’t forgive his debt, he will be subject to Davy’s slavery. Situations where Jack Sparrow can’t get out are rare, and he’ll certainly find a way not to have to become a slave to the haunted ship.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At the End of the World

Elizabeth confronts their foe after Will and Captain Barbossa rescue Jack Sparrow from his hospital bed. Davy Jones and Lord Cutler Beckett. Beckett, this time the one who controls Jones’s heart, colludes with him.

The end of the world

Under this deal, he would set the rules at sea and get rid of the last Pirates of the Caribbean completely. Jack, Barbossa, Will, Elizabeth and Tia Dalma and their crew must unite by summoning Pirate Lords from around the world, including Sao Feng. All kinds of dangers and betrayals await them in their journey.

The Pullman Learns to Love – Edward Scissorhands (1990)

The inventor who created Edward Scissorhands died before he could finish his work and left Edward with scissors handles. The reclusive teenager begins to socialize when Peg Boggs brings him home. But this meeting, which contains some surprises, also carries with it sad events…


A modern classic, Makaseller is a movie that can be watched over and over again.

Ed Wood (1994)

According to some, Ed Wood is the worst director in the world, and according to others, he is a hit director with incredibly interesting and unique films. Tim Burton made this film based on Wood’s filmmaking adventures, which he always kept as one of his inspirations as a director in the second group.

Ed Wood

In production, the period Ed Wood made his most famous works and the ambition to make the film is the theme rather than the detailed story of Ed Wood’s life.

You shouldn’t miss both getting to know Ed Wood and seeing Burton’s masterpiece. After watching, you will find the answer to the question at the beginning of the article and you will most likely eliminate the first option!

Nick of Time (1995)

Gene Watson has just returned from the funeral of his wife and daughter Lynn. Soon after, Mr. Smith and Mrs. Jones abducted Lynn together. Gene was given a gun and 1 hour and 15 minutes to kill Governor Grant.

Nick of time

Desperate because he did not want to lose his daughter, especially at the same time as his wife, he had to submit to the situation. He’ll do his best, but he can’t face the part that kills the governor he’s trying to indirectly warn about. The plot in question had a plot that was beyond Gene’s imagination, and he soon realized it.

National Enemies – Public Enemies (2009)

Adapted from Bryan Burrough’s unpublished book: America’s Greatest Enemies and the Birth of the FBI, 1933-43 This is considered one of the closest films to a story.

National Enemy

The events take place during America’s Great Depression years and are told between the most famous criminals of the time and the fledgling FBI.

Two famous names Johnny Depp and Christian Bale take on the main roles of the film.

A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

In a neighborhood in Los Angeles, teenagers begin to die strangely. A nightmare about a scary man with razor-sharp blades on his fingers claiming their lives while they were sleeping. The specter in these dreams is none other than the perverted Fred Krueger, who is held captive by families whose children he killed years ago. Somehow, Freddy is back, taking revenge by killing every child of his dreams. If Freddy is after you, is fighting sleep the only cure? Or was he facing her in his own nightmare?

Deadly nightmare

The Nightmare on Elm Street, the movie that made its mark in the 1980s and put Wes Craven on his throne is now officially established, will resurrect a dying god with the help of Robert Englund, who gave life to the character Freddy, who would return many times after. Movie review

Sweeney Todd: The Devil Barber of Fleet Street (2008)

Sweeney Todd is a British barber man, has a very beautiful wife and always looks at life with hope. But one of the town’s celebrities has his eye on his beautiful wife. He was taken into custody for a baseless accusation and then exiled. With his life ruined, Sweeney Todd vows to escape and return for revenge.

The devil barber on the street

In the film adaptation of Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of the Fleet Street, the 1936 Broadway musical, adapted for the screen by Tim Burton, Johnny Depp, who successfully overcame every character, due to Helena Bonham Carter as Miss Lovett.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998)

After his family died, Axel Blackman moved to New York and took a strange job at a large fishing company. His job is to count fish! Uncle Leo, a car salesman in Arizona, showed up and invited him to his hometown. Because he’s getting married and he wants Axel to be the best man at the wedding, then take over his business.


