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World Conqueror 3 is a strategic game where players assume the role of commanding units on a world map. This genre of strategic gameplay has become quite familiar to many gamers, as it captures the essence of classic tactics.

In World Conqueror 3, players are granted the authority to command a small squad, a large army, or even have control over an entire nation’s military. Your mission is to arrange, coordinate, and maneuver your units in a rational manner, aiming to eliminate targets and achieve victory.

As the commander, you have the responsibility to make critical decisions, allocate resources effectively, and strategically position your forces to outmaneuver the enemy. The game challenges your tactical skills as you navigate through various battlefields and engage in intense combat.

World Conqueror 3

World Conqueror 3 offers a dynamic and immersive experience, allowing players to witness the consequences of their strategic choices. Whether it’s leading a small specialized unit to carry out covert operations or orchestrating large-scale military campaigns, the game provides a diverse range of scenarios to test your leadership abilities.

By delving into World Conqueror 3, players can explore historical conflicts, make significant historical choices, and even rewrite the course of history through their strategic prowess. Prepare to immerse yourself in an engaging and challenging world, where every decision you make shapes the outcome of the battle and potentially alters the course of the entire war.

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World Conqueror 3 MOD APK is a war-themed strategy game from EasyTech publisher. In the game, the context of the second world war is reproduced in a macro and tactical way. This is no longer a war between humans but a war between nations, continents and rulers.

Introducing World Conqueror 3

drowned in the firestorm of world war

Black Age background, the whole world is on fire

After World War I, World War II was also a war that was “inevitable and certain to happen”. We may have heard of it, but the harshness and darkness that people today face, only the virtual reality (VR) world and famous games can help you understand. somewhat.

World Conqueror 3 for Android

So I tried playing World Conqueror 3. It may not appeal to many people, or even very dry, hard to swallow. But for strategy game addicts, it’s a pinnacle realm that challenges all patience and sharp military tactical skills.


The strategy in World Conqueror 3 is to form a commando unit in front of the map. From methods, tactics to how to deploy troops, how to control soldiers, how to control soldiers, everything happens on a flat area of ​​the map. No wonder you play the classic strategy game. But those who have only recently played modern strategy games may find this odd.

In the early stages of the game, you are given command of a team or company or heavier responsibilities, depending on the stage and level of difficulty. But whoever you are, your main task is to manage, allocate, command and move your units wisely to reach the enemy quickly and win the war.

Remember those old historical dramas about the Three Kingdoms that made waves a few years ago, Game of Thrones? Before the battle, there are a number of scenes that are often projected on a flat map, among them is the model of the army group, then the arrows, the movement of each piece, the image of the general leading each arrow … This is how you play.

You, enemies and allies and various alliance weapons are displayed on the “divine” map. Your operation is just touch, drag to move each unit to approach the enemy area, attack to take up position or defend. Each unit will move in a different cell, with tap and drag you will adjust to move your troops according to their own goals,

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The game is turn based. In return, you can order moves or attacks for each small unit. Note that each unit can only move or attack once per turn (unless an exception is declared before the turn). And just pick one, attacks or moves can’t do two things at once.

Game modes and maps in World Conqueror 3

Depending on the situation in the battle, the game will have two game modes:

  • Conquer World: Also the most popular game mode in the game: you will choose a country to rule and fight. Victory is when you destroy all opposing groups around the world (worldwide, everyone).
  • Military career mode: simpler and more localized. You will experience every famous battle in World War II history. And if you want, you can completely play each faction to experience it from both sides.

Because all the big and small happenings of World Conqueror 3 take place on this map. That is why it plays a very important role. The game has two types of maps: flat map and topographic map. In a nutshell, it can be understood as:

  • Flat Map: Used for Conquer World game mode. It helps you get an idea of ​​current power relations, distribution of troops, influence of warring nations. And especially the best generals of each region. All of this is very important information for you to guide your unit and decide to ally or face someone on Earth.
  • Terrain map: Used for Conquer World and Military Career mods. Through the terrain defined by the colors and shapes on the map, you can track the progress of each battle, observe the soldiers’ noses, predict the enemy’s strategy, and from there give orders suitable for your unit.

General ranking system

In the game, each country will have at least (everyone) a high-level general. And as with the harsh reality of any war, you can find a way to secretly negotiate to recruit this important general into your ranks.

What about the soldiers below? Each country in the game has 4 main forces: Infantry, Artillery, Armor and Marines. Each of these units will have a different level of combat proficiency and a maximum of 4 units, depending on the actual state of war in the past and subsequently the leadership of the general. The characteristics of these strengths are as follows:

  • Infantry: Attack, defense is average, but moves fast.
  • Artillery: Strong attack, moderate movement and weak defense.
  • Armor: Super defensive, good attack, good movement. The downside is that having your own Armor team costs a lot of money and time.
  • Marines: Good defense, attack and movement depends on the army and weapon group they have. But these are the most unpredictable and least known soldiers in the game.

After winning each battle, you’ll unlock different items for one or more of your troops, including new levels, skills, and weapons. Upgrading them also increases their combat power.

graphics and music

For me, this is the best classic strategy game on mobile. If you don’t like the genre, it’s hard to understand the insider’s joy of being in control and effectively engaging in a big battle. The game doesn’t have too many intricate graphic details, but it is very vivid and detailed. Detail is the highlight of the image sequence in World Conqueror 3.

Maps help players keep track of every situation that’s going on and more importantly every aspect, inside and out, micro and macro. Other visual details like shapes, weapon descriptions, and military upgrades are also sharp and make for a lot of fun while playing the game.

World Conqueror 3 MOD by APKMODY

The game music is on a special level. It surprised me. In Conquest mode, you will hear melodious music but spread epic tragedy. In the military mode, you will see a creepy and detailed sound system of the extremely fierce and vibrant army attack.

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