Top 10 Best Curved LED Light Bars Reviews

Driving in the dark posts more risk than the usual bright daylight. Many people struggle to see clearly at night, especially when driving with little road lights. Not to mention how tough it could be to be driving under heavy rain at night. But you can save yourselves from these situations by just finding the right LED light bar for your vehicles. LED light is considered longer lasting and power-efficient compared to the regular light bar. And not only that it helps you to see a clearer and brighter road, but it also makes be you more easily seen along the way. Other drivers will always be aware of your presence. But, at present days, equipping your cars with the typical LED light bar can be tedious. That’s why we are bringing to you the latest LED light bar innovation with a curved design.

How is the curved LED light bar different from the regular LED light bar?

The curved LED light bar shares many features with the regular LED light bar. However, you will be amazed by the additional features in a curved LED light bar compared to the normal one. The curved design helps extend the illumination at the side area, so now, you can clearly see both the front view and side view. It also helps to reduce the road hazard when you are driving in a blind spot. It is also much easier to install a curved LED light bar to your vehicle, as the curved design match well with most windshields. On top of this, the curved design will make your vehicles look much cooler after installation.

There are many light bars in the market, but it might not be easy to find the best curved LED light bar for your beloved vehicles. Thus, to avoid making bad decisions, you should check out the below buying-guides first before going through our list.

Are you looking for a curved LED light bar for your off-road or on-road vehicles?

You might have to choose between off-road and on-road vehicles. Some curved LED light bars are more oriented towards off-road situations than the normal on-road situation. Thus, you have to consider buying one for your off-road truck or just for everyday traveling.

Are you looking for an IP67 or IP68 system rating?

Both IP67 and IP68 are excellent resistance to water splash and provide significant protection against dust. The main difference is that the IP67 might be less efficient in protecting your cars under ample water and high pressure. Meanwhile, IP68 can immerse underwater for a significant amount of time. But to think about it, do you really need an IP68 light bar if the IP67 will work fine for you considering the environment you have to go through every day. Besides, it can be more costly to get an IP68 curved LED light bar.

What is your go-to curved LED light bar SIZE?

There are various sizes of curved LED light bars currently available in the market. Some of the most popular ones are 22 inches, 32 inches, 42 inches, and 52 inches. Thus, you have to survey your car first and decide which one will best fit your vehicle and serve your driving need at the same time. Remember to not always aims for the largest one but the best one.

Thus, here are some of the top curved LED light bars that you can highly consider on.

Best Curved LED Light Bars

MICTUNING 32″ 180W 3B239C Curved LED Light Bar


This light bar can emit up to 6000K crystal white light so that you can turn your night into day. It has a perfect combo spot and flood beam pattern that covers a broader view and long-distance. The light bar can work relatively well, and it nevertheless has 10pcs cooling fins so that it can dissipate heat faster than the 8pcs light bars. A reflector cup covering each led to creating such an astonishing combo flood/spot beam pattern. This LED can cover an expansive view and long-distance irradiation. You would indeed love the excellent performance of this LED light bar from MICTUNING.


  • Relatively inexpensive
  • It is very light
  • Easy to install and has a good light output

BMPUG 30inch CREE Curved LED Light Bar


This curved light bar from BMPUG is super bright with the advanced LED chips and the 30-inch 4D projectors. This light bar has12500 lumens with 6000K color temperature. The CREE LED of this BMPUG light bara is simply an excellent combination of spot and flood beam for a more comprehensive illumination range and irradiation distance. You will also love the perfect light bar’s heat dissipation, thanks to its premium quality aluminum housing. Thus, beyond the effective heat dissipation, this one also has one of the best seal capacities. Besides, the steady mounting brackets and IP67 waterproof features allow this Curved LED to be one of a kind for your vehicles.


  • Super-bright beam light
  • Wide Illumination rage and long irradiation distance
  • Waterproof and steady mounting brackets

LED Light Bar Nilight 22Inch 120W Curved Spot


Are you more interested in a curved light bar for your off-road truck? This 120W curved light bar from Nilight will not disappoint you. This light bar comes with premium quality LED chips that are both super bright and powerful. The integration of spot and flood beam will equip your vehicle with a relatively long irradiation distance and a broader front view area. Besides, the curved design itself can get you a better illumination area on both sides. You will absolutely love its heat dissipation, thanks to the die-cast aluminum cooling fins. Coming with a lifespan of 30,000 hours, it will adequately serve you for years to come.


  • Premium Quality LED chips for ultra-brightness
  • Combo beam design for a long irradiation distance
  • Efficient heat dissipation and cooling fins

AUTOSAVER88 Curved LED Light Bar 32 Inch Led


Autosaver88 will never disappoint you with its offers. This 32-inch LED lightbar is simply a fit for any off-road vehicle. This is thanks to the 9D optic design that can help save power while still maximizing the brightness. Nevertheless, the pending aperture system helps to restrain any anti-glare and unused light from keeping your beam clean when driving. The combo of spot and flood beam creates a perfect balance between coverage area and distance. You will get to see the road beneath and ahead of your wheels. You will also love the die-cast aluminum housing of this light bar. And, it is indeed corrosion and wear-resistant enough to suffice just any hazards. And, instead of using the IP67, this one has IP68 for improved water resistance and dustproof.


