Jinyoung (Park Jin-young) of B1A4 whose real name is Jung Jin Young. The guy born on November 18, 1991 started his career as a member of the boy group B1A4. He was active in the group from 2011 until his contract expired in 2018. After that, Jinyoung continued to pursue a solo career in the music world.

However, Jinyoung not only sings but also works actively as a musician, record producer and actor. Love in the Moonlight (2016) is a drama that marked his name as an actor, and also included him in the list of nominations for Best New Actor (Television) at the Baeksang Arts Awards. 53rd time in 2017. However, unfortunately he did not win.


If you love handsome actor Jinyoung and want to find his best movies, here are the Top 10 best Jinyoung movies that you must watch.

He Is Psychometric Movie

  • Release year: 2019
  • Genre: Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Romance
  • Produce: JS Pictures
  • Directed by: Kim Byung-soo
  • Players: Park Jin-young, Shin Ye-eun, Kim Kwon, Kim Da-som
  • Episodes: 16 episodes

Movie Psychic Boy

He Is Psychometric (2019) is one of the most popular dramas starring Jinyoung (GOT7). The drama aired on tvN follows the life of Lee Ahn, who has supernatural psychic abilities.

Lee Ahn can read the memories of people or objects with just one touch. It was difficult to control his ability, he was finally able to solve various criminal cases.

In this drama, Jinyoung plays the character Lee Ahn, who as a child had bad memories of the fire that killed his parents.

With the strength he has, Lee Ahn often has to see things he doesn’t want. But together with Yoon Jae In, he helped Prosecutor Kang Sung Mo solve various important cases.

The Devil Judge (The Devil Judge)

  • Release year 2021
  • Genre Drama , Legal , Mystery
  • Produce Studio Dragon , Studio & New
  • Director Choi Jung Gyu
  • Cast Ji Sung Kim Min Jung Park Jin Young Park Gyu Young

Evil Judge movie

The Devil Judge (2021) is another popular drama starring Jinyoung (GOT7). Competing with big names, Jinyoung proves that his acting talent is not inferior to his senior

This legal drama tells the story of a judge who turns a trial into a reality show to punish criminals.

In this drama, Jinyoung plays one of the main characters named Kim Ga On and Kang Isaac. Kim Ga On is a deputy judge on Live Court Show, who believes that justice can be achieved by constitutional means.

While Kang Isaac is Yo Han’s half-brother who died in a fire, Ria has a very similar face to Kim Ga On.

Yumi’s Cells (Yumi’s Cells)

  • Release year: 2021
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama, Psychological
  • Production: CJ ENM , Locus Corporation , Merrycow Creative , Studio Dragon , Studio N , TVING
  • Director: Lee Sang Yeob
  • Cast: Kim Go Eun Ahn Bo Hyun Park Jin Young Park Ji Hyun Lee Yu Bi

Yumi .'s Cell Movie

The news about Jinyoung’s participation in the drama Yumi’s Cells (2021) became one of the hot topics. Many fans can’t wait to see Jinyoung play the second lead role in the drama.

Yumi’s Cells (2021) is indeed one of the hit dramas in 2021. Because the drama stars Kim Go Eun with a unique premise.

Jinyoung plays a character named Yoo Ba Bi or Bobby, who is Yumi’s colleague who appeared in episodes 8 to 14. This man has a good personality, is smart and handsome. Therefore, Yoo Ba Bi is very popular in his office.

Yumi’s Cells Movie Part 2 (Yumi’s Cells 2)

  • Release year: 2022
  • Genre: Psychological, Drama, Romance
  • Producer: Studio Dragon, Merrycow Creative, Studio N, Locus Corporation (Animation)
  • Directed by: Lee Sang-yeob
  • Actors: Kim Go-eun, Jinyoung
  • Episodes: 14 episodes

Yumi's Cell Movie Part 2

After making fans curious, finally Yumi’s Cells 2 (2022) has been announced to air in June 2022. Still with the same cast, this drama is still being worked on. by director Lee Sang Yeob.

That is what makes the difference from the first part, Yumi’s Cells 2 (2022) which focuses more on the relationship between Yumi and Yoo Ba Bi.

The ship that fans have been waiting for, will finally set sail with a more thrilling story. In addition, the director also confirmed that the second season will tell a deeper story about Yumi’s love life and dreams.

