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If you’ve watched The Addams Family, you know that the daughter of Morticia Addams and Gomez Addams is Wednesday Addams. This character was used as story material for the fourth TV series. The whole story focuses on this eccentric kid.

The TV series Wednesday was created by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar by connecting some famous stars like Jenna Ortega, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Luis Guzmán and many others. This movie is about Wednesday trying to solve the mystery of the monsters at her school.

Wednesday movie synopsis

  • Release year 2022
  • Genres Comedy , Teen , Family , Fantasy , Horror , Supernatural
  • Director Tim Burton
  • Cast Jenna Ortega Catherine Zeta-Jones Riki Lindhome Jamie McShane Doohan Hunter


Episode 1 – Wednesday’s Child is Full of Woe

Wednesday (Jenna Ortega) is a high school girl from a family of super mystics. He has a younger brother named Pugsley Addams (Isaac Ordonez) who is weak and often bullied. Unacceptable, Wednesday brutal revenge made him expelled from school.

Review wednesday

Undeterred, Wednesday’s mother, Morticia (Catherine Zeta-Jones) and father, Gomez (Luis Guzmán) finally take Wednesday to an ‘outcast’ school called Nevermore Academy, which has a lot of it. a special person’. But Wednesday doesn’t feel at home and intends to run away, his efforts always failing.

Episode 2 – Woe is The Loneliest Number

Rowan (Calum Ross) is Wednesday’s classmate. One night during the carnival, he is killed by a monster and Wednesday sees him. Sheriff, Galpin (Jamie McShane) then tries to find out the truth, but during the investigation, Rowan returns safely, confusing Wednesday.

Movie wednesday

It turns out that Rowan is indeed dead and the form of Rowan seen on Wednesday is still alive as Headmaster Weems (Gwendoline Christie). Fourth, if you don’t know about this, try to find out for yourself. After defeating Bianca (Joy Sunday) in a canoe match, he continues his mission.

Epiosde 3 – Friend or Woe

Wednesday’s search had to stop because he was caught in the act entering the library of an elite club, which turned out to have information about Rowan. Bianca and Xavier (Percy Hynes White) try to stop Wednesday but the quirky girl just needs a book and nothing more so she’s released.

wednesday 3

Principal Weems asked all the students from Nevermore Academy to come to town to inaugurate the statue of Joseph Crackstone, the landlord of the town of Jericho, where Nevermore is located. Instead of joining the event, Wednesday returns to his investigation, which leads to the revenge of Wednesday’s ancestors.

Episode 4 – Woe What A Night

Wednesday & Thing (Wednesday’s pet in the form of a hand) enters the morgue to copy the data of victims of monster attacks. He found a pattern that every corpse must be missing a body part. The next day, Wednesday suspects Xavier for having a picture of the monster in his art studio.

The school dance party begins, and for some reason, Wednesday goes with Tyler (Hunter Doohan) and spends time together even though on the same night Wednesday promises Eugene (Moosa Mustafa) to investigate the cave where the monster is located. live. Eugene went alone and was injured instead.

Episode 5 – You Reap What You Woe

Wednesday’s father, Gomez, was once arrested on suspicion of killing a man named Garrett Gates at Nevermore. When Gomez and Morticia returned to Nevermore to visit their parents, Sheriff Galpin later arrested Gomez again after 32 years he was found innocent by his own conclusion.

This is because the coroner who committed suicide with a will said he regretted having manipulated Garrett’s forensic results. Unable to accept that his father is in prison, Wednesday & his mother immediately reveal the truth. Gomez also managed to get out of prison. Wednesday must now complete another task.

Episode 6 – Quid Pro Woe

The power of Wednesday in the dream is too strong and will endanger him. This is why Wednesday’s mother, Morticia, has asked her daughter to train and Goody, the old ancestor, will come to help. The next night, all of Wednesday’s close friends celebrated his birthday.

But instead of celebrating, Wednesday sees Goody, who will take her to the Garrett mansion. Curious, he tricks Tyler and Enid (Emma Myers) into joining him to investigate Garrett’s mansion, where they encounter the monster Wednesday is looking for.

Epsiode 7 – If You Don’t Woe Me by Now

Mayor Walker (Tommie Earl Jenkins), who is trying to re-investigate the deaths of a Garrett family, is killed by a mysterious killer. This eventually led Wednesday to investigate the case as he was sure that everything had something to do with the existence of terrible monsters.

On the same day, Wednesday is visited by his Uncle, namely Uncle Fester (Fred Armisen), and tries to help Wednesday in his search for clues until he awakens Thing, who has been stabbed and nearly killed. At the same time, Dr. Kinbott (Riki Lindhome) is killed by a monster that turns out to be… Tyler.

Episode 8 – A Murder of Woes

After being investigated, the culprit of all the bad things that happened at Nevermore was finally revealed. Tyler is Hyde, who obeys the orders of his master, Mrs. Thornhill (Christina Ricci), who is close to Wednesday. Abysmal, Thornhill then used Wednesday to awaken his ancestors.

His ancestor is Joseph Crackstone (William Houston), who is willing to kill exiles or special people from the face of the earth. But Wednesday could beat him according to Ms Rowan’s predictions. During his fight, Wednesday is helped by all his friends and Enid even transforms into a werewolf.

As soon as Crackstone died at the hands of Wednesday, everyone at Nevermore could breathe a sigh of relief. Many of them spend time at home. As Wednesday leaves school, Tyler, who was injured after being slaughtered by Enid, begins to regain consciousness and transforms back into Hyde. Endanger Nevermore again.

Wednesday movie review

Stage thief

Playing the role of Wednesday is not easy, in each episode you have to play sly and scary roles, always moody and this is definitely very tiring compared to playing normal characters. But Jenna Ortega can do it well and deserves praise.

Jenna’s performance on Wednesday was very good, so we can entertain ourselves with all the silly stories about her without having to tire of seeing the girl in nasty mode all the time. Wednesday’s horror doesn’t make us hesitate to watch this movie, it’s even addictive!

There are several successful plots that keep audiences focused on Wednesday’s warnings about the power of publicity that could put this eccentric girl in danger. This made the audience a little hesitant to believe what Wednesday saw in their vision, because many people missed out.

The scriptwriter tries to make us a little uncomfortable with Wednesday’s behavior, who is rushing to conclude who the monster is and his master. Starting with Xavier, who was unjustly arrested, the charges against Dr. Kinbott as the lord of hyde. But in the end we are satisfied, Wednesday can turn the tide for good.

If you’ve noticed, from the very first Wednesday in Nevermore Academy, the most watched class was Miss Thornhill’s botany class. Although there are certainly a lot of classrooms that can be shown to make Nevermore Academy more like a school than just a setting.

This makes the audience think a little bit about where Wednesday studied because all day they just explore monster cases, write novels, visit coffee shops, go to psychiatrists, etc. again. Luckily, it’s helped by the interesting storyline, so we don’t think about it too much.

This fourth film has a rather hanging ending; as a clue that the second season of the series will be aired. The reason is, at the end of the film there is a scene where Wednesday is finishing his novel script but it ends with a question mark, which means a big question is there any other new cases in Nevermore?

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