Top 10 Best Beach Carts For Soft Sand Reviews

How do you unwind and escape from reality from time to time? Where is your favorite place to go? During stressful times, it’s beneficial to absorb the calming effects of the ocean, often referred to as “vitamin sea,” to refresh your mind. Sometimes, all it takes is a small picnic with your loved one at the nearest beach. However, going empty-handed may not be the most efficient way to relieve stress.

Consider bringing along some food, beverages, sunscreen, an appropriate bathing suit, a comfortable mat, and more. To transport these items effectively to your beach spot, you might find a beach cart to be extremely useful. Unlike regular carts, beach carts are designed with extra-large wheels to navigate through the sand. Some even have foldable features, making them convenient to store in your car’s trunk. However, finding the right beach cart can be a challenging task. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 beach carts for soft sand currently available on the market.

Buying Guide of Beach Carts For Soft Sand

Storage Limit: Since there is a storage limit to each cart, you have to consider how many items you want to carry to the beach. You do not have to aim for the beach cart with the highest capacity since they might not come in handy for you to fold and store when not in use. You should select the one that can adequately serve your weight need.

Durable and Easy to Clean: No one wants a buy a new beach cart every time they go to a beach. Thus, you might want to look for beach carts with a strong and robust frame for more heavy-duty storage. And, the structure should not get rusty quickly. It is also important that the cart is easy to clean as it might get dusty after a leisurely beach picnic.

Add-On Features: Some beach carts come with additional features such as cup holders, table transformation, utility tray, detachable mesh tote, etc. Since you are going to the beach, you might want to look out for these features as it helps to provide you with another layer of convenience for eating and drinking.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Beach Cart

Before purchasing a beach cart, consider the following factors:

  • Weight Capacity: Ensure the cart can handle the weight of your beach gear and any additional items you may need.
  • Wheel Size: Look for carts with large, wide wheels designed to roll smoothly over soft sand.
  • Durability: Opt for carts made of sturdy materials such as aluminum or steel to withstand the harsh beach environment.
  • Portability: If you have limited storage space or plan to travel with the cart, choose a model that is foldable and compact.
  • Additional Features: Decide which features are essential for your needs, such as umbrella holders, cooler compartments, or removable chairs.

Benefits of Using a Beach Cart

Using a beach cart offers numerous advantages, including:

  • Convenience: A beach cart allows you to carry all your belongings in one trip, eliminating the need for multiple trips back and forth to your car.
  • Ease of Transport: With their large wheels, beach carts can effortlessly navigate through soft sand, making it much easier to transport your items.
  • Organization: Beach carts come with spacious compartments and storage pockets, helping you keep your gear organized and easily accessible.
  • Reduced Strain: Instead of carrying heavy bags or coolers on your shoulders, you can simply pull the cart, reducing strain and fatigue on your body.
  • Versatility: Many beach carts offer additional features such as built-in coolers, umbrella holders, and even chairs, providing you with a complete beach setup.

Best Beach Carts For Soft Sand

Are you planning a fun-filled beach day but worried about the hassle of carrying all your essentials across the soft sand? Well, worry no more! In this article, we will introduce you to the top 10 best beach carts specifically designed to navigate through soft sand with ease. These carts are sturdy, durable, and equipped with features to make your beach trips more convenient and enjoyable. Let’s dive in and explore the perfect solution for your beach adventures!

BEAU JARDIN Folding Wagon Cart 300 Pound Capacity

This beach cart from BEAU JARDIN will definitely keep you rolling above the sand on the beach day. It has a large capacity that can support up to 300 lbs. The outside dimension is at 34.4x20x26.4 inches, while the collapsible inside size is 31×17.7×10.This beach cart features 4-inch wide and 7-inch diameter wheels that can survive any big harsh road surfaces at ease. The fabric material of this folding wagon cart is 600D Polyester, whereas you can remove for washing. Meanwhile, the steel frame material is also very stable. BEAU JARDIN attached the telescoping handle on this shopping cart to help you easily control the cart. The front wheels can also rotate at 360 degrees. You will also find it easy to assemble this beach cart. And, you can store it in a closet or your car trunk since it is foldable to a compact size.