When the young man arrives in Arizona, in contrast to New York, different colors await him. Will he be caught between the dreams of Uncle Leo, two different women, and himself, or will he be able to find his way out?

The director of the film is Emir Kusturica, who is known for much success in Europe.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge (2017)

Known for his wild adventures, king of captains, but equally unlucky, Jack Sparrow senses bad winds approaching on the waters he sails. Under the direction of the fearsome captain Salazar, the deadly ghost pirates managed to escape from the Devil’s Triangle by killing all the pirates under the sea; The only surviving pirate captain is Jack. Jack pursues the Staff of Poseidon to escape Salazar’s wrath and get revenge. To find this legendary staff, he had to make a tough deal with the beautiful and intelligent astronomer Carina Smyth and Henry, a brave young sailor from the Royal Navy.

Salazar's revenge

In command of his small and ramshackle ship, the Dying Gull, Jack Sparrow will find a way to reverse his doom and escape the most formidable and formidable foe he has ever faced.

Chocolate (2000)

A small French town far from everything… A young woman and her daughter move into town. These two ladies, who cooperate with the whole town rule, open a very different and cute chocolate shop.


Review Salenhanh

The townspeople, who are not aware of the gratification of such pleasures, discover a new life they have never lived before, with the world of pleasures this little shop offers. surname. However, on the other hand, there are also the inhabitants of the town who hinder this satisfaction the town experiences. A secret cold war will begin.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005)

Willy Wonka, whose structure is extremely unusual, owns a chocolate factory. He is looking for someone to leave this factory to pursue him. It holds a contest to give a rating. It will train first and then shift its position over time. Choose 5 children. One of them is Charlie.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

He was a child from a poor family. Together with others, they toured a chocolate factory. What Charlie sees there will impress and draw him into Wonka’s imagination. Tim Burton is one of the best in the business with a new fantasy comedy.

Finding Neverland – Finding Neverland (2004)

In Dreamland, adapted from the real-life story of Peter Pan’s creator James Barrie, we follow how the famous author opened the doors of Never Land.

Movie to find the promised land

In the story set in London in 1904, we first get to know Barrie, whose intelligence is timeless. Following the reactions at the premiere of his last play, the author felt that he had to look for the inspiration that would create the greatest work of his life. However, this inspiration will find itself unexpectedly, on an ordinary day.

Under the direction of Marc Forster, Land of Dreams features a cast that includes successful names like Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet, as well as a story about Peter Pan’s writing process.

What is eating away Gilbert (1993)

Gilbert, who lives a normal life in a small town, is full of responsibility. On the one hand, she has to take care of her obese mother, and on the other hand, her younger brother is struggling with autism.

What is eating Gilbert

The most unusual event in his life is when he meets Becky, who is passing through their town. Becky entered Gilbert’s life like the sun. He gives her a gift he’s never seen before, love. However, the responsibilities that Gilbert carried on his shoulders were a huge obstacle in the midst of this love.

Benny and Joon (1993)

Juniper ‘Joon’ Pearl is a mentally retarded woman with strange habits and rituals. He’s trying to fill this vast void in his head by being interested in something. One day, she falls in love with a strange man like her. This man chose Buster Keaton as his role model and chose to live like him.


Directed by Jeremiah S. Chechik, the film stars Johnny Depp, Mary Stuart Masterson, and Aidan Quinn.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Fountain of Youth (2011)

Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) returns to his action-packed adventure in treacherous waters with the fourth installment. Refusing to serve the King of England to find the Fountain of Youth, Sparrow learns that there is a rogue captain in the city recruiting crews in his own name. While chasing the fake captain, he realizes that it is actually the beautiful Angelica (Penelope Cruz) who returns from her past. Angelica follows in the same vein as King, the Fountain of Youth, which provides eternal life.

