The Offering (2023) Movie Review

There are many horror films that deal with different types of demons and possession, but not many that explore them based on the mysticism of Jewish culture and religion. The Offering (2023) delivers on this uniqueness, although it’s not the only film to take its premise from the Jewish occult.

In addition to The Offering (2023), we will see the movie ‘Possession’ (2012) appearing the demon ‘dybbuk’, ‘The Golem’ (2018), ‘The Vigil’ (2019) and most recently ‘Lullaby’ ‘ ‘ (2022) tells the story of the demon Lilith.

The Offering (2023) movie synopsis

Art (Nick Blood) has long been exiled by his conservative father, Saul (Allan Corduner), his marriage to Claire (Emily Wiseman), a non-Jewish woman appears to be one of the few. the main reason for the distance between them. Art and Claire, about to have a baby, plan to meet with Saul to reconcile the two.

The second meeting took place at the funeral home where Saul had cared for many years. Everything was going well until the body of an old man was taken to the funeral home. And some powerful evil force is residing within it, waiting to be awakened.

The Offering

The Offering (2023) movie review

The appearance of the demon Abyzou

The story connection offering is based on ancient mythology starting from the 1st century AD, where people living in the Far East or even Europe believed in myths about an evil spirit named Abyzou. , a demon that is said to take the form of a woman and is considered to be the cause of miscarriage and death in newborns, conceived, or newly born. Abyzou is also better known as the ‘Child Bandit’.

This Oliver Park-directed film is a terrifying tale of demonic possession surrounded by family dynamics. Art was the son of a Jewish religious leader, especially in the (ultra-orthodox) Hazid community, who were conservative and strict in their observance of Jewish religious rituals and customs. Thai.

The film tells about the customs of orthodox Jews

Art, who later married Claire, who was not Jewish, refused to attend her wedding and was exiled not only to her family but also to her community. In the third season of the film, this family drama fills most of the plot, unfortunately the exploration of this film is stretched and takes too much time.

Review The Offer

But what was most successful in building The Giving was the atmosphere, where almost the entire movie was shot at a funeral home. Which postscript is the best place for a horror movie.

Surrounded by dim and gloomy light

Oliver Park uses low key lighting to give the scene a lot of shadow, creating an intriguing, mysterious picture and mood. It also seems to convey the feeling that darkness is lurking and haunting the family.

The exhibition, which was initially quite well built, passed without further exploration.
Combined with sombre imagery, a deep palette, and whisper-heavy sound effects create a strikingly effective depiction of the dark side of Jewish mythology.

In addition to relying on the existing atmosphere, The Offer of course also brings prolonged tension through the scares mixed with hallucinations. Like most movies there are evil entities (demons) that harass the victim’s mind, causing them to see things that aren’t really there.

Full of family dynamics and religious aesthetics

This Jewish mystical film also uses aesthetics and religious traditions as elements that define and enhance horror. And to make this more interesting, because it was this issue that made Art hate his father when his mother lay weak at home for years, Saul suggested that he stick to his faith and beliefs. .

The Offer movie

But when the irony comes and the expectations don’t align with existing desires and realities, Art, with his experiences involving demons, then begins to go back to everything that caused him to be trapped. estranged family and beliefs. Become deeply connected to his faith, family, environment, and community.

Offer also features authoritative roles that feature ‘disabled’ characters confronting their beliefs, past traumas and the bonds that bind them to their family, neighborhood and community.

The Offering (2023) movie review

‘The Offer’ has good idea and potential but unfortunately the execution is not smooth enough to make it into a coherent horror movie. Please look forward to this movie soon to screen XXI.

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