  • This is an off-road-oriented light bar.
  • Aperture system for keeping the beam clean at anytime
  • IP68: Corrosion, Wear, and Water Resistance

Rough Country 30″ Single Row Curved LED Light Bar


This light bar has enormous lighting power with its 30-inch single row curved LED. The design is on top of this light bar from Rough Country with such a modern and stylish frame. The black panel design just perfectly blends in perfectly with any vehicle. There is a moisture breather technology that helps to minimize any build-up. The IP67 technology is no stranger to this curved LED light bar. Besides, you will love to see a noise silencer for this light bar that can eliminate any whistle and hum. There is also die-cast aluminum alloy housing for improved durability. There are also adjustable base and end mounts that can offer your many installation solutions.


  • Modern and Stylish Design
  • Moisture Breather Technology and Noise Silencer
  • IP67 waterproof and aluminum housing for durability

DWVO LED Light Bar 29″(32″ with Mounting Bracket) Curved 390W


This 29-inch curved light bar from DWVO has an impressive innovative triple row. You will love to see the light bar’s high luminous efficiency with much thanks to the ultra multi-lamp beads. There is also an upgraded reflector cup in the middle for a multi-angle reflection. There will be no obstacles using this curved light bar in harsh environment lighting. The multi-bulb design also allows for higher power, lower heating while providing extra brightness and much longer distance irradiation. Not to mention that this light bar has a useful life of 50,000 hours, pretty much above average.


  • High luminous efficiency
  • Multi-bulb design for low heating and extreme brightness
  • High performance in a troubling environment

DWVO LED Light Bar Curved 22” (24″ with Mounting Bracket) 300W


Like the one earlier, this 24-inch curved LED light bar from DWVO also has an innovative triple row and multi-bulb design. The ultra multi-lamp beads of this light bar can attain an elevated luminous efficiency. The multi-bulb system provides you with a low heating performance despite being at high capacity and long-distance irradiation. Besides, with IP68 waterproof power, this DWVO LED curved light war can suffice any bad weather. Also, the side mounting bracket can prevent any fracture and fix any shockproof problem. With all these abilities and aluminum housing, this light bar will serve you up to 50,000 hours. You can use this light bar on most vehicles and marine, boats, freighter, and yacht to see more clearly at dark times.


  • Top luminous efficiency
  • Multi-bulb design for low heating and extreme brightness
  • High performance and brightness in a troubling environment

Nicoko 52 inch 300W Curved RGB Multicolor Chasing Off-Road Light Bar


This is arguably the best 52 inches curved light bar, and it is from Nicoko. This light bar has an RGB effect with a Bluetooth control app that has over 300 chasing modes. You can control the lighting with your iPhone or Android. It can also sync with your favorite music rhythm. Meanwhile, thanks to the deep reflector cups embedded in the LED light bar, it can now gather a lighter source for an extended irradiation distance. You will have an enhanced brightness. Nicoko designs this light bar’s dual row with the highly intensive Cree LEDs for a perfect atmosphere light. This light bar also features the IP68 system and aluminum alloy housing for a useful life of up to 50,000 hours. It will easily endure any harsh environment.


  • RGB LED light bar with Bluetooth Control and 300 Changing Mode
  • It can gather a lighter source for extended irradiation distance.
  • IP68 Technology and Long-Life Span of 50,000 hours

Xprite Sunrise Series 50″ Philips Curved LED Light Bar


Are you looking for a rather large LED light bar? Then, you should highly consider this 50 inches curved light bar from Philips. This Philips light bar has a fascinating backlight and sunrise effect to help your vehicle stand out among the crowd. There is also a cutting-edge oval optic system (3D) for an optimal 45-degree projection, hyper-beam. Philips indeed uses the powerful and premium Philips chips that are usually brighter and has a longer lifespan of over 50,000 hours. The aluminum alloy housing body of this light bar is also vibration and shockproof. It can seal itself from dust and water. The waterproof rate of this one is IP67, which is just adequate to survive any terrain with no difficulty. You will also find it easy to install this light bar as it comes with adjustable hardware and mounting brackets.


  • Fascinating Backlight and Hight Brightness
  • It is vibration and shockproof
  • It is easy to install with adjustable brackets.

Auxbeam 32″ 180W Curved LED Light Bar 5D Lens


This 32 curved LED light bar is one of a kind with its 60-piece intense LED. You will get to light up your entire front viewing area with this LED light bar from Auxbeam. Since it is a 18000LM light bar, it has ultra-brightness that can project the light reasonably. Meanwhile, the 5D optic design can keep the surrounding lighting in a relatively close range. The combination of flood and spot beam can offer you an optimal light spread at any time. There is also a pending aperture system to keep the shaft clean at any time by blocking the unused light. With the IP67 protection rate, this high performing light bar is waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof. The aluminum housing also helps to withstand any harsh environment at ease. You will find it easy to install this light bar as the package already includes the mounting hardware and wiring harness for you.


  • A combination of flood and beam for an efficient light spread and projection
  • Aperture system for keeping the beam clean at anytime
  • Waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof
  • It is easy to install

And, at the end of the list, we hope you have already found the best-curved light bar for your cars. A curved LED light bar is an excellent addition to your vehicles, be it off-road or on-road. But you might have to decide between the two. And, we hope you do not forget to look for a suitable IP rating and LED light bar size for your cars. We cannot wait to help you upgrade your journey to another level of safety and comfort with the right LED light bar. Enjoy your shopping!

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