Fresh source

Torn between his teenage love and Angelica’s current rogue faction, Captain Jack Sparrow suddenly finds himself stranded on the ship of pirate Blackbeard (Ian McShane), the Queen Anne.

The Headless Horseman – Sleepy Hollow (1999)

Ichabod Crane is a mysterious man who always assigns himself to keep order in his place. One day, he is sent to a town called Sleepy Hollow to solve and end a series of bloody murder cases.

Headless knight

All the victims were killed with their heads removed from their bodies, without any mercy towards them. The whole town assumed that these murders were carried out by a ghost. Ichahold is determined to put an end to these strange events. Fetish actor Johnny Depp stars in Tim Burton’s film, which also has an Oscar nomination in the technical branch.

Donnie Brasco (1997)

It’s 1978. Joe Pistone is an FBI agent loyal to his job and to his organization. Due to his job, he was a jewelry thief for six years and became known as Donnie Brasco. The point is that after a while Pistone will start to believe in the role he takes on and actually become Donnie Brasco.

The lying man

After a while, Pistone, who began to roam the bowels of the mafia, will gradually begin to transform into this underground culture. As soon as he begins to forget who he is, he will be dragged into a life of stagnation that will change his entire life. Mike Newell’s Oscar-nominated film for Best Adapted Screenplay is based on a book written by Joe Pistone himself, i.e. a true story. The film’s cast includes names like Al Pacino, Johnny Depp and Michael Madsen.

Blow (2001)

George Jung is the son of a small businessman father. He grew up seeing how hard it was for his family to make a living and the condition that he never had financial difficulties as an adult. He immigrated to California and got involved in the drug business there. In the end, financial success comes on the one hand and confinement on the other.


Someone he met in prison offered to do business with him in the budding cocaine market. Soon after it was released, George Jung started to play big in the cocaine market in the US and quickly captured 85% of the market.

Penelope Cruz accompanies Johnny Depp in the film.

Minamata Disaster Movie

More than 25 years after the end of World War II, famed war photographer W. Eugene Smith (Johnny Depp) lives in seclusion – until an old friend and a PhD from the popular Life magazine convinces him to travel to Japan, where he reveals the Big Thing: A chemical company dumps mercury-containing wastewater into public waterways, poisoning the residents. With great personal commitment, Smith does everything in her power to document environmental crimes…

disaster movie minamata

Waiting for the Barbarians movie – Waiting for the Barbarians

An English magistrate (Mark Rylance) living in a small colonial town on the outskirts of an alien state begins to question his loyalty to his home kingdom. So far, he has always ensured that peace between the occupiers and local nomads is preserved, but then one day, the sadistic Colonel Joll (Johnny Depp) and his right-hand man are Mendel (Robert Pattinson) appears. They tortured one of the nomads until he allegedly confessed that an attack on the city was imminent. Now, Joll and his secret police hunt down the locals while the judge heads for an injured young nomad (Gana Bayarsaikhan)…

Based on the 1980 novel of the same name by JM Coetzee.

Movie waiting for the barbarian

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

Gellert Grindelwald (Johnny Depp), who was captured by Newt Scamander (Eddie Redmayne), managed to escape. Not only that, the villain has now gathered a larger number of wizards to carry out his sinister plan to dominate pure-blood wizards over muggles. Only Grindelwald’s ex-lover Albus Dumbledore (Jude Law) can stop him, but he can’t take action against Grindelwald on his own. That’s why he needs the help of his former student, Scamander, who sets out on his next adventure – and this time he’s headed to Europe, more specifically to Paris. Because that’s where the mysterious Credence (Ezra Miller) has been hiding, whom Grindelwald wants to capture.

