Will It Snow for Christmas Movie Review?

Korean dramas that tell about love struggles in the past and then continue several years later can always provide an interesting plot. The audience is invited to watch a character develop. We also became more emotionally attached as we watched his struggles.

Among the Korean dramas that carry such stories, there is an old series that is very interesting to watch. Although it has been aired since 2009, this drama has an equally claustrophobic story. The TV series in question is Will It Snow for Christmas?

Besides the participation of Ko Soo and Han Ye Seul, when watching the movie Will It Snow for Christmas, you will meet Kim So Hyun and Song Joong Ki. You’re probably curious about how the two of them looked and acted a few years ago, right? Before watching, there’s no harm in listening to the synopsis and review below.

Will It Snow for Christmas movie synopsis

  • Release year 2009
  • Genres Coming of Age , Drama , Family , Medical , Melodrama , Romance
  • Director Choi Moonseok
  • Cast Go Soo Han Ye Seul Song Jong Ho Sun Woo Sun

Cha Kang Jin (teenager: Kim So Hyun) is a smart kid at school. He grew up with only his mother, Cha Chun Hee (Jo Min Soo), who worked as a maid. Then the two moved to a small town and opened a coffee shop. The relationship between mother and daughter is often tinged with misunderstanding because Kang Jin does not like the attitude of male customers who abuse his mother.

In that small town, Kang Jin met Han Ji Won (teenager: Nam Ji Hyun). They later became close but were unable to continue their relationship. Because one day, the pendant left by Kang Jin’s father accidentally fell into the river.

Seeing that, Ji Won took the initiative to marry or she could not express her feelings to Kang Jin. Ji Won’s brother, Han Ji Yong (Song Joong Ki) promises to help find him. But while searching for Kang Jin’s pendant, Ji Yong drowned and eventually died.

Will It Snow for Christmas

The incident was a heavy blow to Ji Won and his family. Ji Won is no longer considered a child by her mother. As a result, he decided to leave home and live alone. Two teenagers are separated.

Eight years later, Kang Jin (adult: Ko Soo) and Ji Won (adult: Ha Ye Seul) finally meet again. Kang Jin works as a team leader at a famous architecture firm. Meanwhile, Ji Won, who has been independent since the incident, works at a cafe.

The two meet again when Ji Won is planning to get engaged to Min Tae Jun (Song Jong Ho), who turns out to be Kang Jin’s co-worker. Unfortunately on the D day of the engagement, Tae Jun didn’t come because he was still in love with Lee Woo Jeong (Sun Woo Sun), his ex-girlfriend. The engagement was annulled.

After that, Kang Jin and Ji Won continued to communicate, although Ji Won, who was quite carefree at first, became moody and withdrawn. However, Ji Won still can’t forget her brother’s death. The cancellation of the engagement really hit her heart.

Ji Won’s suffering does not go away because it turns out that he has cancer. One issue after another in Ji Won’s life weighed heavily on her footsteps to start a relationship with Kang Jin. However, is there really no chance for them?

Will It Snow for Christmas movie review

Ji Won and the lesson of fighting

Watching Christmas Does it Snow? You will feel sorry for Han Ji Won’s life journey. A teenage girl has to lose a brother who always wants to help her, which of course leaves a huge sense of guilt. Plus the treatment his mother received caused him to leave the house.

Review Will It Snow for Christmas

As an adult, Ji Won has to fend for herself by working in a cafe to meet her own needs. When life seemed to be going well, the fiance acted by leaving him on the day of the engagement. Ji Won’s suffering continues with the doctor’s verdict that he has cancer.

Ji Won’s character in this drama teaches a lot about struggle. Her difficult life since she was a teenager has become a foundation as well as a burden. Ji Won was able to go through all that but on the other hand, he has deep wounds.

TV Drama With Tears

If you’re starting to want to see this movie, have a tissue ready, because from the very first episode of Will It Snow for Christmas? You will see scenes that make your heart sad. It begins with the life struggles of Kang Jin’s mother, who has to deal with clients and her flirtatious boss.

Movie Will It Snow for Christmas

Kang Jin didn’t like it, he protected his mother even though he was in prison. This made the mother very sad because there was no money to get Kang Jin out of prison. You might as well cry in this scene.

Kang Jin, who still had the pendant his father gave him, also hurt his mother. By keeping the pendant, Kang Jin hopes that one day he can see his father again. However, that is unacceptable. From that pendant, the story in this movie is even more interesting to follow.

Chemistry role-playing player

Ko Soo and Han Ye Seul were able to portray their characters well. The acting and chemistry of both support the plot so that it can captivate the audience. From one sad scene to another, Han Ye Seul acted successfully. Likewise, Ko Soo, who has to act, has been cultivating the desire for 8 years.

It’s no surprise that Ko Soo and Han Ye Seul are successful with their acting in this drama. Both are good actors. You are guaranteed not to be disappointed by them.

Former acting of Kim So Hyun and Song Joong Ki

Two big names Kim So Hyun and Song Joong Ki are now inseparable in their second journey in the Korean entertainment world in a long time. One of the TV series that chronicled their journey was Will It Snow for Christmas? this. It was broadcast in 2009, when Kim So Hyun and Song Joong Ki were very young.

Will It Snow for Christmas Movie

In this movie, the roles of both are quite important. Kim So Hyun will be the teenage Kang Jin and Song Joong Ki will be Ji Won’s older brother. Although only appearing in the first few episodes, you will have to smile at the looks and acting of these two great actors.

You must be very curious about Kim So Hyun and Song Joong Ki in the past, right? Their adorable bangs and chubby cheeks will add to the impression watching this movie. Especially if you are a fan of both.

Will it snow for Christmas? it’s an old korean drama. However, the story is still very interesting. Especially if you’re a connoisseur of the tear-jerking drama genre. Do you enjoy watching this movie in your spare time? To not be too sad, you can invite a few friends to watch.

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