  • Hold up to 300 pounds
  • Huge Wheel Design and Telescoping Handle
  • Easy to set up and fold back for storage

MacSports Folding Wagon Cart

This cart is compact and extremely convenient for transporting and storing your hauling gear at the beach. There are also two cup holders for you to store your drinks and keep them handy. And, since MacSports designed this cart in a compact style, you can easily transport and store it anywhere. The heavy-duty frame of this cart can hold up to 150 lbs. It is also mildew resistant, and you can easily clean it up, thanks to the 600D fabric. The adjustable handle allows you to have an effortless transport. The large feet on this cart will not sink into soft sand or dirt. If you want a convenient and effective sand cart, you might have to place this pro cart highly on your list.


  • Compact Design for Easy Storage and Transport
  • Durable and Easy to Clean
  • Hold up to 150 pounds.

Rio Beach Brands Deluxe Ultra Wonder Wheeler

This is an excellent wheeler for a beach day with the family! This wheeler can hold 6 beach chairs and a 48qt cooler. It has a large pouch for storage and a utility tray with a cup, tablet, and phone holder. It comes with a side umbrella holder and an insulated cooler bag. This insulated cooler also has adequate space for snacks and beverages. It has 10-inch pneumatic tires with rubber treads to roll smoothly over sand and hard surfaces. And, thanks to this, this wheeler is always off-road ready. It can carry a load of up to 100 lbs. On top of this, it is also much easy to assemble with no tools required at all.


  • Tons of Storage and Side Umbrella Holder
  • Utility Tray with Cup Holders
  • Insulated Cooler Bag

Rio Beach Wonder Cart-Beach Table Cart

This cart works well for those that want to relax on the sand and still enjoy their beach items. This table cart is a transformer. You can use it to transport your supplies to the beach then easily fold it into a table. The aluminum/plastic table on this cart has dimensions of 41x21xIt comes with four insulated cup holders and an umbrella holder. It also comes with a bungee cord. Thanks to Rio Beach, using aluminum composite instead of fiberboard will, this table cart will not decay or warp easily. Besides, Rio Beach is famous for producing tending fashion. Thus, it is no different from his table cart from Rio Beach because of the latest trend and stylish design.


  • The transformation between Cart and Table
  • Durability and Hard to Decay
  • Trendy Style

Rio Brands Deluxe Wonder Wheeler Wide

This foldable beach cart comes in 3 shades of blue. This wheeler from Rio is perfect for a family of four. You can carry the majority of your beach goods with this cart. It has huge all-terrain wheels and a sturdy frame for carrying your beach gear. It has 15-cubic feet of storage and can hold up to 100 pounds. This wheeler can hold up to four beach chairs at ease. The wide back wheels can take on any surface. The broader wheels make a larger footprint; thus, making it easier to pull the wheeler through the sand, be it wet, dry, or shallow. It has an extended stroller-style handle with a neoprene grip for easy transport. There is also a detachable mesh tote. The tote bag is removable, and it also has a bottom tray and an umbrella holder.


  • Tons of Storage: Carry Up to 100 Pounds
  • Wide Wheeler for Easy Push
  • Detachable Mesh Tote

Pure Garden Heavy Duty Folding Wheeled Cart

This is a collapsible wheeled cart from Pure Garden. You can collapse this cart very quickly with just a pull onto the tab stationed in the bottom. There is zero need for any complicated disassembly when not in use. When you unfold it, it comes into a compact size that makes it easy for you to store. The 8-inch (diameter) wheels of this cart will protect you from any obstacles and surpass all terrains at ease. There is also an extendable handle connected to the front axle for more maneuverability. This wheeled cart from Pure Garden can hold up to 176 pounds. There are also two mesh cup holders to help keep your drinks handy to you on time. This cart is also very durable, thanks to its absolute 600D polyester body and powder-coated metal frame. You will also find it easy to clean up the cart.


  • Huge Storage and Foldable: Holding up to 176 pounds
  • Extendable Handle for More Manoeuvrability
  • Durable and Easy to Clean Materials

VIVOSUN Heavy Duty Outdoor Camping Garden Cart

This is a classic and foldable camping cart from Vivosun. This camping cart has a large capacity that can hold up to 170 pounds. It also has a vast storage space and some well-crafted parts to help you store numerous items at ease. Not to mention that there are two additional drink holders for you. Vivosun incorporated some of the highest quality materials into creating this card, PVS material and 600D Oxford fabric. That they are not only durable but also waterproof and tear-proof. It is also much easy for you to clean up by just disassembling the cart. The handle is also adjustable that can rotate as you need. The front wheels are designed with 360-degree rotating to move smoothly.
You can push this cart in any direction you go.


