Summary of The Queen’s Umbrella

  • Release year 2022
  • Genres Comedy , Drama , Family , History , Period , Politics , Royalties , Sageuk
  • Produce Netflix , tvN
  • Director Kim Hyung Shik
  • Cast Kim Hye -Soo Kim Hae Sook Choi Won Young Kim Eui Sung Moon Sang Min

Queen Hwa Ryeong was terrified when she learned that the Crown Prince’s health suddenly deteriorated. His bewilderment grew when the mother-in-law had a round child and was looking for a replacement willing to sit in the future king’s chair.

When she knew the fate of her children was in jeopardy, the queen did not stay silent. He prepared the Grand Princes for the crucial, decisive test.

Episode 1-2

Empress Im Hwa Ryeong panicked when she learned that the Crown Prince suddenly collapsed and lost consciousness for several days. He didn’t tell King Lee Ho or anyone else because he didn’t want to cause a scene.

However, the Crown Prince’s frail condition was soon noticed by Empress Dowager Cixi. Instead of helping with the treatment, the Queen Mother sent a healer who could treat the Crown Prince outside the palace.

Review Under the Queen's Umbrella

Not only that, the middle-aged woman also initiated an exam to find the Crown Prince’s classmates. Until now, the Crown Prince studied in a separate place from other princes, including the Grand Princes or the sons of queens and kings.

He compared the Crown Prince’s illness to the disease that took the life of Crown Prince Taein in the past. The Queen Mother’s goal is not simply to find a classmate for the Crown Prince.

He wanted to prepare another prince to replace the high position. Empress Dowager Cixi, who was once a concubine, targets Prince Uiseong, son of Consort Hwang, to succeed the Crown Prince.

He looks carefree with the Queen’s sons. The Queen Mother even punished Prince Seongnam, Prince Muan, Prince Gyeseong, and Prince Ilyoung for their fight with Uiseong.

The plan to organize an exam to find classmates for the Crown Prince was also attracted by other concubines. He sets out to execute a devious plan by giving each of the king’s concubines a guidebook without each of them being aware of it.

That way, he wanted his concubines to still feel special and then submit and thank him. Especially for Father Hwang, the Empress Dowager gave a special book because all the exam questions will come from it.

This situation worried Empress Hwa Ryeong. Mainly because her sons were judged incompetent by the Queen Mother. According to the royal staff who supervise the prince’s education, besides the Crown Prince, the other sons of the Queen do not have high determination to become king.

In the midst of turmoil, Empress Hwa Ryeong arrives with Empress Yoon, the former empress and mother of Crown Prince Taein, who now lives as a commoner.

Hwa Ryeong receives advice that makes her even more afraid for the safety of the Grand Princes. Queen Yoon asks Hwa Ryeong to do her best to keep her children from losing their throne and glory in the palace.

The reason is, if the incumbent Crown Prince abdicates and there is no Grand Prince to replace him, the lives of Hwa Ryeong and his other children will be at stake.

In a sense of confusion, Hwa Ryeong is even more confused when she encounters Prince Gyeseong, whom she relies on, turns out to have a secret side.

The queen’s sadness did not last long because her four sons were willing to take the exam. Of his four sons, Prince Seongnam was the last to enlist.

As the second child, he had no interest in such exams, but after talking with his brother or the Crown Prince, Seongnam changed his mind.

Hwa Ryeong also began to search for information about Crown Prince Taein’s death. Unfortunately, all the necessary medical records were lost in a fire a few years ago.

In addition, there were no eyewitnesses, except for a healer named Cho Guk Yeong. Hwa Ryeong is also named after a healer who at that time treated Crown Prince Taein; His name is Yoo Sang Uk.

When Hwa Ryeong was searching for information about two healers, Concubine Go turned out to be secretly spying on Prince Gyeseong.

He did so because he considered Gyeseong the toughest opponent for his son, Prince Simso. Concubine Go was surprised to see Queen Hwa Ryeong’s son, who was considered the most talented, dressed and dressed like a woman.

The Queen’s Umbrella movie review

A Sageuk drama with many characters

Under the Queen's Umbrella

The TV series Under the Queen’s Umbrella (2022) begins its first episode with a live screening of almost all the characters involved, especially the characters of the princes and concubines that have become the main plot. of this movie.

For those unfamiliar with memorizing or distinguishing character names, you may need to repeat some scenes more than once.

Starting with the uproar of the princes on the first day of school, each concubine escorted their sons together. The Queen herself also had a lot of trouble because her four sons were famous for causing trouble.

His second son, Prince Seongnam, had ‘disappeared’ early in the morning, while Prince Ilyoung was still sleeping even though the others had cleaned up and left.

Get ready to meet the queen and memorize the names of her four sons. Get ready to remember the faces and names of concubines and their proud children.

For viewers who are not used to many characters in one movie, this movie can be tiring.

Joseon era version of Sky Castle

Under the Queen's Umbrella Summary

Besides the dizzying lineup of character names, the two episodes of Under the Queen’s Umbrella (2022) have also begun to show the jumble of contradictions that will be filled with tears and intrigue.

Empress Hwa Ryeong, played by Kim Hye Soo, must do her best to protect her sons from the ambitions of the Empress Dowager, who hates her. If she wants to survive the assassination attempt, Queen Hwa Ryeong must ensure one of her sons leads the palace.

Despite being nominated for a crown prince, the first son’s health is still considered quite alarming. The competition to get the position of the Crown Prince’s classmate is like a contest for the highest position of power.

In short, this movie is reminiscent of Sky Castle (2018); a movie that embodies the ambition of parents who want their son and daughter to have the best place in school. They are willing to do whatever it takes to have a smooth path to that position.

It seems the concubines dare to compete with the queen for the second best place in the palace after the Crown Prince for their son.

Interestingly, this film also deals with sensitive issues that are still relevant to life in modern times; During the conflict, a prince secretly likes to dress up as a woman.

Under the Queen’s Umbrella (2022) promises a tense story with the general conflicts characteristic of court films. In the first two episodes, the plot is not too verbose.

You can immediately follow the plot even though it is quite confusing with many characters. The cinematography of this film is also beautifully presented, and of course Kim Hye Soo’s acting is undeniable.

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