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Top 10 Best Baseball Bats Reviews

Baseball is arguably one of the most popular sports in the world. Hundreds of millions play it. Since baseball is such a competitive sport with many lovers, there is always development to accompany the growing demand and love. Every sports company tries to develop the best baseball tools they can from years to years for you by incorporating the latest technology and design. And, the core tool of baseball is nevertheless the “bat.”

Since there are four major regions in a baseball bat, the “barrel,” the “sweet spot,” the “cap,” and the “handle,” many companies try to find an upgrade to those areas for every release of their baseball bat. Anyway, they always take into account the sport’s standard for every design they make. Thus, isn’t it time for you to gift yourself or your loved one a new baseball bat in 2020? You have no idea how an excellent baseball bat can help enhance your skills. And, to save you from all the headache from finding the latest and the best baseball bat, we have reviewed the top 10 Best baseball bats below:

And, if you are finding the best baseball bats for high school, this article is indeed worth-reading for you.

Buying Guides of Baseball Bats

Materials: Different materials may result in different impacts and qualities of the baseball bats. Some materials make the baseball bat lighter than others; thus, it might be more tender for you to hold. If you are currently in high school, we suggest you look for the lighter bat. The durability of the bat is also less or more a result of the material. It also affects the comfort you have griping on the bat.

Certification: One of the fastest ways to measure a baseball bat’s quality is to look at its certification. Some of the most notable credentials for baseball bats are BBCOR-certified, USA-Baseball Certified, etc. This can act as a shortcut for you to judge the quality of the baseball bat.

Design: If you love to be stylish, you might not want an ordinary-looking baseball bat. You might find the colorful bat chicer and more attractive. This is especially important if you wish to have everyone’s attention when playing in the field.


Factors to Consider When Choosing a Baseball Bat

  1. League Regulations: Ensure that the bat you choose complies with the regulations of the league you’ll be playing in. Different leagues have specific guidelines regarding bat length, weight, and material.
  2. Material: Baseball bats are typically made from three primary materials: wood, aluminum, and composite. Each material offers its own advantages and disadvantages. Wood bats provide a traditional feel but can be less durable, while aluminum bats are lightweight and offer good durability. Composite bats are known for their trampoline effect and enhanced performance.
  3. Length and Weight: The length and weight of the bat should be appropriate for your size, strength, and hitting style. Consider your height, weight, and age when selecting a bat. A bat that is too heavy may result in slower swing speed, while a bat that is too light may compromise power.
  4. Grip and Feel: The grip and feel of the bat are crucial for maintaining control during your swing. Some players prefer a thick grip, while others prefer a thinner one. It’s important to find a bat that feels comfortable and secure in your hands, allowing you to have a confident grip.
  5. Barrel Diameter: The barrel diameter refers to the width of the bat’s hitting surface. Different leagues may have specific restrictions on barrel diameter. It’s important to ensure that the bat you choose complies with the rules of your league.
  6. Bat Drop: The bat drop is the numerical difference between the length and weight of the bat. It is usually denoted as a negative number (-3, -5, etc.). Lower bat drops indicate a heavier bat, while higher bat drops indicate a lighter bat. Consider your strength and hitting style when choosing the appropriate bat drop.
  7. Swing Speed: Your swing speed is an important factor to consider. If you have a slower swing speed, you may benefit from a lighter bat that allows for better bat speed. On the other hand, if you have a faster swing speed, a slightly heavier bat may provide more power.
  8. Price: Consider your budget when choosing a baseball bat. Bats can range in price from affordable to high-end. Remember that price doesn’t always dictate the performance of the bat. It’s important to find the right balance between quality and affordability.

Best Baseball Bats

DeMarini Voodoo (-10)


DeMarini Voodoo is a well-balanced 25/8-inch baseball bat for adults. Its high-quality one-piece design does not shatter under stress. The X14 alloy used to make it also has a precise weight distribution, which boosts its performance. You can swing this one much faster than some brands, for instance. The 3Fusion handle on offer, on the other hand, has a reasonable weight control as well as feel. The 3fusion cap also helps to optimize the sweet spot, feel, and sound throughout the barrel. Approved for use during most USA baseball tournaments, this is an excellent competition-grade baseball bat. Not to mention that this one comes with a full 1-year warranty.


