10. Sprite Fantasia

The first game on this list we will open with a game called Sprite Fantasia. As an MMORPG, this game has a more relaxed visual theme. The graphic presentation is made more colorful and is also supported by cute character designs.

Here you will go on an adventure in a fantasy world called Saphael. But not only adventure alone, you can also be accompanied by Sprites, namely pets or pets in this game.

To simplify the grinding and leveling process, this game still offers autoplay.

  • Fashion: Online
  • Genre: Role Playing
  • Size: 2.81GB
  • Download Sprite Fantasia

9. Moonlight Sculptor

Still with a simpler visual concept, followed by Moonlight Sculptor. This game is unique because it lifts the story from a popular Korean novel. The novel is titled “The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor”.

Just like MMORPG games in general, here you can choose one of several character classes on offer. Where each class is equipped with its own attributes, advantages and uniqueness.

Because it was taken from a novel, of course the world was created based on the novel.

  • Fashion: Online
  • Genre: Role Playing
  • Size: 2.42GB
  • Download Moonlight Sculptor

8. Seven Knights 2

The next game is a sequel to the game Seven Knights made by Netmarble. As a successor series, this game definitely brings some significant improvements. If the first one focused on 2D turn-based gameplay, this latest is presented in a different way.

The reason is, you can play with MMORPG gameplay. Of course, this game also maintains the old heroes, but also has the addition of many new heroes.

Also, the depiction of the story is quite interesting as it is seasoned with various cinematic cutscenes. But on the downside, this game requires a grinding process that will be very time consuming.

  • Fashion: Online
  • Genre: Role Playing
  • Size: 5.81GB
  • Download Seven Knights 2

7. Lineage of W

Under the name Lineage, the Lineage W series is the next best 2022 Android MMORPG that we will discuss. Because it is such a popular franchise, this game immediately gained a pretty high level of popularity after it was first released.

One of the things that sets it apart from many other MMORPGs on smartphones is the cross-platform features it offers. Where you can play against players using PC.

As usual, the game will begin with the creation of a character chosen from a variety of classes. You will then be transported into the story of the world of Aden, exactly 150 years after the events of the original Lineage series.

  • Fashion: Online
  • Genre: Role Playing
  • Size: 4.26GB
  • Download Lineage W

6. MIR4

Back again with a game from Korea, it’s MIR4. As an MMORPG game, this game presents something quite unique because it is imbued with Korean culture.

As a mobile game, most games can be run by autoplay. Enjoy fighting to complete each assigned mission.

But unfortunately this game still has shortcomings with a lot of bugs and bots that players may encounter later in the game.

  • Fashion: Online
  • Genre: Role Playing
  • Size: 2.93GB
  • Download MIR4

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5. Legend of Neverland

If you are looking for an alternative to the Genshin Impact game, then The Legend of Neverland might be the game you like. The reason, this game is much smaller in size and lighter to play.

Even so, this game is quite interesting. The adventures offered are well presented thanks to the graphical presentation and rather smooth combat effects.

Along with progress, you can also develop your character after receiving various rewards from completing quests.

  • Fashion: Online
  • Genre: Role Playing
  • Size: 1.30GB
  • Download The Legend of Neverland

4. Albion Online

The next game is an MMORPG called Albion Online. This game has a cross-platform feature that allows players to play on PC or mobile devices.

Unlike most mobile MMORPGs, this one does not feature autoplay. So that players can feel the adventure experience more thrilling and exciting.

One of the cool things about this game is that each player can get every item from other players that have been killed. In addition, the graphical presentation of the Android version is quite detailed.

  • Fashion: Online
  • Genre: Role Playing
  • Size: 4.14GB
  • Download Albion Online

3. MARVEL . Future Revolution

When it comes to MMORPG-themed games, this game is definitely not to be missed. MARVEL Future Revolution offers quite an immersive experience starting with an exciting story, detailed cutscenes, engaging battles and much more.

The story of this game itself revolves around an attempt to save the world by fighting every single enemy character. In the game, you can also interact with NPCs and other players.

In addition, the presence of iconic characters from MARVEL complete with their unique looks and skills adds to the appeal of this game.

  • Fashion: Online
  • Genre: Role Playing
  • Size: 6.80GB
  • Download MARVEL Future Revolution

2. My Hero Academia: The Strongest

The next MMORPG is My Hero Academia titled The Strongest. Previously only available in Chinese, you can now also play this game in English even though it hasn’t been released on the Play Store yet.

As an adaptation of one of the popular anime titles, this game doesn’t just support the big names of My Hero Academia. But it also comes with a bunch of very cool elements that make it well worth playing.

Comes with an open world MMORPG theme, where you can freely complete missions, fight or simply roam around to enjoy the atmosphere in the game.

  • Fashion: Online
  • Genre: Role Playing
  • Size: 7.40GB
  • Download My Hero Academia The Strongest Hero

1. Ragnarok X: The Next Generation

Last in this list of the best Android MMORPG 2022 games this time is none other than the latest series from the famous MMORPG game franchise Ragnarok. The Ragnarok X game titled The Next Generation comes with a rather ordinary visual theme.

This can be seen from the colorful graphic presentation, to the cuter characters and enemies. Not to forget, there are also cutscenes to complete the conveyed storyline.

Although this game feels very enjoyable to start playing, it will feel quite boring after playing for a while.

  • Fashion: Online
  • Genre: Role Playing
  • Size: 1.92GB
  • Download Ragnarok X: Next Generation

Those are some of our recommendations for the 10 best Android MMORPG games for 2022 that can be played this year. Although most have similar game patterns, each game is equipped with its own uniqueness.


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