Dream High Part 2 (Dream High 2)

  • Release year: 2012
  • Genre: Music, Teen, Comedy, Drama, Romance
  • Produce: Holym, CJ E&M Corp
  • Directed by: Lee Eung-bok, Mo Wan-il
  • Actors: Kang So-ra, Jinwoon, Jiyeon, JB, Hyolyn, Park Seo-joon
  • Episodes: 16 episodes

Movie Flying high in the dream part 2

Before debuting as a member of GOT7, Jinyoung made his debut as an actor in the drama Dream High 2 (2012). Not alone, Jinyoung joined JB, who became the main character in the drama. Playing the role of Jum Ui Bong, the character he plays is just a supporting actor with a minimal appearance time.

Dream High 2 (2012) still tells the story of Kirin Art School students who are trying to follow their dreams. But the competition is getting stiffer, as new students from Oz Entertainment begin to dominate.

Now, students not only have to compete with other students, but also have to compete with trainees and idols from Oz Entertainment.

When My Love Blooms (When My Love Blooms)

  • Release year: 2020
  • Genre: Melodrama, Romance
  • Producer: Bon Factory Worldwide , Studio Dragon
  • Director: Son Jung Hyun
  • Cast: Yoo Ji Tae Lee Bo Young Park Jin Young Jeon So Nee

Movie When the flower of love blooms

Actively showing her acting talent, Jinyoung continued to cover the small screen through the drama “When My Love Blooms” (2020).

Although not the main character, the character played by Jinyoung is quite meaningful and very important. Here, Jinyoung plays the younger version of Jae Hun, the son of the Vice President of Hyung Sung Corporation.

When My Love Blooms (2020) tells the story of Han Jae Hyun, a successful businessman who always pursues treasure. Until he is reunited with his first love, Ji Soo, after two decades.

Seeing the woman he loves now living a difficult life, Han Jae Hyun feels very sad and tries to help his ex.

The Legend of the Blue Sea Movie

  • Release year: 2016
  • Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Romance
  • Produce: Culture Warehouse , Studio Dragon
  • Director: Jin Hyuk, Park Seon Ho
  • Cast: Jun Ji Hyun Lee Min Ho

Movie Legend of the Blue Sea

Who doesn’t know the TV series The Legend of The Blue Sea (2016)? The drama, starring Jun Ji Hyun and Lee Min Ho, was considered a popular drama in 2016. In fact, this drama was a huge success overseas and achieved ratings. high in Korea.

In this drama, Jinyoung plays the teenage version of Heo Joon Jae, a character played by Lee Min Ho.

Melting Me Softly

  • Release year: 2019
  • Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Comedy
  • Produce: Story Phoenix
  • Sutradara: Shin Woo-chul
  • Actors: Ji Chang-wook, Won Jin-ah, Yoon Se-ah
  • Episodes: 16 episodes

Movie Melts Gently

Unlike other dramas, in 2019, Jinyoung made a brief appearance in a drama titled Melting Me Softly (2019). Jinyoung appeared as a guest appearance in episode 14, in this drama starring Ji Chang Wook and Won Jin Ah.

Meanwhile, Melting Me Softly (2019) tells the story of two people who volunteer for a research study. Ma Dong Cha and Ko Mi Ra followed a study that required their bodies to be frozen.

But this research was delayed, because the professor had a serious accident. After that, how was the continuation of the study and the status of the volunteers frozen?

This is My Love

  • Release year: 2015
  • Genre: Romance, Drama
  • Producer: Drama House, Mong-jak-so Co
  • Directed by: Lee Tae-gon, Kim Jae-hong
  • Actors: Joo Jin-mo, Kim Sa-rang
  • Episodes: 16 episodes

This is my love movie

Another popular movie that Jinyoung starred in is This Is My Love (2015). The series is broadcast by JTBC, starring famous characters such as Joo Jin-mo and Kim Sa-rang. Jinyoung himself took on the role of a younger version of the main character named Park Hyun Soo.

The drama tells the story of a famous actor named Ji Eun Ho, who hired Seo Jung Eun to write her autobiography. During the making of this book, Ji Eun Dong tries to recall his first love when he was 17 years old.

Above are the top Jinyoung movies that Salenhanh.com would like to recommend to you.