  • Well-balanced 2-5/8-inch
  • Length to weight ratio (-10)
  • Approved for most tournaments
  • Comfortable 3Fusion handle
  • Durable X14 alloy material

Rawlings Raptor Alloy Bat (-10)

This raptor alloy bat from Rawlings is simply a stylish baseball bat with good power and balance. Its superior design has many unique features that boost the performance of its users. For instance, because of its ultra-light drop, this bat generates more speed than the heavy traditional ones do. Its swings are smooth, while the responsive metal alloy used to manufacture its 2-1/4-inch barrel is durable. It does not chip easily. After years of abuse, the risk of it bending or breaking is also low. This bat from Rawlings Raptor is indeed US-Certified for a youth bat. Besides, the stunning design of red, black, and white motifs will make your baseball bat an attractive one among your friends’.


  • Responsive metal alloy
  • Durable 2-1/4-inch barrel
  • Meets standards for baseball leagues
  • Ultra-light drop
  • Good balance and power

Easton S250 BBCOR

In colleges and high schools, baseball is a reputable sport among both boys and girls. If you are struggling to make the school team, check the type of bat you are using. Does it have a large sweet spot? Are you comfortable with its length to weight ratio? If not, replace it with Easton S250 BBCOR. This high school and collegiate baseball bat has an admirable length to weight ratio -Balancing it and generating power from most angles is a breeze for most people. It also has a thick barrel (2-5/8 inches) made of military-grade Alx50 aluminum. This lightweight material lasts for a long. Such a dedicated design with both balance and fast swing speed will help create more contact. It will help you deliver an excellent performance.


  • Military-grade Alx50 aluminum
  • Thick barrel (2-5/8 inches)
  • Length to weight ratio (-3)
  • Lightweight collegiate bat

Louisville Slugger WTLUBVA18B9


Christened the slugger, Louisville WTLUBVA18B9 is a heavy-duty baseball bat with a durable one-piece design. If you do not mind using a heavy bat in practice, do not hesitate to order this one. Its weight to length ratio (-9) is ideal. Louisville made this bat’s barrel from a 7-series alloy with a solid structure, which boosts people’s performance. While in use, there is a lower risk of this baseball bat slipping from your hand. Clad with a synthetic leather fade grip, its handle is non-slip. It also has a soft and comfortable structure that does not irritate the palm of its users’ fingers. The 7/8-inch handle is also a standard one for a comfortable and convenient grip. Approved for play in the USA, this is a competition-grade bat. Above all, it is also under warranty (1-year).


  • Limited warranty (1 year)
  • Weight to length ratio (-9)
  • Durable series 7 alloy barrel
  • Synthetic leather fade grip
  • Heavy-duty one-piece design

Easton Ghost X Hyperlite

Does your child enjoy baseball? Does he or she have a hard time competing with other kids because of his or her low-grade baseball bat? This 2-5/8-inch Easton Ghost X Hyperlite bat is one of the best presents you can offer him or her. Recommended for youths, it has a comfortable weight to length ratio (-11). The one-piece alloy used to make its barrel, on the other hand, is light yet durable. It resists structural issues such as chips and breakages whilst in use. It also has a high impact force on baseballs, which boosts speed. For cushioning, Easton has fitted a 1.4mm hyper skin grip on this bat’s handle. Nevertheless, since this Easton base comes with X Tended barrel design, it is always ready to assist you with balanced swing weight and a massive sweet spot.


  • 1.4mm hyper skin grip
  • One-piece alloy barrel
  • Ultra-thin carbon handle

Marucci MCBC7 Cat7 BBCOR

Marucci MCBC7 Cat7 BBCOR has an engineered barrel with a thick profile that generates impressive power. With this Marucci bat, you will receive both consistency and quality craftmanship. Made of Az4x alloy (one piece), it also has a durable design with a better response rate than most bats. You can always expect faster speeds when using this baseball bat. Finally, its upgraded dampening system has an Av2 vibration knob with low vibration feedback. It also reduces the risk of elbow and hand injuries whenever you are using this baseball bat. The quality materials used in this baseball bat is true of professional quality. Thus, you will get to play like a professional with this Marucci one.


  • BBCOR-certified baseball bat
  • Durable 2-5/8-inch barrel
  • Av2 anti-vibration knob
  • Responsive Az4x alloy barrel

EASTON ADV1 -13 USA Youth Kids Tee Ball Baseball Bat

EASTON ADV1 -13 is a chic baseball bat with not only great quality but also a great design. This one is a one-piece composite design that comes with a rolled ends. Easton engineered this bat with the Hyperlite composite for the best-balanced swing weight. You should know by now that Hyperlite composite is the lightest material for a baseball composition. The all-sports grip embedded in this bat delivers utmost comfort to your hand even after a long hour of holding the bat. You also do not need to question this Easton baseball bat’s quality since it is USA Baseball-Certified. Not to mention that this one has a 25/8-inch barrel. Easton designed this bat with a stylish yellow focus at the top and black on the handle bottom. Everyone will keep an eye on you when you grip onto this bat.