Grindelwald's Crimes

Alice in the Land of Mirrors movie

To combat her boredom, Alice (Judi Rolin) decides to play a game of chess. But the game takes an unexpected turn when one of the characters comes to life and transports her through a giant mirror into the magical world of “Glass Looking Land”, where everything goes in reverse and where Alice is. Another exciting adventure begins…

Alice Through the Looking Glass

Murder on the Orient Express

Anyone who thinks finding the killer on a locked train is particularly easy should check out Murder on the Orient Express. Detective Hercule Poirot (David Suchet) is on a legendary train when American businessman Samuel Ratchett (Toby Jones) is found murdered. Surrounded by the icy atmosphere of snowy Serbia, where the ship is located, Poirot must search for the human emotions that perpetrated the brutal crime. The murder turned out to be a reflection of dark abysses .

Murder on the Eastern Train

Legendary Godfather – Black Mass

In 1970s Boston, aspiring FBI agent John Connolly (Joel Edgerton) succeeds in persuading Irish criminal James “Whitey” Bulger (Johnny Depp) to work with the FBI. When it comes to taking down opponents of the Italian mafia, Whitey is ruthlessly ready to provide Connolly with information on how to capture his opponents. Despite staying close to the FBI, he gained more and more power and influence in the Boston underworld, which he soon dominated on charges of murder and drug trafficking. But eventually the shaky alliance risks spiraling out of control and escalating.

Based on the bestselling book Black Mass: The True Story of a Bad Alliance between the FBI and the Irish Gang by Dick Lehr and Gerard O’Neill.

Black mass

Corpse Bride – Corpse Bride

With the animated film “Corpse Bride”, Tim Burton continues the dark romantic tradition in his films “Edward Scissorhands” and “The Nightmare Before Christmas”. The action of this puppet cartoon takes place in a European village in the 19th century: young Victor van Dort (Johnny Depp), the son of a wealthy fishing family, is kidnapped into the world. underground after an involuntary marriage to the mysterious undead bride Emily (Helena Bonham Carter), while his real bride Victoria Everglot (Emily Watson) remains alone in the world of the living. Of course, Victor tries to leave the dead so he can live normally again and fulfill his love for Victoria. But time is urgent

Ghost Bride

Arizona Dream – Arizona dream

Axel (Johnny Depp) leaves New York and returns to his hometown of Arizona to pursue his personal “American dream”. His uncle Leo (Jerry Lewis) not only owns a car dealership, he also dreams of climbing to the moon a Cadillac. Leo trained Axel as a salesman and immediately taught him the three basic rules of sales techniques: seduction, sex, and psychology. He also tells him what to look for in a woman: new models, low-cut, streamlined clothes – everything else will be below his level. But Axel’s luck is only truly fulfilled when he falls in love with Elaine Stalker (Faye Dunaway). People just call her crazy widow ever since she shot her husband dead and just chasing a big dream. She really wants to fly.

arizona dream

The tourist movie – The Tourist

In order to relieve the feelings of a failed love affair, a shy American guy Frank (Johnny Depp) embarks on a trip across Europe. On the train between Paris and Venice, he meets the extremely attractive Elise (Angelina Jolie), whose unexpected strides he happily reciprocates. If only he knew what he was getting into with the female idol! The next day love hour, he finds himself hunted in a fierce duel between brutal Russians and a tough squad of police. He has only one option left to escape the war – he must track down the hiding Elise and uncover the dangerous mistake…

Movie the tourist

Movie Don Juan DeMarco

The Legend of Don Juan – transported to the 90s. A young man (Johnny Depp) attempts to commit suicide by throwing himself off a skyscraper. He would just be another candidate for police psychiatrist Jack Mickler (Marlon Brando) if the man who committed suicide didn’t think he was Don Juan DeMarco, the world’s greatest lover. Wearing a black Zorro mask, loose cape, and a sword, he roams New York and claims to have loved more than 1,500 women along the way.

But after his one true love, Doña Anna (Géraldine Pailhas) abandons him, he wants to end his existence. However, Mickler can dissuade him. Don Juan is so new that he seduces the psychiatrist with his stories of love and passion that it is difficult to decide.


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