Talking about Jin Goo , actually this actor not only often plays popular dramas therefore he is very popular and loved by many people regardless of whether it is the main or supporting role that he plays. One of the movies that you really must see is The Witch: Part 2. The Other One (2022).

This movie is the return of Jin Goo that fans have been waiting for. This film by director Park Hoon Jung is really worth watching, because the premise makes you curious.

Also, this movie made it into the box office ranks in Korea, you know. It can even be said that The Witch: Part 2. The Other One (2022) is Jin Goo’s most successful film.

Besides The Witch: Part 2. The Other One (2022), Jin Goo has actually starred in a number of popular movies. For those of you who are curious and want to learn more complete information. You can only read it in Salenhanh.

Movie The Witch: Part 2. The Other One

movie jin goo 2_

  • Release year 2022
  • Genre Mystery
  • Production Studio & New
  • Director Park Hoon Jung
  • Cast of Shin Shi Ah Jo Min Soo Park Eun Bin

As you mentioned above, The Witch: Part 2. The Other One (2022) is the most successful movie ever starring Jin Goo.

This movie by director Park Hoon Jung really gives the audience goosebumps. Because this movie will tell the story of a girl who escaped from a secret laboratory called “Ark”.

While on the run, this young girl accidentally meets a sworn brother who is her best friend.

Becoming one of the main characters, Jin Goo will once again play a character who is good at martial arts. He plays Yoo Doo, this man is known to be the boss of an organization that always interferes in the lives of Kyung Hee and Dae Gil.

Movie One Line

movie jin goo-3_

  • Release year: 2017
  • Genre: Crime, Horror
  • Produce: MiiN Pictures
  • Directed by: Yang Kyung-Mo
  • Actors: Im Si-Wan, Jin Goo, Park Byung-Eun, Lee Dong-Hwi, Kim Sun-Young

Moving on to the next movie, this time we will discuss a movie called One Line (2017). Of course, this film by director Yang Kyung Mo will be in the tense horror genre.

Jin Goo himself will play one of the main characters named Suk Goo. In addition, Jin Goo will also compete in acting with Im Si Wan, Park Byung Eun to Lee Dong Hwi and Kim Sun Young.

One Line (2017) will tell the story of an ordinary student whose life suddenly changes after meeting a professional scammer.

Meanwhile, the character Suk Goo, played by Jin Goo, is an excellent bank thief. He gathered some people to form a group of bank robbers.

Movie The Admiral: Roaring Currents

jin goo movie-4_

  • Release year 2014
  • Genre Action , Drama , History , Military , War
  • Produce Big Stone Pictures , CJ Entertainment
  • Director Kim Han Min
  • Cast Choi Min Shik Kim Gil Dong Ryu Seung Ryong Jo Jin Woong Park Bo Gum

Switching to the war movie genre, this time Jin Goo will appear in the movie called The Admiral: Roaring Currents (2014). Although not ranked among the main actors, Jin Goo’s presence in this drama is quite important, you know.

Jin Goo is set to play a character named Lim Jung Young, who is a warrior figure stalking Yi Sun Shin.

Meanwhile, The Admiral: Roaring Currents (2014) tells the story of the war between the Joseon army and the Japanese army.

A Korean admiral named Yi Shun Shin had to rack his brains to save his people. Because the Joseon army consisted of only 13 warships, they had to confront hundreds of Japanese warships.

Movie Northern Limit Line

movie jin goo-5_

  • Release year: 2015
  • Genre: Horror, War
  • Produce: Rosetta Cinema
  • Directed by: Kim Hak-soon
  • Actors: Kim Mu-Yeol, Jin Goo, Lee Hyun-Woo

Still taking the war theme, Jin Goo also appeared as one of the main actors in the movie called Northern Limit Line (2015).

This is a movie by director Kim Hak Soon, you must watch it, because the plot makes you very suspenseful. This time, Jin Goo will play Han Sang Gook, one of the captains of the patrol boat Chamsuri 357.

Not alone, Jin Goo will also be competing in acting with Kim Mu Yeol, and handsome actor Lee Hyun-Woo as the main character. As for the side story, the film follows a South Korean patrol boat’s struggle to save itself from a North Korean ship.

Movie The Target

movie jin goo-6_

  • Release year: 2014
  • Genre: Action, Horror
  • Producer: Barunson, Yong Film
  • Directed by: Chang
  • Actors: Ryu Seung-Ryong, Lee Jin-Wook, Yoo Jun-Sang, Kim Sung-Ryung

The Target (2014) is one of Jin Goo’s famous films that you should not take lightly. Although Jin Goo is only classified as a supporting actor, his appearance in this movie is one of the things that fans are waiting for.

