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The Notebook Movie Review

There have been a lot of romantic movies circulating in Hollywood. Some left a deep impression, many also failed. Which leaves a deep impression in romantic movies that often appear every few years, leaving many nostalgia and thoughts in the hearts of the audience.

Some movies of the romantic genre have left their mark on the audience such as Pretty Woman, The Bodyguard, Gone with the Wind, and many others. Then there was The Notebook in 2004, which brought a romantic story full of twists and turns and left many things in the hearts of viewers, even many people will not forget after watching this movie.

review the notebook

The film, which has been awarded multiple awards as one of the best romance films in several media, turns out to have its cons as well. For me, this movie deserves a 4/5 rating. Why so? Let ‘s review the movie with Salenhanh through the review and summary of The Notebook (2004) below.

Trailer of the movie The Notebook (The Notebook)

Synopsis of the movie The Notebook (Diary of Love)

  • Release year: 2004
  • Genre: Drama, Romance
  • Produce: Avery Pix
  • Director: Nick Cassavetes
  • Cast: Ryan Gosling, Rachel McAdams, James Garner, Gena Rowlands

Notebook starts with a location with a lake view in the background. Seeing an old woman in a palatial house by the window. The woman is then awakened to prepare for bed.

The story continues when an old man named Duke is in a house greeting everyone including the officers. The duke entered the old woman’s room by the window because he wanted to tell a story from the book he had brought with him.

At first, the old woman named Allie did not want to listen, but with the advice of the nurse, the old woman agreed to listen. Duke says that this is the story of Noah, Allie and Fin. However, Allie doesn’t remember and just tries to listen.

As the old man begins to tell his story, the setting shifts to 1940, where Noah, Allie and Fin meet. When Allie was 17, of course. The background of the place is the night market.

The notebook

Seeing young Noah (Ryan Gosling) and Fin play and win over the dolls. They switch to the car bomb where Sara and Allie are playing.

Noah’s eyes were fixed on Allie, who was playing happily and smiling sincerely. Then, Noah had the courage to ask Allie to dance. Sara then says that Noah might like Allie. Hearing this, Allie became curious and stole glances from time to time.

Then, Noah performs a spontaneous but dangerous act. While Allie was playing on the ferris wheel with a male friend, Noah went straight inside.

Suddenly the officers stopped the Ferris wheel and told Noah to get off, because at that time Noah was hanging while asking Allie about a day up high.

This action scared Allie and her friends. Allie herself still tries to refuse, but due to coercion, she agrees to date Noah. From here, the summer romance between Noah and Allie begins.

Review of the movie The Notebook

Introducing dementia

From the film The Notebook (2004), the audience is acquainted with dementia. At that time, not many people knew about this disease. Doctors say that this is a disease of the elderly and over time it can get worse.

Indeed, from a medical point of view, there is such a thing. However, from a family perspective, much can be done for those suffering by telling past stories that are both hilarious and iconic.

Not only that, we can also learn from this movie that family can help dementia patients re-acquaint themselves with themselves. Some notes, photos and videos can go a long way.

Reverse flow

The flow used by The Notebook (2004) is back and forth. At the beginning of the movie, you will find two old characters in the present. Then the old man tells his story to the scene upstream.

The story follows a backstory, set before, during and after the Second World War. Of course this story must fit the arrangement of the time.

The Notebook movie represents that period appropriately, from the buildings, to the clothes, to the actors’ hairstyles. Even if it represents modern times, it is still relevant. Simple but to the right point.

Movie the notebook

Also interesting is the use of a warmer tone when talking about Noah and Allie’s youth. Then a fresher tune returns to the present.

The use of color tones in each scene helps the audience know the back and forth storyline and build emotions.

The cinematography that this 124-minute film offers is quite simple but captures the romance between the two. Not much emphasis but able to understand the focus.

They offer more shot than long range, knee shots as well as medium shots.

The film won many awards

The film Notebook received awards from the 2005 MTV Movie Awards in the Best Kiss category, the 2005 Golden Satellite Award in the Best Supporting Actress category – Motion Picture, and won. numerous awards at the 2005 Teen Choice Awards.

The awards that The Notebook received at the 2005 Teen Choice Awards were Choice Drama, Choice Dating, Choice Drama Actor, Choice Drama Actress, Breakthrough performance in selected film – Male, Chemical Choice Movie, Liplock Choice Movie and Love Scene Choice Movie.

Entertainment Weekly even included Allie and Noah among the 100 greatest characters of the past 20 years. The moment came when The Notebook became one of the top 25 sexiest movies ever.

Marie Claire also included The Notebook in her list of the 12 most romantic movie scenes of all time. Even the scene where Noah rode the Ferris wheel to date Allie was included in Total Film’s list of 50 most romantic moments of all time.

Total Film also included Kiss in the Rain and was ranked No. 4 on the list of 50 Best Movie Kisses. There is a long list of romantic moments between Allie and Noah that have won awards from various media outlets.

Film critics also said that the actors’ stories and performances show maximum effort.

Threat’s Peter Lowry praised Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling for a good performance, providing emotion and control that can leave audiences feeling emotional.


From the numerous awards and accolades from film critics, it turns out The Notebook also reaps the cons. Relationship experts forbid this movie because it can cause bad effects.

Introducing the notebook

Gurpreet Singh, a psychiatrist and relationship expert, is quoted by the Mirror as saying that Allie and Noah’s relationship is unrealistic. In addition, the scene where Noah rides a Ferris wheel, which is considered romantic, actually makes a bad impression.

This act shows the dramatic side of Noah, doing dangerous things to avoid rejection. Noah’s actions actually led to emotional abuse.

Then action Allie visits Noah after being proposed and begins the unfinished love story between two people who were actually brought into love. This can cause Lon to have trust issues. Interestingly, right?

So review and summary of The Notebook (2004). After watching the movie, please fill in the comment column and give your opinion. Is The Notebook a romantic or less romantic movie for you?

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