  • Large Storage Space and Foldable: Holding up to 170 Pounds
  • Highest-Quality Materials: Durable, Waterproof, and Tear Proof
  • 360-Degree Rotating Front Wheel for Easy Pushing

Patio Watcher Collapsible Wagon Folding Utility Wagon Cart

This is a multi-purpose cart from Patio Watcher. You can use this cart for shopping, camping, tripping to the park, family outings, going to the beach, and more. With a large capacity of 42.5x21x40 inches and a stretchable handle, you will have the utmost convenience using this cart. It can hold up to 150 lbs, just huge enough for most essential items. You can also fold it to a compact size of 14.5x10x30 when you are not using it. Patio Watcher built this cart with a heavy-duty frame, black powder aluminum coated. It is more stable than a steel frame. For the fabric, Patio used the high-quality 600D polyester that is easy to wash. There is also a telescoping handle so that you can easily control the cart on any terrain. The 9-inch wheeler with middle rubber tape is also perfect for any hard surface and the beach.


  • Multi-Purpose Cart that Serves a Variety of Activities
  • Huge Capacity and Foldable: Can hold up to 150 lbs
  • Heavy-Duty Frame and 6—D Polyester Materials

Red Wide Wheel Cart

This wheeled cart from Red Wide is a professional service for multiple purposes. This wheel has a massive load capacity of about 265 pounds. There is also a heavy-duty steel frame (tubular) to support the heavyweight. You eventually get one storage pouch and two mesh cup holders on this cart. And, you can always fold it to a compact size when not in use. The fabric of this wheel cart is also 600D polyester that is easy to clean and removable. With this cart, you can either push or pull, thanks to the two adjustable handles. It is your choice for easy maneuvering. Besides, the 4-inch wide rubber will survive any terrain. This comes with improved traction and smoother traveling, even if you are traveling in the beach sand. This one indeed comes with a one-year warranty for a replacement or a refund.


  • Multi-Purpose Cart that Serves a Variety of Activities
  • Huge Capacity and Foldable: Can hold up to 265 lbs
  • Adjustable Handles: Push or Pull Options
  • One Year Warranty

Sekey Folding Wagon Cart

You will be amazed by all the features this Sekey folding cart has. Beyond just quality, Sekey designed this cart as a fashionable and luxurious product. It will look fabulous when you use this cart outdoor. The latest technology, new bearings, and new patterns for big PU wheels are no stranger to this wagon cart. You will get better maneuverability with much less noise. This is also many thanks to the sturdy frame and large wheel. For the trailer handles, they are adjustable and retractable. You can carry a maximum of 176lb items in this cart. You can also fond this cart into a compact size for easy storage and mounting. The pouch is also easy to replace and clean since Sekey used the 600D double-layered polyester fabric. As a bonus, when you purchase this cart, you get a 2-year warranty for quality protection.


  • Fashionable and Luxurious Design
  • New Bearing and New Patterns for Better Maneuverability
  • Adjustable and Retractable Handles
  • Huge Capacity and Foldable: Can hold up to 176 lbs
  • 2-Year Warranty

We are wondering if you have picked your most favorite beach cart yet among our suggestions above. And, we hope you get to find the one with the most suitable storage limit. Remember to not always aim for the largest! It would help if you also looked for a durable and easy to clean one as you will not want to buy a new cart every time. And if you want extra convenience, you might not want to miss out on extra features like cup holders, table transformation, utility tray, detachable mesh tote, etc. We cannot wait to help you organize a wonderful trip to the beach with the best beach fishing cart for soft sand. Relieve some stress!
Enjoy your shopping!


With the top 10 best beach carts for soft sand mentioned above, you can now enjoy your beach trips without the hassle of struggling through the sand with your gear. These carts provide convenience, durability, and ease of use, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable beach experience. Choose the one that best suits your needs and make the most out of your beach adventures!


Q: Are these beach carts suitable for other terrains as well?

A: Yes, most of these beach carts are designed to handle various terrains, including grass, gravel, and uneven surfaces.

Q: Can I use these beach carts for camping or outdoor events?

A: Absolutely! Many of these carts are versatile and can be used for camping, picnics, festivals, and other outdoor activities.

Q: Are these beach carts easy to assemble?

A: Yes, these carts are designed for easy assembly and often come with user-friendly instructions.

Q: Can the beach carts be stored in the trunk of a car?

A: Yes, most beach carts featured here are foldable and compact, making them suitable for storage in car trunks or small spaces.

Q: Do these beach carts come with warranties?

A: Warranty coverage varies depending on the brand and model. It’s recommended to check the manufacturer’s specifications for warranty details

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