The Menu Movie Review (2022)

The Menu produced by Searchlight Pictures actually had to stop production for a long time, at least since 2019. This project then received a bright spot when Searchlight, a subsidiary specializing in film production of Searchlight Pictures. The Walt Disney Studios, bought its distribution rights.

In addition to production problems, ‘The Menu’ also had problems from the main actress, originally played by Emma Stone, who was then replaced by Anna Taylor-Joy.

Anna was considered by the producers to be more suitable to play the lead role in this movie because of her good track record in horror movies starting with ‘The Witch’ (2015), ‘Split’ ‘ (2016) and ‘Last Night in Soho’ in 2021 ago.

Synopsis of The Menu (2022)

Tyler (Nicholas Hoult) and Margot (Anna Taylor-Joy) head to a remote island in the Pacific Northwest for an exclusive dining event at the luxury restaurant owned by celebrity chef Julian. Slowik (Ralph Fiennes). Behind all the luxury and prestige, there are conspiracies and mysteries that threaten the lives of the guests invited to the island.

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Menu 1: Horror, satire and dark satire

The Menu is a poignant, cruel satire and full of satire about the world of the food industry, especially its special satire about “high-end cuisine”. In The Menu, we examine the obsession with celebrity chefs and the classicism inherent in affluent diners who like to indulge in expensive food.

movie the menu

At chef Julian Slowik’s restaurant called Hawthorne, located on a remote island, fresh local ingredients are available everywhere on the island, managed of course in the form of a farm or ranch to Prepare ingredients for dishes. Chef’s culinary masterpiece.

Of course, everything is carefully and meticulously prepared and of course also very expensive and for that elite group of diners, the price doesn’t matter if you get this exclusive opportunity to eat a dish. full of secrets.

Menu 2: Thrilling Culinary Experience

Welcoming his special guests, the chef gives the main instruction – Don’t eat. But feel it. Interesting. And then have fun. After that, the chef starts serving each dish that is not only attractive but also beautiful.

Each dish begins with a speech on the subject of the dish served along with a short contextual story. The chef views food as a medium to tell stories and the stories he wants to tell his guests regarding their wealth, privilege, status and pride.

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At this point, ‘The Menu’ begins the story of something dark and mysterious. ‘The Menu’ is shown at a slow pace but in addition to providing a delicious hearty meal, this movie is also filled with violence and gore as well as satirical humour.

Menu 3: Stylish and unexpected

Director Mark Mytod also focuses on the process and describes how the kitchen staff perform their chores such as cutting ingredients, cooking, seasoning, garnishing, and Mytod obsessively wants to show how they are. food shaping.

In the process, it’s sometimes exhausting, sometimes even terrifying because of the soaring tension in the midst of such hot embers. Mytod also throws a lot of surprises throughout the film, though the set rarely moves and presents more of what happens in the restaurant’s dining room, but it’s all still interesting because you’re curious. wondering what will happen next.

The production design and décor convey a sense of glamor, creating a fine dining experience while creating a menacing atmosphere. The track also helps to add to the feeling and experience of being eerie, which adds to the unsettling and unsettling environment.

Menu 4: Excellent performance by the main stars

As the drama progresses, the personalities or backgrounds of each guest will be revealed little by little. A pretty explosive performance came from head chef Ralph Fiennes. Fiennes ended her performance with stiff, cold, almost emotionless facial expressions and body language. Her tone is gentle, friendly and warm when she talks about her food.

movie the menu

In contrast to Ralph Fiennes, Anaa Taylor-Joy emerges as wild, unpredictable. He appeared completely impulsive and indifferent to the opulence of the dishes served, which was certainly different from Nicholas Hoult’s calm and humble appearance. Hoult appears as an overzealous Slovenian cult.

And no less interesting, the appearance caught the attention of Hong Chau as Elsa, the restaurant owner. Elsa, the chef’s right-hand man, always pays attention to detail and at the last moment envies the chef’s attention to Margot.

Conclusion of The Menu (2022)

Though full of suspense, ‘The Menu’ is filled with dark and humorous moments. Overall, ‘The Menu’ is captivating thanks to its sarcastic humor and at the same time horrible.

But on the other hand, ‘The Menu’ is also full of “holes”, especially from the chef’s motivation to take revenge on diners which is sometimes unreasonable and illogical.

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