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Wingspan: Oceania Expansion is an ambitious step forward for the popular tableau-building game “Wingspan” by Stonemaier Games. Introduced for the first time in 2019, Wingspan made waves within the gaming community by seamlessly blending strategy, vibrancy, and a love for birds worldwide. Designed by Elizabeth Hargrave, Wingspan became a phenomenon with its unique elements and innovative team-based mechanics. And now, with the emergence of the Oceania Expansion, the game has been enriched once again.

Players will expand their horizons to the Oceania region, where diverse fauna and different natural environments create a captivating backdrop. Encounter new bird species and face the challenges of a new habitat, all authentically portrayed through new cards and interactive mechanisms.

A notable feature of the Oceania Expansion is the introduction of over 95 unique bird cards. From island-dwelling seabirds to species with distinctive characteristics found only in this region, the expansion opens up a world that is both impressive and fascinating. Researching and integrating these new bird species into your strategy will require creativity and adaptability, adding diversity to the gaming experience.

Exploring the Oceania habitat is an integral part of this expansion. Players must contend with unique climate conditions and challenges posed by wild animals, from maintaining body warmth to fierce competition for food. This adds depth to the strategic aspect, as players must determine how to interact with the surrounding environment to achieve success.

Oceania Expansion introduces exciting new mechanisms, enhancing the depth and strategy of the base game. One significant change is the simultaneous play feature, where all players execute their actions simultaneously, creating strength in decision-making and interaction. This leads to a complex and competitive team-play scenario, requiring quick adaptation to opponents’ moves.

Furthermore, the expansion broadens options for specialized activities, allowing players to customize their strategies more tactically. This feature creates a space for creativity and freedom in how you build and manage your bird tableau. From promoting reproduction to the ability to regenerate the habitat, each action can have a significant impact on ultimate success.

Not stopping at new gameplay mechanics, Oceania Expansion also delivers a visually stunning product. The cards are designed with intricate details and vibrant colors, accurately reproducing the birds and their habitats. Each card is a unique piece of art, creating an engaging experience not only from a strategic standpoint but also visually.

In summary, Wingspan: Oceania Expansion is not just a simple add-on but a significant leap forward for the base game. The addition of new bird species, vibrant habitats, and fresh gameplay mechanisms creates a complete and diverse gaming experience. Whether you are a passionate Wingspan enthusiast or a newcomer, Oceania Expansion will undoubtedly enrich your gaming table with richness and challenges.

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Introducing Wingspan: Oceania Expansion Game

Delve into the captivating realms of Oceania with the Wingspan: Oceania Expansion, an impressive addition to the critically acclaimed Wingspan game. Transport yourself to the diverse landscapes of Australia and New Zealand, where a myriad of bird species awaits your exploration. This expansion introduces a plethora of novel resources and mechanics, elevating your adventure in establishing a wildlife preserve to unprecedented heights.

Uncover the mysteries of nearly 100 new bird species native to the Oceania region, each accompanied by intriguing facts and authentic recordings of their melodic calls. Many of these avian additions boast unique skills, including a distinctive yellow ‘end game’ ability that comes into play once the main game concludes, adding a thrilling layer of complexity to your strategies.

Savor the sweetness of the digital version of Wingspan with the introduction of a new food type – nectar. This essential ingredient for the birds of Oceania not only enhances their nutrition but also serves as a versatile substitute for other food types, bridging the culinary preferences of birds from different corners of the world.

Embark on fresh challenges with the inclusion of new bonus cards and end-of-round goals. Pay attention to intricate details such as the orientation of your bird’s beak on the card, adding an extra layer of strategy to your gameplay. Embrace variety in every game, as some rounds may present new challenges without predefined end goals.

Experience an evolution in the player board design, offering enhanced functionalities. The board now accommodates your nectar stash, along with options for resetting the bird feeder and card tray. Enjoy quicker access to food and cards, while the egg-laying process sees a reduction, diversifying the dynamics of gameplay.

Immerse yourself in the relaxing melodies composed by Paweł Górniak, contributing to the serene ambiance of Wingspan: Oceania Expansion. Let the soothing soundtrack enhance your gaming experience as you navigate through the intricate world of bird conservation.

Indulge in the scenic beauty of Oceania with new backgrounds and portraits inspired by the region’s rich flora and fauna. Choose your preferred graphics as you get closer to the nature of the continent, enhancing the visual allure of your gaming sessions.

Wingspan: Oceania Expansion retains all the features of the base game, ensuring a seamless integration of the new content. Whether you own the European Expansion or not, enjoy cross-platform multiplayer mode, test your skills in weekly challenges, and face off against Automa, now equipped with additional bonus cards and innovative end-of-round goals.

Immerse yourself in the Oceania experience, available on Steam: Wingspan: Oceania Expansion.

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