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Top 10 best sci-fi anime cartoons

Space is a topic of interest in every entertainment platform. Anime doesn’t waste an opportunity to explore this theme in their story either. Often with dark themes, anime exploring space or alien worlds is often surrounded by a great science fiction as well as many new things that humans have never known.

The adventure from alien planets to other galaxies can be one of the exciting experiences for many people. Genres of shounen, seinen, and even harem exist to join this adventure and use science to enhance their authenticity.

Sci-fi anime movies

Not all sci-fi anime is set in space. Some are still on the ground. However, this series will focus more on another world. Some are in a backward, post-apocalyptic, even futuristic future. Science-fiction anime will transport their audience to another world.

Let’s review some of the best science fiction anime movies you should watch!

Space Pirates: Captain Harlock

Captain Harlock is a famous name in the sci-fi anime series. During the golden era of anime, Captain Harlock wowed the anime community by exploring the universe aboard his spaceship, the Arcadia. Harlock has several series that explore different timelines in Leiji Matsumoto’s space pirate universe.

Space pirate anime movie

But unlike regular astronauts, they have all been genetically engineered to have the special features of several different insects, which gives them unique abilities. This anime is a high level series that many people will enjoy.

Anime Movie DNA2

This anime is a short and funny series about the main character of Junta. In the future, Junta has 100 children. Karin tried to prevent overpopulation before it happened.

Anime movie dna2

He was shocked to meet Junta, who couldn’t make eye contact let alone talk to girls. Karin explained the situation. As Junta began to understand, debauchery followed.

Anime Terraformars

This action anime follows several astronauts who are tasked with capturing Mars in hopes of saving humanity. The Earth is losing resources and is slowly becoming uninhabitable.

Phim anime Terraformars

The unlucky souls who agree to join this mission discover that the empty planet is inhabited by alien-like beings who possess incredible strength, speed, and resilience. often.

Anime Vandread

The series takes place in an alternate dimension where the intergalactic war between a man and a woman has been going on for decades. This leads to both sides being separated to go to separate planets and interacting with each other will lead to destruction. The tough future boy, Hibiki, sneaks into a women’s plane in hopes of causing trouble. However, he encountered the opposite.

Anime Vandread

Hibiki became a prisoner of the women. However, he soon becomes their ally to help fight an alien threat looking to take advantage of the divide and wipe out humanity. The series features mechanics, space combat, comedy, and romance as the story progresses and hits all the right points for fans of the genre.

Movie AM Drivers

This anime has the influence of the sentai. The series takes place in an alternate future where mechanical creatures called Bugchines are messing with the entire world. AM Drivers were hired to solve this problem. They are warriors equipped with special armor and weapons that can fight the Bugchines around the world.

Phim anime AM-Drivers

Jenus Dira is an AM Driver candidate who finds luck and gets a spot in the strongest faction. He arrives at the perfect time to uncover the evil plans and origins of the Bugchines. The sentai aspect of this anime comes with the character’s armor, which is usually color-coded and features weapons and transformations.

Movie Tenchi Muyo

This classic anime was very popular when it was broadcast on Cartoon Network. The main character, Tenchi, starred in an intergalactic drama before graduating from high school. An incredible number, including queens of another world, alien scientists, and even intergalactic policemen, become a part of his daily life.

Phim anime Tenchi Muyo

Tenchi tries to overcome an alien spaceship, a murder boss, and his love life, while living a normal life. Tenchi Muyo has had several adaptations released over the years. It’s an adventure that perfectly blends science and fantasy.

Movie Zoids: Century of Chaos

Zoids has several series based on different timelines. However, Zoids: Chaotic Century can be called the original timeline. This series takes place before the others. During the great war between the nations, humans used mechanical animatrons called Zoids in battle. Zoids are powerful creatures modeled after some of the wildest evolutionary animals.

Phim anime Zoids

Van Flyheight, who is trying to stop the war, encounters a very powerful ancient Zoid with a mysterious girl inside. This triggers a chain of events that will change the face of the planet forever. This action-packed and mysterious anime keeps audiences hooked.

Harlock is a stoic rebel who travels through endless space. He fights with everyone not for anyone but for what is in his heart. The original series delves into philosophy, corruption, and war and tries to tell a good story while exploring those issues.

Movie Outlaw Star

This anime is a wild ride from start to finish. Gene Starwind is a bounty hunter who can’t seem to rest. Crucial things happen when he and his partner, Jim, become involved with a space robber and a criminal organization. This allows them to possess one of the most powerful ships in the galaxy, the Outlaw Star.

Outlaw-Star anime movie

The story continues with Gene and Jim forming their crew to fight the evil organization. The organization pursues them to send the ship back to another dimension, where immortality awaits. The series features space ninjas, warriors, cat girls and even androids fighting androids.

Psycho Pass movie

This anime is very interesting with its unique depiction of crime and how the series struggles in a psychological/mystery drama. In this series, mental health has come into focus in Japan. New technology and studies can predict whether a person commits a crime based on his mental state.

Phim anime Psycho Pass

This created a new form of law enforcement. They accuse people before they can do anything wrong. The device developed can solve a person’s mental chemistry and categorize them by color and shape. This system is called Psycho-Pass.

Akane is a newbie with a very healthy Psycho-Pass. He tried to do his best. But, he is challenged with murder and the violence that adorns his daily life. Psycho-Pass revolves around the concept of a villain and explores what real crime is.

Movie Trigun

This anime takes place in a future where the earth is uninhabitable. In a last-ditch effort to survive, humanity has migrated to another planet. The main character, Vash, is a scientific creation based on plants. He is an intelligent and physically resilient superior.

Phim anime Trigun

Vash was raised by human scientists along with his brother, Knives. However, they develop different personalities. Vash grew up loving humans and living, but Knives hated them.

Due to a terrible incident, the two had to be separated. Humanity is stranded on a sandy planet. Meanwhile, Vash travels across the planet to stop his brother. But, he can never kill people. Trigun combines western, sci-fi and action aspects to combine entertainment with a great character collection.

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