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The House Of No Man Movie Review

The film The House Of No Man shares the troubles in the family of three generations of women. She is the breadwinner and most vocal in the family, but she is also the cause of tragedies because of her false love. However, when the conflicts reached a climax and the relationship began to fall apart, Madame Nu began to realize her mistake and make changes to save the family’s happiness.

Synopsis of the movie House of the Queen

The film’s story depicts the daily life of the family of Ngoc Nu (Le Giang) – the owner of a crab cake shop. With all her diligence and diligence, Ms. Nu single-handedly shouldered everything in the family. Abandoned by her husband many years earlier, she raised her elderly mother and two young children by herself.

Growing up, the eldest daughter Ngoc Nhu (Kha Nhu) married a foolish, drunken husband named Phu Nhuan (Tran Thanh). Nu had to put all her expectations on her youngest daughter Ngoc Nhi (Uyen An). Afraid that she would slip on her own path, the owner of the banh chung shop tried every way to control her child’s life.

In the film, Ngoc Nu’s family lives in a narrow world, with conflicts between generations. But from the narrative of the girl Ngoc Nhi, the story begins with an effective and special way. Director Tran Thanh has chosen a clever theme, delving into conflicts between generations. The film’s scenes are carefully selected, with amusing bits of entertainment, to help explain the family’s situation. The film tells about the conflict between Mrs. Nu and her daughter, and reveals the discord that has been stored for a long time, in a frustrating and narrow world.

Movie review of the lady's house

Ngoc Nhi said: “Your Facebook is yours, but my Facebook is my mother’s”. The young girl is pressured by her mother’s wishes and concerns. Perhaps, Ngoc Nhi wants a free life outside of the narrow collective.

In the movie, the audience can see their image reflected. The director’s calculation is shown by creating empathy between the audience and the character.

Review of the movie The House of Women

The film The House Of No Man cannot be called a big surprise when compared to The Godfather. Ba Nu’s house continues to talk about many relationships in the family such as mother – child, grandmother – grandchild, brother-in-law – sister-in-law, mother-in-law – son-in-law, love, village love, but the story is exploited according to a more rut. However, the repression of Phu Nhuan or Ngoc Nhi and the way they “liberate” themselves is very natural and nothing too new. Meanwhile, The Godfather has created a big buzz in 2021 with the special success in the field of films about fatherhood and the great attraction of web-drama, but The House Of No Man has not been able to continue. as expected.

Woman's house movie

In the story, the main character is Madame Nu, a determined and resolute woman. Nu always wants to control her children, so she always wants to be good for them and protect them. However, she also has times when she is angry, cannot control her emotions and curses, even hits.

But she also has moments of kindness, tenderness, and care. Nu is built with typical character traits of a woman who plays the main role in the family. Although not new, it will more or less create empathy with the audience.

In the web-drama House of the Nun and the Godfather, family conflicts are caused by parents not allowing their children to live their own lives. The character Ngoc Nhi in The House Of No Man has a confession, “I would rather fail with my dream than succeed in my mother’s dream”, while the character Sang in The Godfather said, “Dad, I was born. I don’t have to clone a person and force him to do this and that I haven’t been able to do.” Both stories create a feeling of excitement with the audience.

Reviews of female publishers

The solution and development of problems in The House Of No Man is not new, but it is special because it speaks of moving to the new generation sympathetically. Ngoc Nhi’s words to Nu is exactly what people want their parents to understand.

Since Ba Nu’s House is about a family with three generations of women and each is given time to exploit their situation, the film offers different perspectives for the audience. Each viewer can find their own point of view to understand why the character acts the way they do. As Ms. Ngoc Nga (played by People’s Artist Ngoc Giau) shared: “There is nothing in this world that is completely right or wrong, only relative”. Especially in family relationships, nothing is completely right or wrong. And depending on age, you can understand why Ngoc Nhi acts the way she does and why Nu feels pain.

Tran Thanh demonstrated his talent as the main director in his solo debut by perfectly controlling his film. Pay special attention to the picture and sound of the movie. Ba Nu’s House is considered a film that focuses on cinematic language. Tran Thanh uses a variety of camera angles, although he doesn’t have as many oneshot scenes as The Godfather, but still knows how to flexibly use low angles and from an outsider’s point of view to make the conversation in the family. become more real.

Lady's house

In the movie Nha Ba Nu, in addition to the voice of the actor, the sound also has many songs about young people’s feelings added. There are a total of 7 songs appearing in the movie, including: When I’m Big (Orange), Can You Love Me (Duc Phuc), Like You A Little Too Much (Wren Evans), Step Through Each Other (Vu), Couple Love Songs (Duc Phuc), Hoang Dung), Sap (Canon, Tez), Then Toi Luan (Ho Phi Nal). These songs mainly appear in scenes when Ngoc Nhi and John are together.

Tran Thanh uses veteran actors and familiar faces in his film Nha Ba Nu, which is a big plus for the film. Actors like People’s Artist Ngoc Giau and People’s Artist Viet Anh are not too many, but have their own intentions. Kha Nhu and Song Luan performed well but were too safe, while Le Giang really broke through in the role of a breadwinner in the family and a strict mother. Tran Thanh has stepped back to play the main role to give the spotlight to his sister, but it seems that this role is still not enough for Uyen An to shine.

The film House of Ba Nu has the participation of a team of veteran actors and familiar faces, a big plus for the film. However, the appearances of some of the actors were only temporary and did not have much of an impact on the film’s communication. Meanwhile, Le Giang really broke through when showing the power of a breadwinner in the family and a strict mother. Tran Thanh has stepped back to play the main role to give the spotlight to his sister, but this role is still not enough for Uyen An to shine. The comedy in the film is still very charming and is divided equally among all the characters, but there is nothing too different to impress. The dialogue in the movie is the same, just enough, but not profound. The way to convey the message through the character’s voice is not appreciated.

Introducing the lady's house

The traditional crab cake soup was promoted in the media, and Ba Nu’s House also created a very attractive welcome with this dish. However, the film’s story is not closely related to crab cakes and from the middle of the film on, it becomes blurred as family conflicts arise.

If you are looking for an entertaining movie to watch with your family during Tet, Ba Nu House can be a perfect choice. This movie can bring the whole family together and allow viewers to find a part of themselves in it. However, in terms of both the content of the story and the message conveyed, Ba Nu’s House has nothing too new and does not have enough points to create a success like The Godfather.

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