The Exorcists (2023) Movie Review

The Exorcists

CGV a few days ago released a horror movie in the exorcism genre. This movie is titled The Exorcist, which actually has nothing to do with The Exorcist, first directed by William Friedkin in 1973, or its eventual remake, The Exorcist: Believer, directed by David Gordon Green in 2023.

It can be said that the movie just mentioned did not meet the expectations of fans, especially critics who rated this movie below average.

A lot of discontent arose from fans of the exorcism genre, who were finally a little satisfied with the presence of The Pope’s Exorcist (2023).

The film, which is currently being directed by Jose Prendes (Headless Horseman, The Legend of La Llorona), seems to have stemmed from this dissatisfaction and judging by the title alone attempts to introduce more than one exorcist.

Does this film meet the expectations of fans of the genre? will review it below.

Summary of the movie The Exorcists

Father Ryland (Doug Bradley) is seen at a cemetery reading sports results to one of the graves when he is approached by Father Cortez (Victor Maraña). He arrives with bad news, Ryland’s mentor, Reverend Murphy (Robert Donavan) has passed away.

But before he dies, Father Murphy tells Cortez to find Ryland and ask him to help solve a haunting, something he hasn’t done since an exorcism went wrong and resulted in the boy’s death. he is reading. Given the circumstances, he agreed to help.

Meanwhile in Chicago, Nurse Caroline (Denice Duff) seduces Dr. Beckett (Kayla Fields) while he is on vacation. He seems to be in dire need of a doctor’s psychiatric expertise, and of course we can guess right away.

The next step is even stranger, he travels to Miami to recruit Reverend Melody Bates (Kate Hodge) to help solve the case. He claims they need an exorcist to represent the Holy Trinity in the exorcism which he says will be performed in a marathon.

They then gathered them together in a mausoleum for unclear reasons. In the next subplot, we see the arrival of four teenagers who come to play Ouija board in a walled tomb in that place, and their arrival causes something big to happen.

The Exorcists

Reviews of the movie The Exorcists

Interesting premise, poor execution

Don’t compare the quality of this movie with the original The Exorcist or its remake, even though it can be said to be a failure, it’s still visually better. The most obvious is that when two priests and a priest gather together, we see Huxley (Katie Silverman), a possessed child tied to a bed and covered in wounds.

From that alone, it can be seen that Huxley’s makeup and styling were not strong enough to make the audience believe that he was possessed.

The story is actually quite good for a low budget film like this. The chemistry between the two priests, the priest and the nun, still looks united and not stiff. The four teenagers really weren’t that bad.

Just once again the execution is poor, the editing seems rough and the camera movement looks monotonous and static, only visible at certain points. One thing that makes this movie interesting is the unexpected plot that appears after the second half and we didn’t expect it before. This episode will make us curious about what will happen at the end of the story.

Review The Exorcists

Conclusion about the movie The Exorcists

The Exorcist appears to present itself as a similar film made after the failure of The Exorcist remake. Indeed, we cannot equate the image quality of these two films for production budget reasons.

It’s fun to see the chemistry and plot twists emerge. However, once again the film’s visuals, makeup and score are all unsatisfactory. Director Jose Prendes has tried his best with his version, it will entertain us more.

Remember, this movie is low budget but it still manages to entertain us despite all the shortcomings mentioned above.

For those who are still curious, you can still watch The Exorcists at the CGV theater network.

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