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The Longing stands as a truly unique fusion of adventure and idle gaming, an experience that defies convention and invites players into a world of contemplation and solitude. As you delve into the depths of this subterranean realm, an all-encompassing sense of isolation reverberates from the very bowels of the Earth itself. Your extraordinary mission unfolds: you must patiently await the king’s awakening, a daunting endeavor that spans a seemingly interminable 400 days.

Prepare to embark on a profound journey through The Longing, where you will assume the identity of a solitary figure—the last remaining servant of a once-mighty monarch who once held dominion over this hidden kingdom beneath the surface. The king’s once-potent authority has withered, prompting his retreat into a 400-day slumber in pursuit of rejuvenation. It is now your solemn duty to safeguard the palace, steadfastly tending to its every facet, until the day the king awakens from his extended repose.

This extraordinary and enigmatic game invites you to embrace the stillness of your subterranean existence, where time unfurls at its own unhurried cadence. As you venture through labyrinthine caverns and engage with the enigmatic surroundings, a tapestry of hidden secrets unfurls before you. The experience is not merely a game; it is an immersive odyssey into the realms of patience and solitude. Here, the anticipation of the king’s eventual reawakening becomes a profound meditation on the nature of waiting itself, a testament to the indomitable resilience of the human spirit.

In The Longing, every moment is a precious gem to be savored and cherished. You will forge a unique connection with the subterranean world and the enigmatic sovereign you have pledged to protect, creating a narrative of profound significance that is unlike any other gaming experience.

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Introducing THE LONGING Game

About This Game

The Longing presents a fascinating and unconventional amalgamation of adventure and idle gaming, offering a truly one-of-a-kind experience that defies the norm. In this captivating narrative, you step into the shoes of a solitary Shade, the last remaining servant of a once-mighty king who once held dominion over a subterranean kingdom of unparalleled wonder. The king, however, has seen his powers wane, and in pursuit of revitalization, he has chosen to embark on a 400-day slumber, entrusting you with the solemn duty of guarding his earthen palace until the day he reawakens.

From the moment you set foot into this extraordinary realm, the countdown to the king’s reawakening begins, an inexorable journey that continues even when you pause or exit the game. It falls upon your shoulders to determine how to navigate this solitary existence beneath the earth’s surface. But fear not, for time is on your side, and there’s no need to rush or stress.

The game offers you a multitude of playing styles to choose from. You can opt to initiate the game and simply return after the passage of 400 days to witness its conclusion. In fact, you can abstain from active gameplay altogether, though do remember that the Shade will endure even greater loneliness in your absence.

Alternatively, you can explore the intricacies of the subterranean caves, embarking on quests to collect items that will enhance the comfort of your underground living quarters. Though the Shade’s walking speed may be leisurely, there’s no need to fret about haste.

Moreover, the game presents a unique opportunity to delve into the realms of classic literature, with the Shade poised to delve into the works of renowned authors such as Nietzsche and Moby Dick. Engaging in such intellectual pursuits helps the passage of time feel more meaningful, even though, for now, the Shade can only access English books.

Should you wish to defy the king’s commands, there’s the option to journey into the outer reaches of the cave, a venture fraught with peril and darkness, promising an adventure like no other.

The Longing boasts a range of remarkable features, including the deliberate and contemplative exploration of a sprawling, hand-drawn cave, accompanied by an evocative Dungeon Synth soundtrack. The game offers multiple endings, concealing a plethora of well-kept secrets and time-based puzzles, all centered around a protagonist who, despite their solitude, possesses an endearing charm.

It’s important to note that the game’s timer continues to tick down even when you exit or shut down your computer, adding an extra layer of depth to this truly immersive experience. In The Longing, time itself becomes a central character, and the choices you make will shape the narrative in ways both subtle and profound.

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