The Doorman (2022) Movie Review

Based on the actress’s track record, Ruby Rose’s presence in this action movie ensures that the scene will be enveloped by the actions of evil women determined to destroy the villains. Movies are usually dominated by a group of men. Well, the ‘Doorkeeper’ is taking every opportunity to jump on board.

The Doorman (2022) is a film directed by Ryuhei Kitamura. The man from Japan not only brought Ruby Rose as the top actress, but also Jean Reno (‘Godzilla’, ‘Mission: Impossible’, ‘Ronin’) in this project.

Indonesian viewers should be grateful for the more exciting opportunity to be able to watch ‘The Doorkeeper’ on the big screen. Originally released in October 2020 on various streaming services in the United States, this film is an act by Ali Gorski (Ruby Rose) to atone for his past sins.

Synopsis of The Doorman (2022)

At the US Embassy in Romania, Ali Gorski (Ruby Rose), a Marine, is assigned to accompany the Ambassador and her children on a road trip by car. They traveled in a group of four cars, going from street to street.

Arriving on a quiet street lined with trees, the US Embassy delegation was suddenly attacked by a group of armed thugs, shooting mercilessly. The two cars of the convoy were already paralyzed from being shot with a bazooka.

Ali was also embarrassed because he had to watch over the Ambassador and her child hiding in the car. In the midst of the encirclement, the car was also hit with a bazooka, the explosion sending Ali flying deep into the middle of a tree.

The Doorman

The film fast-forwards and Ali is seen recovering from the attack. He has now returned to New York, trying to rebuild his life by working as a doorman, a guard at the entrance to a building. In that building, he works with a man named Borz (Aksel Hennie).

After only a short time working, Ali was immediately reunited with his late brother’s family. Jon Stanton (Rupert Evans) is Ali’s ex-husband in the past. As they try to mend their relationship over Easter dinner, a group of robbers led by a Frenchman named Victor Dubois (Jean Reno) lock the doors of the entire building to rob an antique painting. cost tens of millions of dollars.

Armed with the abilities of a soldier, Ali tries to free Jon and his children from the clutches of bandits.

The Doorman (2022) movie review

The movie starts slowly

‘The Gatekeeper’ can’t make the most of the opening scene of the movie. Like an article, the introduction or introduction determines whether the reading will be engaging or not. The scene of the convoy being attacked cannot create the full excitement of this film’s opening.

Review The Doorman

As the film begins to delve into the story, the pace slows down with Ali looking for a job to start something new. He is given a job by his former partner, Uncle Pat (Philip Whitchurch), as a doorman in an old apartment. After that, ‘The Gatekeeper’ has not increased the tension because it still insists on telling Ali’s emotional side.

In these early scenes, Ali is still experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) due to the incident in Romania. In the taxi he was taking, Ali groaned in pain when he heard the driver speaking in a foreign language. It became the trigger for Ali.

As a soldier just recovering from a traumatic experience, ‘The Gatekeeper’ no longer considers this a factor in influencing Ali in the future. As implied, the writers wanted Ali to get rid of those bad memories and step into a new story involving Jon and his family.

Unable to optimize Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose has been known throughout her career as a tough woman who is ready to face enemies from many different walks of life. From playing Abigail in ‘Resident Evil: The Final Chapter’ to playing Kate Kane in ‘Batwoman’, there’s no denying Rose has plenty of combat experience. Unfortunately, the ‘Doorkeeper’ doesn’t make optimal use of Rose’s abilities.

Movie The Doorman

The choreography shown is not too prominent. Ali often relies on his ingenuity in using objects around him to defeat the people he is fighting. Then, if Ali had to face a group of people, they would surely lose quickly. In fact, the possibility of Ali losing there is huge.

‘The Gatekeeper’ fight scenes are always presented in the same pattern. First, one of the men would fall when aiming for Ali in the apartment. Subsequent subordinates are then redeployed by their boss. Again, he also fell.

All of that is done over and over again, making The Doorman feel like a movie steal from another movie. There have been dozens, even hundreds of movies with a series of similar scenes.

Not stopping there, taking photos in action scenes is also difficult. The editing is still rough, such as shifting from one angle to another which feels uncomfortable, making the fight scenes in this movie even worse.

The plot is relatively easy to follow

There’s no need to be embarrassed while watching ‘The Doorman’. Ryuhei Kitamura assures that the plot of this movie will run linearly. There are no side stories that will complicate the main story. At the same time, this movie also tells bit by bit about the real character behind Ali.

The Doorman Movie

Surprisingly, Ali’s relationship with Jon remains largely unexplored. Meanwhile, what motivates Ali to save them is to start rebuilding the broken relationship.

It’s still a dilemma that The Doorman decided not to make this movie to give Ali a chance to atone for not saving the Ambassador’s mother and daughter. Ryuhei’s steering wheel turns to the story of Ali reuniting with those closest to him.

There is one character that is noticed throughout the film, which is one of Jon’s children, Max (Julian Feder). He changes from a child with a careless attitude to become one of the supporting characters in Ali’s victory. It’s quite interesting to see the changes in this child.

Conclusion of the movie The Doorman (2022)

‘The Gatekeeper’ has become a movie with an easy to understand plot. Everything is neatly arranged, like ABC order from A to Z. That is also his weakness. The movie feels boring and just seems so. There have been many movies with a similar plot.

In fact, if Ali’s PTSD were to be explored more deeply, ‘The Doorkeeper’ would surely have a more complicated, interesting story and urge the audience to watch the whole movie.

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