  • Hyperlite Composite Material
  • Durable 2-5/8-inch barrel
  • USA Baseball-Certified
  • Attractive Design and Color Combination

SZYT Baseball Bat

This baseball bat from SZYT is a lightweight one with many promising qualities. This baseball bat is perfect for both practicing and real matches. The lightweight design comes with a slender handle, which is ideal for you if you sort of smaller hands. Even if you have big hands, you will still find it comfortable to play baseball with this bat. The weight of this bat is capped at 0.425 kg. Besides, SZYT designed the handle grip with rubber materials so that it can help to absorb shock more effectively. The core material, aluminum alloy, embedded in this bat, is strength, endurance, and high hardness. It will survive for years to come, no matter how often you use it. Do not get swayed by its lightweight for its endurance. This one is amazing for baseball players of any level.


  • Aluminum Alloy Material
  • Lightweight and Slender Design
  • Shock-Absorbing Handle Grip
  • Strong Endurance and High Hardness

Franklin Sports Teeball Bats

This big barrel bat from Franklin is an excellent pick for youth and kid baseball. This one has a pretty wide barrel of 25/8 inches for a large sweet spot. Thus, young players will find it easier to drive the ball and make good contact. Since Franklin used aluminum alloy as the core material, this one comes in lightweight while delivering high performance. The young players will not get hand sore quickly for holding this bat for too long. There is also a batting tape attached to the handle, which is somewhat tackier. This will help the players have a more optimal grip on the baseball bat. It is easy to control the head of the bat while having a good swing onto the ball. There is less for you to worry about the quality since this one is USA-Baseball Certified. It even received approval for league play.


  • Wide Barrel 25/8-Inch
  • Aluminum Alloy Material and Lightweight
  • Batting Tape for Optimal Grip on the Handle (More Tacky)
  • USA-Baseball Certified

Farsler Baseball Bat Home Defense and Personal Self-Defense


If you are down for a stylish black designed bat with convenient hold, this one should be it for you. Farsler engineered this baseball bat with the sturdy aluminum alloy material for a lightweight yet excellent performance. The 25×2-inch weight provides a balance distribution so that you can have a smooth swing path that fits perfectly to your hands. Not to mention that the lightweight design and slender handle help to increase the bat speed, and it is indeed perfect for recreational play. You can also use this bat for the professional game and routine practice. This baseball bat is also shock-absorbing. This is many thanks to the convenient rubber antiskid grip design from Farsler. However, you need to know that this astonishing baseball bat is only suitable for playing with softballs.


  • 25×2-Inch Weight Balance
  • Aluminum Alloy Material and Lightweight
  • Increased Bat Speed and Smooth Swing path
  • Shock-Absorbing Handle Grip

We are wondering if you have picked your most favorite baseball bat yet. We hope you get to find the best baseball bats at the latest design and best quality. However, we hope you still keep in mind our buying guides regarding the materials and certification. You should highly consider the materials used to construct the bats. This will less or more impact your playing style. And, if you want a trusted quality, you should look for baseball bats with a certification. Nevertheless, if you are looking to stand out among the crowd, the stylish bats should be your choice.


Choosing the best baseball bat requires careful consideration of various factors such as league regulations, material, length and weight, grip and feel, performance, and customer reviews. By selecting a bat that suits your playing style and preferences, you can enhance your performance on the field and enjoy the game to the fullest.


Are composite bats better than aluminum bats?

Both composite and aluminum bats have their advantages. Composite bats tend to offer more power and less vibration, while aluminum bats are generally more durable and have a larger sweet spot.

How do I determine the correct bat length for me?

The ideal bat length depends on your height and weight. You can refer to sizing charts provided by bat manufacturers or consult with a coach or expert to determine the right bat length for you.

Can I use a youth bat in an adult league?

It depends on the league regulations. Some leagues may allow the use of youth bats, while others may require adult-specific bats. Make sure to check the rules of your league before using a youth bat.

Do expensive bats perform better than cheaper ones?

Price does not necessarily determine the performance of a bat. Expensive bats often incorporate advanced technologies, but the best bat for you will depend on your individual preferences and playing style.

How long do baseball bats usually last?

The lifespan of a baseball bat depends on several factors, including frequency of use, quality of materials, and maintenance. On average, a well-maintained bat can last for several seasons.

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