From the numerous awards and accolades from film critics, it turns out The Notebook also reaps the cons. Relationship experts forbid this movie because it can cause bad effects.

Introducing the notebook

Gurpreet Singh, a psychiatrist and relationship expert, is quoted by the Mirror as saying that Allie and Noah’s relationship is unrealistic. In addition, the scene where Noah rides a Ferris wheel, which is considered romantic, actually makes a bad impression.

This act shows the dramatic side of Noah, doing dangerous things to avoid rejection. Noah’s actions actually led to emotional abuse.

Then action Allie visits Noah after being proposed and begins the unfinished love story between two people who were actually brought into love. This can cause Lon to have trust issues. Interestingly, right?

So review and summary of The Notebook (2004). After watching the movie, please fill in the comment column and give your opinion. Is The Notebook a romantic or less romantic movie for you?