ZTE Blade V40 Vita Review

ZTE Blade V40 Vita

Once existed, lost, and now Return. Well, Gizmo friends ever heard that ZTE introduced mobile phones in Vietnam? However, it’s been quite a while and now I’m trying to get back to a more proper Android smartphone. The ZTE Blade V40 Vita here is one of the most expensive options at the moment.

In the early stages of returning, ZTE still tries to launch mid-range smartphones and above first – perhaps still checking the waves, yes, before bringing back flagships like the Axon series. The specifications and price of the ZTE Blade V40 Vita can be considered competitive, not far behind the competitors.

The question is, with enough specifications for a smartphone in the price range of Rp 2 million, is ZTE’s latest smartphone worth choosing when other popular vendors can offer the same thing? For this reason, here is a complete review of the ZTE Blade V40 Vita, to help you with the most accurate information.

ZTE Blade V40 Vita Specifications

Chipset Unisoc T606 (12nm)
CPU Octa-core (2×1.6 GHz Cortex-A75 & 6×1.6 GHz Cortex-A55)
GPU Mali-G57 MP1
RAM (Memory) 4GB
Warehouse 128GB UFS 2.2
External storage microSD (dedicated)
Operating system Android 11
User interface MyOS

Review Review ZTE Blade V40 Vita


In a way, the design form of the ZTE Blade V40 Vita looks quite attractive. And also quite large, because the size of the screen is really large. Its thickness reaches 9.4mm, with a weight of 214 grams. Some might see this as a drawback, or even an advantage as it feels solid in the hand.

ZTE Blade V40 Vita

The rear body is designed in a pattern so it is not slippery and does not leave fingerprints. Meanwhile, if tilted, the light can change as if it were coming from the camera module. At the bottom of the body there is a large printed ZTE Blade logo, the same color as the rest of the body, aka non-flashy. According to you on Salenhanh, is a design like this okay?

The left and right corners of the body are slightly curved, so the feeling of holding in the hand is still very comfortable. Meanwhile, the rear camera module does not protrude too much, so it is not uncomfortable when placed on the table. For extra protection, there is a soft box included in the sales package.


Are you looking for a large screen Android smartphone? The ZTE Blade V40 Vita is possibly one of the best options in its segment. 6.75 inches, with bezels that match the average smartphone of its kind. Up to 90Hz refresh rate is available! And it’s adaptive even though it’s only in the 60-90Hz range.

The only small drawback is that the screen resolution is only HD +. As long as it is not too annoying, because of the large screen size, it automatically looks at the smartphone a little further. With IPS panels, the color saturation and viewing angles of the screen are also high quality.

Camera ZTE Blade V40 Vita

The notch on the top is still a waterdrop style, not a punch hole. But it’s relatively small in size, so it doesn’t block what’s on the screen. Overall, the ZTE Blade V40 Vita screen feels just right for viewing multimedia content, chatting through everyday messaging apps, and multitasking.


Because it is classified as a new product (also known as a new arrival), to be honest, I do not have much expectations for the camera capabilities of the ZTE Blade V40 Vita. In terms of specs, it’s pretty good. In which the main sensor has a high resolution of 48MP with f/1.8 aperture and PDAF for fast focusing.

The other two sensors only support, 2MP each for macro and depth, aka no ultra-wide sensor. The interface itself is quite simple and efficient, all necessary shortcuts are within easy reach. Like Google Lens, portrait mode, all the way to professional mode with a maximum shutter speed of 6 seconds.

Other modes such as high resolution photography, QR code scanning and night mode can be accessed on the “more” menu. So what about fishing? Unlike most smartphones, shots from the ZTE Blade V40 Vita camera tend to display neutral colors, you might even think they’re a bit pale. As for white balance, tones tend to be slightly bluish—except when exposed to indoor light, tones are usually slightly warmer.

Choosing neutral or long colors can be a matter of taste. Overall, quite able to compete with its competitors. Except for the dynamic range, ZTE Blade V40 Vita can still give images that are overexposed because they are not optimized. Night mode can be useful, but doesn’t make the photo much brighter. Still okay, at least you can still ‘tell the story’ if the scenario is really nighttime.

Complete photos from the ZTE Blade V40 Vita camera can be accessed in the following Google Photos album.

As for the video recording itself, it’s pretty standard. The maximum resolution for video recording on the ZTE Blade V40 Vita camera reaches 1080p at 30 frames per second. And of course, like many smartphones in its class, it is not equipped with stabilization like EIS.


As for the software sector, it can be said to be a bit less competitive than the competitors. Featuring a custom skin, ZTE Blad V40 Vita still runs Android 11. In fact, it was released earlier in other countries than Indonesia. So it seems there is no need to hope for an Android version update in the near future.

Review ZTE Blade V40 Vita

On the plus side, the extras are pretty complete, not too much bloatware, and the interface is pretty clean. As for the audio sector, the mono speaker below is pretty decent, though not the loudest. Especially for a large sized smartphone like the ZTE Blade V40 Vita.

Of course, the audio jack can still be found on the underside of the ZTE Blade V40 Vita body. In terms of security features, the fingerprint sensor is located on the right edge, along with the power button. The size is just right and quite responsive, works well when the fingers are sweaty.

The battery

In fact, the ZTE Blade V40 Vita variant in some other countries has a battery capacity of up to 6,000 mAh. Well, unfortunately in Indonesia we don’t have the same capacity but a bit smaller at 5,130 mAh. If only it had the same size, it would add a plus point to this affordable smartphone from ZTE.

With a 12nm chipset and an “only” HD+ display, using the ZTE Blade V40 Vita all day is still very safe, even up to 1.5 days. The ‘benefit’ of having a smaller battery is, in general, aside from lighter weight, of course faster charging. Plus faster charging speeds than average competitors.

Yes, the ZTE Blade V40 Vita supports 22.5W fast charging, along with the adapter that also brings the maximum speed in the sales package, so you don’t need to buy additional accessories. The physical size is also very small, and with the charger, a full charge will take a little over 90 minutes.

Camera ZTE Blade V40 Vita Review

Conclusion ZTE Blade V40 Vita

The charging speed is more than 18W, the screen size is large, the chipset is quite competitive in the segment, and the camera can be trusted. In fact, the ZTE Blade V40 Vita has interesting key specifications and might actually be the best choice for you.

But along with that, it also comes with some downsides like a slightly laggy operating system. Whether that’s a problem or not depends on what you’re looking for. Again, adjust to your needs.

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