This time, Jin Goo will take on the role of Baek Sung Hoon, who will be involved in a mysterious kidnapping case.

The Target (2014) tells the story of a former mercenary who was once known as an assassin. This caused the soldier to be pursued by many parties, until his wife had to become a victim.

Movie 26 Years

movie jin goo-7_

  • Release year: 2012
  • Genre: Action
  • Manufacturing: –
  • Directed by: Cho Geun-Hyun
  • Actors: Jin Goo, Han Hye-Jin, Bae Soo-Bin, Im Seulong

26 Years (2012) is a film directed by Cho Geun Hyun, also starring Jin Goo. This time the actor born in 1980 is ranked as the main actor. He will play Kwak Jin Bae, a gangster boss who will take revenge.

26 Years (2012) tells the tragic conditions in Korean history in Gwangju. Exactly on May 18, 1980, there was a massacre that left many victims dead.

This made a group of people feel revenge, so they retaliated against politicians.

Movie Moby Dick

movie jin goo-8_

  • Release year: 2011
  • Genre: Horror
  • Produce: Palette Pictures
  • Directed by: Park In-Je
  • Actors: Hwang Jung-Min, Kim Min-Hee, Jin Goo, Kim Sang-Ho

In 2011, Jin Goo starred in the famous film directed by Park In Je, titled Moby Dick (2011). In this drama, Jin Goo will be the main character along with Jung Min, Kim Min Hee and Kim Sang Ho.

In this drama, Jin Goo will play Yoon Hyuk, a man known as an informant. As for the plot, Moby Dick (2011) tells about the world of journalism in Korea in the 90s.

Journalists strive to create good stories, so that more people continue to read the newspaper regularly.

Movie The Showdown

jin goo movie-9_

  • Release year: 2011
  • Genre: Action
  • Manufacturing: –
  • Directed by: Park Hoon-Jung
  • Actors: Park Hee-soon, Jin Goo, Ko Chang-Seok

Next, we’ll talk about The Showdown (2011). This film is the work of director Park Hoon Jung with the participation of actors Jung-Min, Kim Min-Hee, Jin Goo and Kim Sang-Ho. Jin Goo will be lined up to play a character named Do Young, one of the Korean soldiers.

The Showdown itself (2011) tells the story of when the Korean and Chinese armies faced each other in 1916. Three Korean soldiers were forced to go to China, in the Ming Dynasty to be exact. The three must try to sustain their lives in ways they never imagined.

Movie Le Grand Chef 2: Kimchi Battle

jin goo movie-10_

  • Release year: 2010
  • Genre: Drama, Food
  • Produce: IROOM Pictures
  • Directed by: Baek Dong-Hoon
  • Actors: Kim Jung-Eun, Jin Goo

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Jin Goo switched to being a chef? You can see this when watching the Korean movie, Le Grand Chef 2: Kimchi Battle (2010).

The film by director Baek Dong Hoon will bring together Jin Goo and Kim Jung Eun as half-brothers. Meanwhile, Jin Goo will play a character named Seong Chan, Jang Eun’s half-brother.

This man wants to save his family’s restaurant that was taken over by Jang Eun’s family. Seong Chan decides to take his stepbrother to a cooking competition. This match will decide whether the restaurant will float or close.

Movie Mother

movie jin goo-11_

  • Release year 2009
  • Genres Adult , Crime , Drama , Family , Mystery , Suspense , Horror
  • Produce Barunson E&A , CJ Entertainment
  • Director Bong Joon Ho
  • Cast Kim Hye Ja, Won Bin

The last Jin Goo movie that we will discuss next is Mother (2009). This movie became the successful start of Jin Goo’s career in Korea.

No kidding, Jin Goo will also compete in acting with the famous and senior actress Kim Hye Ja. About the character he will play as Jin Tae, this man is Yoon Do Joon’s best friend.

Mother herself (2009) tells the story of a mother’s struggle to free her son from prison. He doesn’t believe his son has committed a crime because Yoon Do Joon is emotionally retarded.

Here are some suggestions for popular Korean movies starring Jin Goo. Usually acting in action and thriller movies, Jin Goo is really suitable to play this character.

That is evidenced by the diverse action sequences that he shows, never leaving the audience in awe. In your opinion, which movie performed by Jin Goo is the best?


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