The Princess Movie Review (2022)

A 90-minute film with only one idea spanning its entire length, about a fairy-tale princess trying to fight her way out of the castle tower, where she is held captive by the man. denied. ‘The Princess’ premieres on Hulu on July 2, 2022, and will land on Disney+ Hotstar on July 29, 2022.

Joey King, the fight-fights you probably know from Netflix’s “The Kissing Booth” trilogy, has to do his part in Le-Van Kiet’s action flick, from a screenplay by Ben. Lustig and Jake Thornton.

The Princess movie synopsis (2022)

The king’s daughter (Joey King) is trained in the arts of combat by Linh (Veronica Ngo), the niece of one of her father’s advisors, but with her mother’s tacit approval. Because the Queen (Alex Reid) has not yet given birth to a son, the King (Ed Stoppard) intends to marry the Princess to Julius (Dominic Cooper).

Julius was the son of a ruthless royal diplomat who hated peaceful rule, arguing that a “strong” king should rule with an iron fist.

But the Princess left him at the altar, when Julius was one step away from marrying her. Since the rejection of the marriage, the princess is locked in the top prison of her own royal castle.

To save the kingdom, the princess tries to escape and face the cruel guardians with her self-defense skills. The state of the kingdom is in turmoil in the hands of Julius, how is the Princess struggling to deal with a situation like this?

The Princess

Reviews of the movie The Princess (2022)

What really happened?

Putri’s decision, not very clear at first, overruled Julius’ proposal, opening conflicting paths along the way. On the other hand, Julius’ character, who always looked so angry, whirled around like a boy who had to have his toys.

Julius rushes to marry the Princess just because the throne doesn’t look as luxurious on the royal image as we see it. All the things that his right lady supports Moira (Olga Kurylenko). Conventional threats cannot go deeper.

Review The Princess

Hero Princess

Ben Lustig and Jake Thornton’s script is thin and multifaceted, but there’s also enough structure to take this heroine from the top of the tower to her planned destination. This structure is like the John Wick and xXx formula, where the protagonist is always great with all his flaws.

The Princess’s wedding day outfit is a good one, to add to the context when the Princess’s actions take place. Since the castle has a lot of stairs, he has to run up and down while interrupting the guards like playing video games with the boss at some point.

This movie won’t burden audiences who expect The Princess’s path to be more admired for its feminism and grace. Become a skilled gahar character, punctuated by some physical humor that will kill dozens of guards.

Director Le Van Kiet does about 60% of the choreography and 40% editing of the fight scenes, a decent proportion for what appears to be a rather tight budget.

Not afraid to be sweaty, Joey King’s actions bravely rushed into the battlefield, and his efforts shown in his appearance are enough to make us wince.

Movie The Princess

Classic Happy Ending

The surviving princess escapes, sneaking back to the castle, where she is reunited with Linh and Violet. The three equip themselves at the secret weapon shop, the Princess and Linh fight the mercenaries while Violet frees Linh’s uncle before he is found and captured.

Acting with Linh and Violet was just a flash of nostalgia about childhood memories of practicing martial arts. While it’s fairly easy to fight Julius and his partner Moira, this final fight action looks more climactic even though it’s not as grand as the royal films in general.

Conclusion of The Princess (2022)

Joey King’s series of actions in Princess Raja’s dress is the only thing that keeps us entertained while sitting in front of the screen. The frenetic, rather sadistic action turns into a tense performance filled with solo action that we haven’t seen in a long time, let alone most of the action.

Summary of The Princess

Like watching a female Jackie Chan escape from a castle, Joe King is set in a kingdom devastated by Julius’ inability to marry a princess. This overly flat motif makes the depth of emotion less tied to the main conflict.

Although the flashback is quite messy, we will return to focus on the act of the Princess slaughtering the guardians from Julius’ group. So the other roles just seem to complement the story, not being useful to the whole story.

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