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After the movie The Conjuring that made me fall in love with watching, another film was born that shared the story of the devil’s blasphemy against the faith of believers; is The Unholy. The story is presented quite tense although there are not too many sensational scenes like other horror movies.

The Unholy tells the story of a girl who received a ‘miracle’ from the Virgin Mary. But when all is revealed, people will know that the Virgin Mary they have been sanctifying for so long is not the real Virgin Mary, but a demon that resembles and deceives many souls.

Synopsis of the movie The Unholy (Demon Seal)

The Unholy_Poster (Copy)

  • Release year 2021
  • Genres Drama , Horror , Mystery , Religion , Supernatural
  • Produce Haunted House Images, Screen Gems
  • Director Evan Spiliotopoulos
  • Cast: Jeffrey Dean Morgan Cricket Brown William Sadler Katie Aselton Cary Elwes

Alice (Cricket Brown) is a young orphan girl. Besides being an orphan, he has other problems; namely deafness and hearing impaired after being unable to speak. This causes Alice to become less sociable, spending time caring for her uncle, a priest named Hagan (William Sandler).

Once, there was a journalist named Gerry (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) who was looking for petty news that could benefit him. He happened to come across a farm where cows always ran through the churchyard led by Pastor Hagan. Not knowing what news to look for, Gerry finally decided to talk about amulets at the farm.

Gerry finds an old porcelain doll in an old tree and steps on it; and asked a farmer to take a picture with the doll. He wanted to cover how ‘without amulets, even the farm can run smoothly’ while displaying broken porcelain dolls that Gerry considers ‘amulets of the farm’.

On his way back to town at night, Gerry was nearly injured when he switched places after seeing a girl blocking his way. When he followed the trail, Gerry saw the girl who was almost hit by a bullet earlier kneeling like an old tree he met during the day.

When reprimanded, the girl fainted and was eventually brought into the church. That girl is Alice. After regaining consciousness, Gerry returns home with the help of an acquaintance, Natalie (Katie Aselton).

Now he’s starting to think again that news about the ‘amulet’ won’t sell well. He ended up making up the story again by saying that a deaf and blind girl could suddenly recover. He thinks the news is selling better. Turns out what Gerry wrote really happened. Alice has recovered 100%. He can speak and listen suddenly.

When he learned his essay was coming to fruition, Gerry automatically went after the news. People when they heard that Alice was healed immediately rushed to the church where Alice was because they wanted to witness the miracle that had happened. Pastor Hagan asks people not to hope for anything, and says that Alice was nowhere to be found.

Not long after saying that, Alice came out and walked towards the old tree. He said that the Virgin Mary spoke to him and that he would perform another miracle. Among those who came was a paralyzed child.

He immediately approached the boy and said did he believe that Maria would heal him? After telling the news, the boy was able to walk immediately, making everyone gasp and believe that Maria really did a miracle.

Video of Alice’s healing went viral, now more and more people want to meet Alice. All assume that Alice is the means of communication with the Virgin Mary. Alice became very famous. People from many places then came to the church under Pastor Hagan’s leadership.

Gerry is very happy, now many people want to use his services as a journalist. But every time Gerry writes about the Miracle of the Virgin Mary, something haunts him constantly. Like a large creature with a hood, and Gerry could sense the evil aura carried by that creature. Gerry became curious about what was really going on.

Alice just wanted to talk to Gerry which made Gerry even more suspicious; and he was happy to be asked about this image of Mary. Not only was Gerry suspicious, Pastor Hagan was also taken by surprise; Alice did not want to stay in the church, she continued to perform miracles and preach the Dharma on the old tree in the church yard.

Pastor Hagan was surprised to see a broken porcelain doll under a tree. Pastor Hagan then recalled the story of the olden days where an evil sorcerer who worshiped demons was killed and his soul was placed in a doll.

Despite knowing that, Pastor Hagan was still a bit hesitant to jump to conclusions until he found out the truth and was eventually killed by the demon. This demon also moves quickly past Alice. He asks Alice to do ‘worship’ to collect more souls.

And whoever believes in Alice, he also believes in the devil. Thus, there will be many souls that can go astray. Gerry, who carried out the investigation, finally found the truth at the place where Pastor Hagan died.

Gerry, aided by Natalie, eventually attempted to disband the worship. Natalie tries to convince Alice that the Mary she sees is the devil, not the real Virgin Mary. Alice wakes up and then tells the truth to many people causing everyone there to hesitate making the devil weak.

Gerry and Alice also attempt to defeat the demon after the ancient tree that Alice raised starts to burn because the demon has no power. Finally, the real Maria appeared. As he prepared to take revenge, Alice put on her body to let the curse thrown by the devil return to her until the last demon was eaten by her own curse and disappeared.

The Unholy movie content review

Alice is the child of the devil

The Unholy_Alice (Copy)

Actually, from the very beginning of the movie, I knew Alice was actually ‘accompanied’ by the cursed Maria. Alice from the very beginning misunderstood that she was accompanied by the Virgin Mary. But what I am still bewildered, why Alice, who is deaf and blind?

It turns out that aside from luring others to ‘believe’ in the miracle given to Alice by false Maria, Alice herself is the child of the Devil Maria, but Alice has not inherited her mother’s evil nature at all.

He is just a tool for his mother’s evil power to continue to exist in the world. Fortunately Alice doesn’t want any of that at the end of the story; even willing to give his life for the curse of the devil to disappear.

The plot is predictable

Unholy_Plot (Clone)

Although there are some lots that surprise me, there are also many that are very predictable. I don’t know because it’s a movie of this genre; The so-called supernatural thing that possesses people has been widely used in other horror films or indeed the director does not want to upset the audience because they have to think hard.

For example, when Gerry broke the porcelain doll in which the evil spirit was trapped. Before Gerry did; I would have guessed he was going to ruin it. Always.

All bad things must start with a character or damage, disturb, change something that should not be held or played with. Next was the haunting that happened to Alice. Just like other supernatural horror movies; that’s the way of the story.

Being possessed by a demon, becoming a pawn to do evil, messing up all good things, harming others and other evil things to the point that the possessed person suddenly realizes something that is not himself. Then try to fight from within to get rid of the evil spirit and succeed.

The film received mixed reviews

The Unholy_Controversy (Copy)

Using a poster that features a statue of the Virgin Mary holding a rosary with an upside-down cross curled in a long devil’s fingernails is not a light blasphemy to believers. The movie poster for The Unholy was heavily criticized; yes, not because they make Our Lady look like an evil entity, but it becomes more like harassing and degrading the image of Our Lady.

As it was met with a lot of criticism and started to create controversy, the production team ended up immediately replacing the original poster with a retouched one that in my opinion didn’t look too scary.

Do you have the same opinion about this new poster for the movie The Unholy? However, since it was circulated and spread widely in the media; the production seemed to have trouble pulling all the posters full of criticism.


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